2018 BMW 9 Series, a Pristine Transition

Despite many successful years for the Germans, they have decided to graze us with another car – the new 2018 BMW 9 Series which promises to be an exceptional car. Although the new BMW has been seriously masked and hidden from the public eyes, the concept has shown us little to work on. There are rumors that the new BMW series is a spin off the remarkable top quality 7 series limo, a recently released product that has been doing well for its self.

This Series is said to be standing between the Rolls Royce Ghost and the 7 Series. Although being a crossover, not much changes is expected, however it would manage to make a distinct product of itself. The previous 9 Series has proven to be classic and reliable and nothing short of what is expected from the new BMW. It is expected to create a suitable alternative to the Mercedes – Maybach, Jaguar XJ and Aston Rapide.

This new 9 Series introduced by BMW is expected to achieve greatness. The engines and specs are expected to be upgraded, although the car has just gone into production stage, the concept still says a lot about the feature. And since it is going to be the first concept to be approved by the new chairman, only the best production is expected.


What are the New Features to Expect from the 2018 BMW 9 Series?

At this stage, very little is known about the car, although the concept is out there, little can be said from the spy shots provided. And besides, very much is expected to have been changed once it comes out of production. This car is going to be a crossover that wouldn’t stop it from being a new and exciting experience to drivers. It is going to be a very comfortable car to proudly move about in.

However, we can be sure that it would look like the 7 Series and would probably inherit many of its features. Although, new and updated features are expected from this new model. It is expected to have changed some of its physical features both in the frontal and rear. Some interior redesign is also expected. Major upgrades and updates to meet modern needs and time and some new tweaks to make it more attractive and dynamic in the market.

The engine is also expected to be worked on by the BMW and several rumors about the horsepower and engine size are all around the place. The BMW Series might not be more than a mere series but it is certainly going to be a classic+.


What are the Expectations for the Exterior of the 2018 BMW 9 Series?

The exterior of the new Series is expected to reflect a steel mixed with aluminum and carbon fiber. This carbon fiber is expected to be introduced in some other parts of the car including the interior, the frontal bumper and the side skirts. Although very little is known about the exterior of this delightful car, thus, tumor has it that the next generation Series has the architecture of the 7series, a design inspired by the vision future luxury concept. It is expected to have four doors and the elegance and sophistication is still expected to be pronounced.


Which Interior Upgrades are We Expecting to see from the 2018 BMW 9 Series?

The interior just like the exterior is a bit of a mystery to us. The pictures has provided us with very minute knowledge. But considering the nature of the Series, little can be said about the interior of the BMW series 2018 model. It is expected to be very comfortable with enough leg and room space for everyone. The Series has always been a confortable car and it isn’t expected to stop with the new Series.

It is going to have four passenger seats which means this automobile is perfect for a family to take trips on. It should be stated that the car would have some major updates from the previous model and add certain modern features to the dash and infotainment. The steering wheels would be inserted with bling gold as well, it should be one of a kind.

There are speculations that there would be entertainment screen included in the Series deal for customers to attain maximum satisfaction from the vehicle. It would also have a right ring that can be adjusted and a deeper rear diffuser.


What Engine Power are We Looking out for from the 2018 BMW 9 Series?

The engine of the new BMW 9 Series is expected to be top notch as usual. Great performance like its predecessors is the expectation. There is a very good chance that the new Series would come with a twin-turbo change 6.6 – V12 engine with about 650bhp that is reserved for M960i/mp. Although most of its attributes like acceleration, driving configuration, torque, power output amongst others are mere speculations, they are close to the truth.

It has a hybrid powertrain that also produces 44Ikw of power and 800 Nm of power and it moves on all four wheels through eight speed. There are also rumors that the all-electric powertrain package currently under development for the phantom would be added to this prospective spectacular engine. If the BMW series eventually comes out with this engine, it would perform better than some of its contempories.


When is the Expected Release Date for the 2018 BMW 9 Series?

The new Series is currently in the production stage and all we have seen is the concept. Thus, we don’t expect the new series to be out anytime soon. There are various speculations and no official statement about the car release have been mentioned yet. Which is understandable considering the stage of production of the car. However, it is expected to hit showroom in 2020.

What Price can do Justice to the 2018 BMW 9 Series?

Just like almost every other feature of the new BMW series, very little is known about the 2018 BMW 9 Series since the company hasn’t released much information about it. But with the plans in store for the new car, it is expected to be around $50,000 to $60,000.

The BMW series has been in the scene for a while now. They’ve established their selves as a reliable car that can be trusted to optimize the best experience one can get from a car. The Series might be under production, but I feel confident that it is going to exceed the usual expectations.

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