Will we Ever See a 2019 Bugatti Veyron?

Most of the people cannot really be sure if the 2019 Bugatti Veyron is actually a done deal. The model has been rumored for so long that it makes it a bit unreal when you really talk about this model. People have been wondering if this model is ever going to continue on with its development and if this model is going to come out ever again. But some newly emerging news are stating that there is a possibility that a Veyron model actually appears. This would be a challenge for the designers who just might have a very difficult job in their hands now.

A few years ago Bugatti introduced a version of their Veyron car at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. It was supposed to be a 10-year anniversary of the brand and at the same time the 450th model of the Veyron built. Dramatically enough they first claimed that it was supposed to be the last and that after it the Bugatti Veyron was supposed to discontinue its production. But a model like the Veyron has to end on a higher note that this and true fans never believed this as being true.

This model came to be the Grand Sport Vitesse version which had a very unique exterior finish and carbon fiber additions and let’s not mentioned a slew of interior ingredients and custom additions which would make an average person’s head spin. But it still came with a familiar engine which the Veyron has already been known for.

The question still remains if this is going to be the last Bugatti Veyron ever built or will they manage to expand with the 2019 version. For now there are not official claims but are more confident than before that the car is going to make its debut thigs time around. With all the latest rumors and stories being told, it has to be true. There are a number of vehicles who were actually brought back from their retirement recently so it could also be true for the Veyron to do the same. The model is going to be one of the most coveted vehicle in the market and here are our curently available information about the situation and the potential 2019 Bugatti Veyron.


The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Cristal Edition

The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is for now the final production version of the Veyron car made. At the 2015 Geneva Auto Show the automaker introduced the La Finale version of this car which was supposed to be the final Veyron supercar model made, but it was later on that a Cristal Edition was made, prompting us to believe that Veyron has not finished with everything that it planned to give its audiences. But interestingly enough, the Cristal Edition is a special model which was commissioned by a Chinese collector who wanted it for his girlfriend.

This version was wrapped in a two-tone, white-and-pink livery, as ordered by the collector, and it does not seem like anything Bugatti would do for their products. This is why this model was not followed with a press release. But to be honest the Cristal Edition is not the first Veyron to be made, so why all the secrecy.

Regardless of all the aesthetics, this model had a W-16 which displaced a 8.0 liters engine under its hood with the capacity of making 1,183 horsepower and 1,106 pound-feet of twist. This beast of a car was capable of reaching 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds and it also gave it a top speed of 233 mph limited, but with the limiter off the model could go up to 254 mph. As it was stated, this model was worth a cool $2.15 million.

Some History behind the Bugatti Veyron Product

The first Bugatti Veyron was introduced in 2005 and it was when the world was stunned with the introduction of the first production vehicle from Bugatti in as much as 10 years. The first model was powered with a quad-turbocharged, 8.0-liter, W-16 engine which was rated at 987 horsepower and later upgraded to 1,183 hp. This car is widely acclaimed for being the fastest street-legal production car in the world as they set the record with 267.856 mph.

The roadster version of the Veyron was released soon after and it was the Grand Sport Vitesse model which held the same benchmark as the world’s fastest open-top model with a speed of 254.04 mph. When the makers decided to bid farewell to the Veyron model they have decided to do it through a number of Legends cars, meaning that they planned on releasing a series of farewell supercars and special-edition models which would pay homage to some of the older models and some special people from the Bugatti family.


The Veyron Transitioning into the Chiron

When the news about the discontinuation of the Bugatti Veyron model emerged, it was also stated that this car would pass the torch to a much bigger, bolder and faster model. Enter the Bugatti Chiron vehicle which is a sports hypercar made to be even faster than the Veyron. It is supposed to substitute the Veyron from the lineup and bid it farewell. The times are a changing, as Dylan said, and it is time for the old to be substituted with a younger version. The Veyron has done well with establishing the brand and being one of the first of its kind to make the records which are going to keep it forever in the automotive books. The legacy of the Bugatti Veyron remains and when the Chiron car is fully developed it will continue the line of fast cars coming from Bugatti.

