2019 Ford Fusion

The images that have been seen of a potential 2019 Ford Fusion are getting us ready for yet another updated model in the mid-size sedan segment. The model has not really reshaped that much during the last years and may decide to introduce a bigger offer this time around. The 2019 model year is still far away but some emerging evidence are already prompting us to take the vehicle as seriously as possible.

The previous release which saw the Ford Fusion being updated, gave us a lot to think about the new car. It actually introduced a lot of good things, some much better that you would actually think they could be. The Fusion came with a whole new style and introduced some very good looks to go with it. It also provided a variety of powertrains available for the car and even updated safety. The inside has a whole lot of more space compared to earlier and there are technological upgrades introduced inside as well.

The segment that the Ford Fusion competes in is extremely competitive now. The latest styling upgrade provided some Aston-Martin-like feathers which certainly gave the Fusion better odds to compete. But what can the upgrades to the 2019 version make. We are generally hoping to see some innovations and we are interested to get a model that will in a way revolutionize the pack. It might as well be that we get some unexpected changes which the brand will use to get ahead in the segment.


The upgrades may have been a bit on the light side in recent years, but we may get a new model which will change all of that and give us an extended package. All reviews agree that we are getting the update the Ford Fusion deserves for its 2019 version. Both the fans and the competition are going to be a bit surprised once they see what the 2019 is going to look like. We are certainly looking forward to seeing it and cannot wait to see what roles out on release day.

When will the 2019 Ford Fusion be Released?

All indications about the 2019 Ford Fusion have pointed that we were going to see the car next year. Now the rumors about the Fusion have been confirmed and we all know that the car is going to make its way to the market certainly by the end of 2018. There are also going to be some new trims available as well besides the base S version. We will also see the SE, Sport, Titanium and Platinum trims available as well at the same time. What they are doing here is trying to beat the competition and they want to make this car happen as fast as possible. It is a good plan and one which certainly shows how much potential the future of the Ford holds.

How Much will it Cost?

The price of the 2019 Ford Fusion is still up for open debate. We are still not certain how much will the price increase, but we do know that it is going to increase. The price will rise and it all depends if the designers decide to go all out on this one and bring forth a very lucrative offer or if they decide to keep things a bit more simple and decide to offer this car for a cheaper price. Time will tell and as soon as more details about the 2019 version of the Ford Fusion emerge, we will be able to give our thoughts about it. For now the base MSRP rating of the current model is 22,610 USD. The SE trim is priced at 26,480 USD, the Titanium is 30,730 USD while the Sport is 33,595 USD. The priciest one is the Platinum version of course for which you will have to pay a price of 36,740 USD. It might just happen that all of the trims get a smallish price boost and this is something to expect, but whether it gets to be a big one it might be surprising or even overwhelming for the fans to handle.

Exterior Changes and Upgrades

Ever since the Fusion model was introduced it was a stylish looking car, and so will the 2019 Ford Fusion continue the tradition. The car looks good in so many ways and compared to the previous one it included some minor changes and upgrades which are going to make it stylistically better. All in all, we expect the 2019 Fusion to still be one of the handsomest models in its class.

The changes to the outside might include a tweaked up grille and a different front fascia. The rear end will probably go with a new tailgate and there will be some more chrome strips added in the rear. The current grille is wide and has a hexagonal design seen in an Aston Martin model while the headlights are shapelier which might be retained for this model. But they may as well go on a completely different path and redesign everything.

The last update included a lowered front fascia while the tailgate had some angles inspired by the Audi A7 model. Both the rear and the front lights were upgraded with some new LED features and there are chrome strips around them. These elements may look good now, but they can at the same time see and reshape them in a modern fashion. We are hopeful to see the newest batch of cool elements appear for the Fusion which will help it fit in with the younger crowds more.

2019 Ford Fusion Interior Features and Updates

The inside of the 2019 Ford Fusion may actually receive a bigger update compared to the outside. There are a number of really modern additions added inside the car which made it look awesome. Also it made the car be much more functional compared to before which was the main purpose of the given update. The new one is going to make things more modern by adding a bunch of new technology and at the same time making things much more comfortable.

