2019 Ford GT

The news about the 2019 Ford GT is spreading fast and it looks that Ford has finally decided to give another chance to this legendary model. After the concept model was rolled out we are getting closer to a production version of the car. This is predicted to happen for the 2019 model year and the stage is finally set for this model to appear. It might take a bit long for them to arrange everything and finally output the model but the bottom line is that the vehicle will make strides immediately once it is released.

The car that is going to be released now is the second-generation of this model which is released after the demise of the first-gen one which was short lived and which did not pose good numbers on sales and popularity. But with the 2019 second-gen model we are getting something that is going to fix everything that was seen as flawed for the previous car.

This is going to be a direct descendant from the Ford GT40 model, a legendary vehicle which competed at the race track of Le Mans and the model won in a race against the current Ferrari. The events that happened almost 40 years ago saw the dismissal of Enzo Ferrari to sell the company to Henry Ford which latter on prompted Ford to make their own version which dominated the racetrack. The designers were issued a blank check to do so and the result was as you know it a model that won at the racetrack of Le Mans and the model which dominated the races of the period.


The model was shown to the world for the first time at the Detroit Auto Show this year, where the fans were given the first opportunity to lay their eyes on the model that was announced for release. The release date of the 2019 Ford GT is still not set and you can view the model that we saw in Detroit as a kind of a concept model which is supposed to start the comeback of the car.

The model is going to have a super light carbon fiber and aluminum construction and will combine with an EcoBoost V-6 engine that will give it the power to generate up to 600 horsepower. The legendary car is going to have a modernistic approach for its design and will provide us with perhaps the best supercar that Ford has managed to produce. Read all about the Ford GT 2019 in this review and get a taste about what the car is going to represent.

When is the Release Date for the 2019 Ford GT Planned?

As we see it, the potential production ready 2019 Ford GT is being released next year. After seeing the first production model and witnessing the glimpses about what the car is supposed to be, we think that the car is going to make waves with the final product that they plan to make. There is not an exact time table on when the vehicle is going to come but it would help if they give more information about it. For now, the release date of the 2019 Ford GT is being kept a secret and many of us see it as a model that can bring so much and at the same time solve various questions that people have been asking about the segment. We can only be patient and the model will come soon. The third or fourth quarter of the next year are the proposed dates that we expect to see.

How Much will the New 2019 Ford GT Cost?

Owning a 2019 Ford GT is not going to come cheap. First of all, it is mentioned that only 250 units are going to be made, so it immediately makes the car a limited edition time. This also raises the price a bit and it will be a joy to see how much the collectors will pay some time in the future when this car becomes older. But if you want to buy the car now it will take about $400,000 to own one. That is of course a price given before options while adding some elements and using more flare will jack up the price to $450,000. The price has still not been confirmed and these are our best guesses. It will not be surprising if the price goes even beyond the given range. More about the exact price will come with the final release date news.


How will the Concept Design Match up to the Final 2019 Ford GT?

The 2019 Ford GT is going to resemble its older brother a lot in terms of exterior style. The mid-engine design is going to be adapted to a long wedge shape and combine it with a signature sloped GT nose up front. The dual ducts placed to the front also create a menacing look for the model. The rear part of the car has adopted a more modernistic approach compared to some other past GT models. With crisp cut taillights and some round hips it reminds us of the modern Ferrari models and it even adds a set of flying buttress wings which create extra downforce. Mounted high and center, there is a set of cannon outlasts while to the lower part there is an aggressive looking diffuser.

The greenhouse of the car is less open and less wide than what other cars in the lineup have. Compared to the older models, this one is far sleeker and has some added aerodynamic properties that the previous models also lacked. There are also a bunch of subtle details that are added to remind us of the older models. The shape of the car has been carved out from a light weight material like carbon fiber and aluminum which reduces the overall weight of the car. Each and every curve of the car has been fine tuned to enhance the cars stability on the road and enhance its driving potential. All in all, certainly the best looking and the most purposeful Ford GT 2019 model to date, and we hope that the version that we saw does not change so much once they unveil the final product.

