2019 Honda Fit Release Date, Redesign, Price

It has been rumored that yet antler update for the 2019 Honda Fit is going to be made. Not a lot is known about it and there is still more time for this model to appear and the majority of the facts are in the realm of rumors. But we feel that this information is true and we are confident that the car is under development and we might get to see the car appear in the market quite soon. Originally coming from Japan, the vehicle has made a very safe and good transition to the states and we expect it to continue its run.

Honda Fit is the smallest Honda vehicle which is offered in the US market. It is also one of the most fuel efficient cars offered in today’s market and that gives it the biggest advantage compared to other models. When the vehicle hit the market in the US, it was not as popular but when people started to see the benefits and once they realized how well the use of a small car like the Fit could be, they started buying it. Now the popularity of small cars like the Fit is risen so people in the US are a lot more interested to have it.

The newest 2019 Honda Fit will probably offer us a model with all the standard characteristics that the previous model had. The model was always pretty fun to drive and easy to get around with. These are the main characteristics of every Fit vehicle but the 2019 version may also try to expand them by enhancing the interior with more space and adding more flexibility for the driver and the passengers. This does not mean that the dimensions of the car will enhance, but it does state that they could use some innovative technology to make the inside more adaptable in that way.

The previous Honda Fit does not bring anything exceptional to the table. In fact, it mostly keeps things traditional. It has all the traditional elements of a hatch and they are very nicely displayed and incorporated. If you are a subcompact buyer and a fan of smaller cars, the Honda Fit should be on your list. But what could the 2019 model do differently and how could they expand. We have thought about it and we see that the best way is to do what everyone else does, so the 2019 Honda Fit will enhance the current elements to its maximum potential.

The latest 2019 Honda Fit is also going to carry over a number of its trim levels from the last model continuing with the LX, EX, and EX-L trims. And now we bring you our review.


2019 Honda Fit

When will the New 2019 Honda Fit be Available?

The newest 2019 Honda Fit is not going to be seen on the market soon. In fact we cannot expect to see in on the roads by 2018. The latest information says that the car will be coming out in February of 2019 and we can expect to see more about the car then. Our prediction is actually much more favorable than that and although this car is going to come late, it is not going to be that late. The news spreads around quickly and we will probably hear soon that the model will be brought to the market sometimes by the end of next year.

How Much will it Cost?

The price for the 2019 Honda Fit is certainly not established yet. The car is going to continue on with a favorable price with the base LX models. We expect them to be coming at a cost of 15,990 USD as its base MSRP offer. Other trims are going to be a bit higher with the highest one rating at around 18,000 USD. This would make the pricing of the 2019 similar to the current one but as things go on we might get to see a price change and they might even enhance it a little bit. All in all, with the first mentioning of the release date we will be able to see the first prices for the car.

How will the Exterior Compare to Before?

For now, the only thing we do know about the 2019 Honda Fit is very little. There are some pictures and some renderings that are in a way showing how this might come to be, but no real confirmation about it. We are hoping to see some more solid evidence by the end of the year and until then we have certain assumptions and are hopeful to get even more soon.

The newest 2019 Honda Fit might drop some of the previous liens and decide to go for a more natural hatchback design. The car is still no Ford Fiesta when it comes to the graceful line design but will certainly keep an attractive, cohesive and polished design. A lot of the old minivan-like elements will be dropped which will bring us a much better looking appearance for this car.

The car will also look to add a leaner and a sharper design. It pays off having the deep side crease which kind of a emphasizes its long shape. The windshield angle is going to be steep as it is short but combining with the stubby hood will gives us a kind of a “one box” look. Add to that relatively small wheels and you get the latest Fit model. The LX gets 15-inch ones while the EX and EX-L come with 16-inch alloys and more color choices as well.


Exterior of the new Honda Fit 2019

What About Interior Redesign of 2019 Honda Fit?

The thing with the interior of the 2019 Honda Fit is that there are always a lot of assumptions and much of it might change until the final product is made. The model is going to add a great sort of assortment that might help the vehicle gain a better balance and appearance on the inside. All in all, we are hoping for a luxurious inside now.

The interior will probably be nothing like the outside of the 20179Honda Fit. In fact there is a feeling that there were a lot of restrains that the designers had when making this car before. But when it came to the inside they kind of a got lose and made it according to their preference. This will probably be the case with the next version.

