2018 Porsche Macan, Raising the Bar

The future of the 2018 Porsche Macan is already sparking like night lights. Although, relatively little is known about the car at the moment, car enthusiast have not failed to provide us with spy shots. The Porsche Macan that was introduced in 2014 to serve as a small alternative to the Cayenne SUV proved to be one of a kind. Despite the initial critic, it excided the market expectations with a figure placing the Cayenne and others behind. However, the German brand has since earned its place in the market and can’t be bullied or talked down by competitors or critics.

One factor that however makes the next generation Porsche Macan a delight to wait for is the rumor concerning a change in the turbo range. There are several spy shots of the 2018 Porsche Macan undergoing test in the cold region of the northern Europe. Although it was mostly camouflaged and close to little was gotten from the pictures taken. However, the little gotten showed some minute changes. A uniqueness that is going to contribute immensely to making the 2018 sporty SUV truly special.

What Updates is 2018 Porsche Macan Presenting?

There are speculations about adopting a new range of turbo change for the 2018 Porsche Macan. A reliable media in Europe started that the New Porsche had co-developed this unit with Audi. Various cosmetic changes have also been introduced. They are words about introducing more colours. Some minor frontline and rear reconstruction have taken place. New bumpers will be added to the new Porsche along with a redesign of the daytime running lights and taillights. Dash and infotainment will be upgraded since it was masked, suggesting changes.


But many of these changes are model after the Porsche Panamera. Some of the new exterior and interior updates featured in the 2017 Porsche Paramera and although there would be minor updates and upgrades, the 2018 Porsche Macan is really just a crossover.

What is the Exterior of the 2018 Porsche Macan Going to Look Like?

Photographers haven’t been able to provide us with enough shots to help give a detailed description of the 2018 Porsche Macan. However, the little that have been seen have provided substantial information. We have been able to draw conclusions from the rumors that the New Porsche rear have been worked on minutely. There is a base body panel between the tail lamps, which suggests that the automaker may utilize full-width elements. At the front, the prototype seems to be harboring different headlight with X shaped design. There don’t seem to be any changes with the front grille, however, the air dam below the bomber looks taller.


What Are the Interior Redesigns to Drool For?

Like I said earlier, there have been pretty scarce snap shots available concerning the Porsche Macan 2018 model. Most of its parts are masked and the interior isn’t exempted. Although, there are talks of the interior part getting a partial upgrade similar to the Porsche Paramera. It is of my opinion that the Macan model is rarely in need of a makeover since its interior design is already top notch.

The sophisticated seats with sufficient side support may end up getting a different stitching pattern. There are likely to be no changes to the dash, although new features may be inserted. The sporty SUV would be filled with a fair share of leather. It would surely come with the Porsche’s PCM system with an 8.4 – inch touchscreen display and the Burmester, 16 – speaker system wouldn’t be exempted. There are rumors that the interior may include a revised steering wheel coupled with a revised instrument cluster. The infotainment display should get a software update. Although, all these minor improvements are just to fit the Infant Porsche Macan into the contemporary times.


Are the Macan Changing the Engine and Specs of the 2018 Sporty SUV?

A new range of turbocharged V6 direct– Injected petrol engine have been adopted by the 2018 Porsche Macan. The so called KoVoMo units which will replace the turbocharged 3.0- liter V6 and turbocharged 3.6- liter V6 petrol units in Porsche’s sporty SUV comes in two capacities. The 2.9- and 3.0- liters. The 3.0- liter in its best form at a compression ratio of 11.2:1 develops 325bhp at 5400rpm and 332lb ft of torque at 1340rpm.


Of course, all these speculations are drawn from the new sets of model Panamera. Another engine speculation would be about the second version. The 2.9- liter unit which possesses more turbocharger and less compression ratio of about 10.5:1. It is expected to equip the new Macan with 434bhp at 5650rpm and 405ip ft at 1750rpm. More horsepower than the current Macan turbo is ready to offer but with a similar torque.

What are the Challenges in store for the New Porsche Macan?


While fans are concerned about the fact that people would not be able to differentiate their 2018 Macan model from that of the 2017 model, competitors are offering alternative sporty SUV for cheaper rate. The Porsche Macan which has a sophisticated exterior and an interior to die for, has find itself in a place where it has to compete with the likes of BMW and Audi. Although the Macan seems to be winning the market, the competitors aren’t far behind. Their lower rates and relatively good performance is putting the Macan in a bad place. But again, the Macan is a Porsche, and the Porsche is not just a car, it’s a lifestyle.

When is the 2018 Porsche Macan Expected to Be Released?

The popular expectation is that the 2018 Macan would be released sometime around spring. Although, these statements are mostly speculations and don’t have any official backing. But whatever the situation, the next generation Porsche Macan is coming out this year.


What is the Expected Price for the Macan?

No official statement have been released about the price of the 2018 Macan. However, it is expected to be around $47,000 to 49,000. We just hope they don’t skyrocket the price like they did with the 911.

Like its ancestors, the 2018 Porsche Macan is expected to bring out the class in its drivers. Thus, we don’t expect anything less.

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