Interior Modifications, Changes and Upgrades

The main characteristics of the interior of the 2019 Ford GT are going to be control and usability. The design of the cockpit has been made in a way that it is going to fit the primary purpose of the car. The seats have been fully integrated into the monocoque shell of the car, which makes you directly connected to the chassis and that way gives you full control and feel for the car. Because the seating position is fixed, the steering wheel is adjustable as well as for the pedals so different type of people can fit in and feel relaxed inside. These will most likely cross to the production model car.

Ford has also decided to give an F1 inspired steering wheel to its model as all the necessary control for the function of the car have been mounted on it. This actually opens up the steering column a little bit and manages to declutter the area a bit. The gauge cluster is made out of a large LCD display which is configurable to display various types of information on it. Actually there are multiple modes that you can choose and enable the display of the information to happen. This is a part which certainly looks good for the concept but we still have to see whether they decide to make them available for the final product. Some parts will be toned down but they will still make the car aggressive and expensive.


2019 Ford GT Engine specs

The initial draw for the 2019 Ford GT was that it was going to use a Mustang GT350 inspired engine and that the model was supposed to go with a flat-plane crank V-8 engine. But come release date all of that is going to change as the car will mostly likely change to a 3.5-liter, EcoBoost V-6 which has two turbos. This is the next generation EcoBoost motor and was inspired by IMSA Daytona Prototype endurance racer. They are saying that it is going to reach a power 647 horsepower and 550 pound-feet and that way provide class leading rates and numbers. If you are wondering how an engine could so small be able to produce that much power, the answer is that Ford has employed some genuine engineering to make it work. The engine will thus employ low-friction roller-finger-follower valvetrain, a direct injection system, and two turbocharges All of the power will be sent using a a seven-speed, dual-clutch transaxle but there is not going to be a manual transmission system for the GT this time.


2019 Ford GT 0-60 mph and Top Speed

A wondrous and a powerful car as the 2019 Ford GT is planned on being will provide exceptional acceleration ability. The car is going to employ every trick in the book and every piece of technology to make the powertrain immensely powerful. The car might still improve and there are still some pieces which still can be added but based on the current look of the engine and the materials that the model is using the vehicle will probably be able to spring down to 0-60 mph in around 4 seconds, while its top speed will certainly reach a figure of 200 mph. The 2019 Ford GT will be a very fast and a very lucrative car for the buyers.

2019 Ford GT Safety and Technology

The 2019 Ford GT will have to address all the important aspects when it comes to the safety of the car. This model is going to be a technological wonder when it comes to its interior additions. One of these additions are going to be related to the safety of the car. OF course an expensive car like this one is not going to be tested by any agency as it is simply not done that way, but basing the safety on the equipment will help determine how high the safety of the car actually is. The quality of the vehicle is unprecedented so you can expect the safety to be as well. It will use the same kind of additions that the model in the segment have and Ford might decide to upgrade and add some more pieces to the puzzle. All in all, we will determine the safety specs once the news and the newest equipment is confirmed for the car.

What are the Rivals for 2019 Ford GT?

Getting a 2019 Ford GT is probably a dream come true for some of the fans. It is a vehicle which can change a lot and which is going to present something that fans have yearned for. Unfortunately, not all people are going to be able to afford it and not all can boast the prospect of owning one. It will probably change down the line once the price rises and once the car becomes a collector’s edition. For now it is in the same price range as the Lamborghini Aventador, which is yet another classic car. But the rivals which are going to be able to provide similar or almost the same performance rages are Lamborghini’s other product, the Huracan, and the Chevy Corvette ZR1. Only these models can be compared to what Ford is trying to do with this new car.

Final Verdict

With the 2019 Ford GT, the company wants to provide that they are capable of making a legitimate super car. With the state of the art racing technology and by combining it with advanced construction, Ford is proving that it knows what it is doing when it comes to designing racing cars. This model will soon prove to be a real gem in the industry and it will probably make a lot of fans happy to see it as well. Our determination states that we will get to see more news and great appeal from this car which will pit it in the very front of the industry.

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