What’s New For The 2018 BMW i3?

Launched back in 2014, the BMW i3 fell short of BMW’s expectations on several fronts with the most obvious being the low mile range and, a cramped and compromised driving feel. With just 81-mile range, the hatch dashed the hopes of many would-be electric-car enthusiasts. The new 2018 BMW i3 however seems to have nailed it right with the projected mile range expected to reach 114 miles thanks to a new battery resting on its belly.

Even with such a mile boost, it still doesn’t come close to its fiercest competitor the Chevrolet Bolt EV which boasts of a cool 238 mile range. Second on the competitor’s list is the 200-mile rated Tesla Model 3 that is due for release later this year, although Tesla is yet to fill the hundreds of thousands of preorders from new customers.

Apart from the powertrain changes, others to expect include a revamped exterior look and additional interior features. The exterior, for instance, features a redesigned front bumper, and refreshed headlight clusters. At the back, buyers can expect a redesigned lower bumper that resembles the design currently on the i3. While most of the mid-cycle changes are centered on the powertrain and mild exterior changes, we highly suspect that BMW will also try to revamp the interior by offering a few more additional features.


Our intuition is the new BMW i3 2018 model will feature additional standard features that we think are necessary in order to cope up with the much-hyped Tesla Model 3 as well as the equally celebrated rivals such as the Hyundai Ioniq Electric, Volkswagen e-Golf and the Chevy Bolt EV model.

Exterior Redesign Changes For The New 2018 BMW i3


What should buyers really expect? As previously mentioned above, the available spy shots indicate that the new model comes with slight exterior modifications that are neither evolutionary nor revolutionary in its class. Nevertheless, the front bumper, headlight clusters, and the rear bumper have been redesigned slightly.

The clusters have been redesigned from the previous design and look more refreshing. The hood is mostly untouched for the new model year. At the back, the lower section of the bumper somehow resembles the gull-wing plug-in hybrid BMW i3 coupe. We also think the color palette is set for mild tweaks as well but the details are yet to be offered by BMW up to this point.

Clearly, the changes are not much at least according to the changes displayed by the prototypes however most changes and efforts by the BMW engineers were focused almost entirely on the hood. This was immensely necessary in order to survive in the highly competitive all-electric segment. So it’s a no-brainer that the most decisive factor will undoubtedly be the changes beneath its hood.


Should We Expect Any Interior Changes on the New BMW i3 Model

Well, according to the spy shots of the new 2018 BMW i3, BMW seems to be contented with the current interior design. Although the prototypes were heavily camouflaged, we still expect the new model to come with a few changes in the cabin.

The standard equipment should be added especially considering the previous model was released three years ago and since then the segment has witnessed quite a robust change. An update to this space will follow once we’ve verified all the information from the rumor mills.


2018 BMW i3 Engine & Performance

When it launched three years ago, the BMW i3 seemed to be relative competitive in almost every regard. The range it offered then was 81 miles. Flash forward to 2018, the new model is expected, with the help of the available 33-kilowatt-hour battery option to rise to an estimated 114 miles. The hybrid 2014 Rex model while rated at 78 miles on gasoline and 72 miles of electric range totalling150 miles, the new model is expected to shore up the numbers to around 83 miles of engine range and 97 miles of all-electric range that should bring the total to 180 miles.

Besides the electric boost, the next-generation 2018 BMW i3 is also expected to see some slight reductions to its drag coefficient thanks to the reshaped panels. Other electric equipment should also be expected to rump up its efficiency improvements.

While these are still rumors as of the day of publishing this post nonetheless point to good tidings for the new model, the model will still have to face it out with other sturdy competitors in the segment with the Chevy Bolt EV with its estimated 238 miles of electric range being the top rated. Others include the Hyundai Ioniq Electric and the Volkswagen e-Golf model.


But Should You Really Wait for The 2018 BMW i3?

The answer is simple, Yes! The BNMW i3 2018 is primarily intended for people living in congested metropolitan areas that are characterized by small parking lots, narrow streets, and lots of traffic. It scores big against the Tesla Model 3 thanks to its agile, build quality, and its overall lightweight principle.

2018 BMW i3 Price & Expected Day Of Release

Details remain scanty on when to expect the new model. However, new rumors have it that U.S buyers should expect it sometime in the first quarter of 2018. Again, these are just rumors and it shouldn’t be taken seriously although they offer us a general insight on just when we should expect it. Also tipped to be unveiled later in the year is an i3 Spyder model.

Rumored pricing is as follows: The base price shouldn’t be expected to deviate much from the existing MSRP of the current model that starts at $150,000.


While most things might be hidden from the general public, we expect to see the revamped model during this fall’s Frankfurt auto show. The U.S market will have to wait a bit longer for the production model to reach its shores before January 2018 however. Up to this point, our sources could not verify whether or not the new model will be released as a 2018 or 2019 model in the United States. A more detailed review will be offered once the details are offered by BMW.

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