The inferior has really an ambitious design starting with an ultra-busy instrument panel that has all kinds of shapes, trims, pieces, dazzles and new surfaces. This may feel a bit haphazard at first but it manages to fit well for the Fit. The Honda HR-V is the care which has always borrowed the interior from the Fit, but with the expanded look now there we will see if this becomes a regular thing between them.


2019 Honda Fit Interior

What are its Engine Specifications?

Maybe the engine option and the driving ability of the 2019 Honda Fit are not as they were supposed to be, but the car will still manage to offer a fun ride with very favorable fuel economy rates. The small but sophisticated engine which is used under the hood of the Fit is the 1.5-liter inline-4 gas engine. This model has the performance of 130 horsepower and 114 pound-feet of torque. It manages to muster more power and more torque compared to the previous model thanks to the added direct fuel injecting system. This engine will probably be the basis for the inclusion of the car. It will probably be a little bit updated or at least we hope so. It would probably not work if they simply transfer the engine to its fullest and merely put it inside a new car.

You can make a choice between a precise 6-speed manual transmission or a CVT transmission now. The six speed is available for the LX and EX, while the CVT is standard for the EX-L and optional for all other ones. The transmission choices are not going to change, at least if Honda does not make a new one for the 2019 model year.

What is the 2019 Honda Fit Top Speed and 0-60 mph Acceleration?

The latest 2019 Honda Fit is estimated to produce a 0-60 mph rate of 8.5 seconds and a top speed of 119 mph. This is just enough for the necessities that this car provides. The model might change if the engine changes but since this is not something that we see happening in a bigger way the specs will stay the same.

What Kind of a Fuel Economy will the 2019 Honda Fit have?

The 2019 Honda Fit may boast with some of the best EPA features among the non-hybrid cars. Its fuel economy rates are perhaps its greatest advantage and have certainly a lot to show for this model. The LX or EX trims sporting a 6-speed gearbox can probably reach a rate of 29 mpg city, 37 highway, and 32 combined.

But if we use a CVT Fit then the ratings might get a little bit different. The LX trim in that case is going to make 33 mpg city, 41 highway, and 36 combined. The EX and EX-L are a bit heavier so the rate in this case comes to 32 mpg city, 38 highway, and 35 combined. 


What are 2019 Honda Fit Dimensions and the Truck Capacity?

Perhaps the interior looks are not the greatest advantage for the 2019 Honda Fit, but the car may to improve this by offering some expanded interior spacing. Maybe the car is small in its size but it does manages to squeeze in a lot on the inside. Versatility is what they use, as the designers say, in order to bring an expanded and added spacing on the inside of the car.

The wheelbase is 99.6 in and the overall length is 160.0 in, while the width and the height are 67.0 in and 60.0 in. The overall curb weight of the car is 2634 lb and the cargo spacing is able to fit 17 cu ft. This is made possible with the design that enables the last row of sets to be flipped and then you will be able to fit much more cargo than initially expected. These features might be retained for the 2019 Honda Fit version but what we expect is for them to be innovative and add some more space inside, even though they might keep the same size and dimension rates.

What Kind of Safety Rates will the 2019 Honda Fit Provide?

The 2019 Honda Fit might upgrade the safety features compared to before. The 2015 version had some very bad crash test scores which they had to fix immediately. Luckily the next incarnation of the car managed to provide some much better rates. The NHTSA and the IIHS gave an overall high test score for the safety of the Honda Fit model, with the IIHS calling it a Top Safety Pick. It managed to score a “Acceptable” rating for the new small overlap test. This will certainly translate to the 2019 version of the Fit and they could even bring some added elements and some more equipment to better deal with the safety of the passengers. It will erase the bad safety scores that the past models have had.

Which Cars will it Compete Against?

The 2019 Honda Fit is going to rival a number of vehicle. Much of them are also going to be released in the same year which is going to make a harder pick for the fans of these kinds of models to choose one of them. But the ones that are closer to the Fit are the Chevrolet Sonic, Nissan Versa Note and the Toyota Yaris. But we cannot leave out this year’s Ford Fiesta model as well, which is probably the most handsome looking model in the small car segment. All in all, the market might change but the rivals are still going to remain there. The 2019 Honda Fit may bring an offer which will certainly be advantageous compared to its current list of foes.  

Featured photo source: www.autoguide.com


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