2018 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, a Blend of Confidence and Class

Ferrari has been known for its ability to produce classic cars that customers would be happy to drive in. However, they have decided to graze us with an updated model of the F12, a classic model that has been making waves since conception.

The 2018 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta has been said to be a replacement for the Ferrari F12. Although, the spy shots reviews next to little about. However, with the little knowledge we know about the previous model, we can be sure of an improved performance. Knowing Ferrari and what they are capable of, the best of everything about this car is expected. Starting from the engine to the structure. If we consider the trending attributes of the F12 that has been in the market since 2012, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the new F12 Berlinetta. It is expected to be a top notch product as usual.

Although, the new changes are unsure, the 6.5 liter engine car will be improved upon by the car company. It is expected to reach a great height with performance that would blow your mind.


A major challenge that the Ferrari has always have is the expectation to exceed its own standard. But like every other model, the new 2018 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta has a promising feature. Its most certainly promises it fans a rewarding performance. Its persistence in cutting edge design and making slim cars with state of the art gears has shine a bright light on the next generation F12, it is expected to be a standard aerodynamic product.

What are the New Changes to Expect from the 2018 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta?

According to rumors and slipped comments from media and representatives, a reliable information about the new state of the Ferrari is spreading. The passenger display is now 8.8 inches diagonal and that is complete with a resolution of 1,240 x 140 pixels. This car looks aggressive as always and projects confidence to end users. Naturally, this Ferrari is going to follow the normal trend of style of the old Ferrari F12, but it would have some special features to distinguish it. Of course, the next 2018 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta comes with high price, however it offers great performance package.

As stated earlier, the new F12 is a crossover from the previous model but it will add minor tweaks to the interior and exterior features of the 2018 F12. The perfect lining of the Ferrari and elegant looks wouldn’t be tampered upon, however, the 2018 F12 has added certain features to make it different from its predecessors.


What are the Exterior Expectations of the New Ferrari F12 Berlinetta?

Following the normal trend of things, Ferrari is expected to change a few things. Rumors has it that the headlights along with the tail and rear lights would be changed by the Ferrari. Since the new car is an updated version of the current model, it is expected to repeat so many features. Its perfect curve body with pristine aggressive shape is expected to repeat in the new model.

The rear is expected to be plan with no other attribute added to it while the frontier is only expected to have a little trim, almost unnoticeable. Although the new 2018 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta would pick a few features from the previous model, it would end up as one of a kind eventually.


Which Interior Features Do we Expect to see in the 2018 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta?

There are few pictures available about the interior of the new 2018 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, thus, there are expectations and speculations. Car enthusiast have set certain standards for the Ferrari and we are sure the next generation F12 would do right by all these fans. We expect the new F12 to maintain the automatically controlled environment of the interior. It would retain it style of great chamber that always reflects its classic and confident seats.

There are rumors that the gear box would be upgraded to something better and the dash and infotainment wouldn’t fall short of magnificent with modern software updates. The F12 would also be coming with proper safety measures from the previous models and add new safety measures to give the car an edge. The modern navigation system in the previous model and USB ports and WI-FI connections would be included.


What Special Specs Do we Expect to see in the Next Ferrari F12 Berlinetta?

The engine like all its other characteristic isn’t supposed to fall short of excellent. Being a crossover, many features would be repeated in the new model, however, the F12 would be upgraded with modern specs. The 6.5- liter V12 is expected to come with great engine that would perform top notch and flawless services. The next generation F12 is expected to have 800 horsepower and 530 pound- feet of torque, it can move from 0 to 100 62 mph in about 3 seconds and 0 to 124 mph in about 8 seconds. It is capable of a 30 percent faster upshift and 40 percent faster downshift.


What is the Release Dates of the 2018 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta?

There are no official statement about the release date yet, however, the new 2018 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is said to be available in show room by the end of this year. The Ferrari F12 2018 model has proven to be a brand to wait for and acquiring the new F12 model would sky rocket you to the top of your social status.

Which Price Do we Expect from the 2018 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta?

There are no doubts that the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta 2018 wouldn’t be a cheap toy. However, it’s a Ferrari and the huge prices just adds to the quality of the product. There are no official price yet but the new F12 is expected to be valued at a price of about $300,000 and the performance and experience just goes to make the price worth it.

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