With the new rotary shift dial, the dash has been completely redesigned around it. It introduced a new media hub and a new cell-phone storage pocket as well. The look is premium and sleek and it does so even for the base versions of the car. They have departed the too much angular look from before and adopted a simpler metallic one with strong imprints for the exterior and it would be interesting to see if they decide to retain them or use a similar approach.

Technical upgrades included the addition of a LCD screen for radio and Sync displays. There are some small hard buttons around it for control, but the major downfall is the use of gloss black materials for the front which can be distracting while driving. The technical side of the car will improve immensely and expect to see all of the current pieces scratched and replaced with some newer ones. This could lead to a more contemporary approach.


Engine Performance and Specs for the 2019 Ford Fusion

We are expecting the 2019 Ford Fusion to be one of the cars with best driving ability within the mid-size sedan segment. With the current use of the fine turbocharged 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine we also and a performance of 178-horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque. It also mixed up with an 6-speed automatic transmission for better fuel economy rates. This was a great base offer which might continue with certain upgrades and will probably provide more power for the engine.

Also available is the 1.5-liter turbo-4 model which can provide an output of 181-horsepower which replaced the previous 1.6 liter one. There are also the 2.0-liter turbo four with 240 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque, and the most powerful option in a twin-turbocharged 2.7-liter V-6 that can go up to 325 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque of power and performance. These engines might come back and we also can expect to see some updates done for them.


What is 2019 Ford Fusion 0-60 mph Acceleration Rate?

With this kind of power at its disposal the 2019 Ford Fusion is expected to be able to race to 60 mph form a standstill in an exact time of 5.1 seconds. This is pretty impressive and it goes to show how fine the driving ability of the Fusion can actually. The top speed is will probably be limited to 131 mph, and we eventually get a standard set of specs this way.

What is the Fuel Economy for the Car?

With the update, the 2019 Ford Fusion may still remain one of the more fuel efficient models on the roads. The car’s EPA ratings amount to 21 mpg city, 32 highway, 25 combined with the S and SE version and the 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine. Those numbers go to 23/34/27 mpg for the 1.5-liter turbo-4, and it is a big improvement compared to the last year.

The 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 engine is used of the Platinum and Titanium trims and measures a gas mileage of 21/31/25 mpg with the FWD and 20/29/23 mpg for the AWD choice. And finally the 2.7-liter V-6 engine that is seen in the Sport trim helps it makes an EPA rating of 17/26/20. Of course the numbers will change a little bit when it comes to the 2019 version of the Fusion. People are expecting them to get better but it remains to be seen by how much they can do it. Do not be surprised if the rates stay exactly the same.

Dimensions, Comfort and Trunk Space

One of the advantages that the 2019 Ford Fusion is expected to have is its interior spacing. All of the previous and also the current car have boasted with some pretty nice interior spacing ability. It was very good to look at this kind of a car which was using this kind of spacing and it made the occupants feel great. They will probably decide to use the same rates and give us the same numbers once you consider all of it.

The car now has a total of 192 inches long and is riding on a 112.2-inch wheelbase. The passenger volume is measured to 118.8 cubic feet which is enough to make even the taller people comfortable and the truck capacity is 16 cubic feet, good enough for fitting two fully packed bags inside.


Safety Rates for the 2019 Ford Fusion

Simply saying, the 2019 Ford Fusion may continue with the stellar safety scores that the current batch of cars has had. They received a very good but not a completely top tier safety level according to the scores. This has not prevented the models from being one of the safest cars on the road with the added safety features that were made. The IIHS gives is a top rating across the board, but only when it comes with the automatic emergency braking system. It gets an overall Top Safety Pick+. The federal government, ranks it with a 5 start rating overall, but only gets a 4 star rating for the frontal collision test. They may decide to fix some of those numbers and bring some higher numbers that way and we can probably look for them to get higher as the vehicle evolves.


The mid-size sedan segment is one of the more competitive ones and the 2019 Ford Fusion is expected to mange quite nicely in it. There are many cars which might be consider the top ones, but the Fusion is certainly one of the most handsome ones. This segment is filled with cars such as the Chevrolet Malibu, Kia Optima, Nissan Altima but also cars such as the Honda Accord sedan and the Hyundai Sonata car. As you can see the segment is quite filled with top tier models so it makes it that much exciting when expecting the release of the new Fusion model.

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