Potential Exterior of the 2019 Bugatti Veyron

Being that the next 2019 Bugatti Veyron is a convertible, thy need to use every trick in their sleeve to make the car lighter and more aerodynamic. It is clear that this vehicle is going to use a carbon fiber exterior which will reduce the weight of the car as much as possible, but there are other parts which need to be taken into consideration. There is probably going to be a new roof spoiler to keep things stable and windbreak elements as well.

As part as the enhanced aerodynamics of the car, we expect to get plenty of additions that are going to help and provide a better usage. One of them include bigger air intakes which are going to be placed just between the radiator grille. A new and a refined front spoiler is going to be a good addition as well. Bugatti has been utilizing those in the same manner that splitters have been used in motor racing and it might benefit the model to cut the air better. The Veyron may adopt a new design for the lights as it could include xenon ones that will keep things sharper.

The rear end may include a twin pipe exhaust system with a double diffuser. The exhaust is going to be a centrally mounted one. Air scoops will also be included here but this time they have to be redesigned a bit so they fit the look and the design of the car. The scoops can also help to pull the air out of the engine but they will also be used for protection against rolling. So it is the best anti-roll protection inclusion that one can make. These are still heresay and there are probably a lot of things that are going through the minds of the designers, but it will all be panned out soon. But we are hoping for one of the more advanced Veyron models that is for sure.

Interior Inclusions and Design

When it comes to the interior of the potential 2019 Bugatti Veyron, we can probably expect to get a very luxurious offer. But this is also going to be expanded with inclusions of carbon fiber. In order to make this car as light as possible and in order to give it the best kind of a setup, they need to make things light. So aluminum and carbon fiber inserts will help this happen and will help the car be made in the way they have planned to. All of the most important parts of the vehicle will be upgraded and compared to the last version it will expand on luxury and comfort.

The instrument cluster will be remodeled to fit the performance of the car. The gauges will probably be changed and will not only get to be updated and upgraded as well. The design will not be the same as any of the previous Veyron models as they will look to expand and make things more luxurious this time. This also includes the seats which will add different leather schemes that will be followed by contrast stitching which are going to make the interior more luxurious looking and more comfortable. All in all, our predictions for this car are truly massive and it will be a real wonder to see what they manage to add inside the car in the end.


2019 Bugatti Veyron Performance and Specs

The newest 2019 Bugatti Veyron will concentrate on making the most power out of any Veyron car before. But could this really happen? Is it really possible that for a model this fast to get even faster. If this does happen they will probably need to market next Bugatti Veyron the fastest car on the road. For now our best guess is that they will utilize the power from the latest Vitesse version. And that they may even add something and update it. The 7.9-liter 16-cylinder engine is a monstrous choice. It is a model which has been specifically built for speed and that is what it does the best. This will help the car achieve a power output of 1,200 horsepower and 1,106 lb/ft of torque, as it is estimated.

Just for reference sake, the previous car was able to make 1,001 horsepower and 922 lb/ft of torque and you can see how much the model is capable of updating. These are pretty big news and it would help the car go through the stratosphere immediately after launch. The will probably need to use the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG), but it will have to be adjusted to the newest requirements that the car is going to be capable of making.

0-60 mph and Top Speed

Here is where things get really serious for the 2019 Bugatti Veyron. If the predictions about the engine happen, the speeding ability for the car is going to be massive. We are expecting it to go through the roof and we actually want to see it happen. The engineering department has a lot of things on their hands if they are planning to make this car the fastest one there is.

The fastest Veyron was able to make 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds and if the 2019 version manages to do the same it will be real happy times for us. They may shed a few tenths of seconds down from those numbers and it will still be amazing to see it happen. As far for the top speed goes, we are extremely confident that we are going to see a top speed of somewhere around 255, which is really crazy when you think about it.

What About the 2019 Bugatti Veyron?

The question still remains whether they still decide to give it another go and make a 2019 Bugatti Veyron. Sometimes it is never too late and great characters actually never die, as so do the cars. Discontinuing a great model is never a final decision so in turn the 2019 Veyron may come back for another go. The interest is there and people would like to see a comeback, so why not. If they do not make this car for the 2019 model year expect it a bit later down the road, but the prospect of a comeback is never going to be fully disregarded.


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