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2016 Honda Pilot


The immediate predecessor to the Honda Pilot was simply a midsized SUV which had a boxy outlook which gave the crossover quite a stance while on the road even though it was much of a spectacle to many people.


The brand new 2016 Honda Pilot on the other hand is definitely a completely redesigned car which despite sharing the same as its predecessor has nothing close to it. The new car has a brand new platform which gives it a better looking, bigger and lighter by close to 300 pounds.

The drop in weight is a great significance for the fuel economy expected from the car, this is despite the car having a powerful engine. The new 2016 Honda Pilot will debut with a new machine under the hood as well as a new implemented technological specs.


2016 Honda Pilot interior

Inside the cabin of the new 2016 Honda Pilot lays a lot of redesigns. The new SUV will be more spacious while still retaining the seven seating capacity as the original model. The luggage area has also received a boost.

The quality standard of the general equipment has increased significantly, this is so because the manufacturers of the crossover want to maintain the same experience as the Acura counterpart.


Standard infotainment features include; a rear view camera, satellite navigation, electric front seats with included heating, dual zone automatic climate control feature as well as an optional features like the panoramic roof, rear infotainment unit and a leather upholstery with custom stitching.



2016 Honda Pilot exterior

The exterior of the new 2016 Honda Pilot has also changed to a significant level. The exterior bodywork is now rounder in shape. The anterior end is a reminder of the Odyssey with standard Xenon headlights and daytime running lights.

The rear also has standard LED taillights while the general look of the car does resemble a higher minivan which is actually bad or good depending on your view. The ground clearance has generally increased and the car now comes with black plastic protections which might turn out rather helpful in unpaved roads.



The engine of the new 2016 Honda Pilot has received an upgraded direct injection 3.5L V6 similar to the one found in the MDX. This will enable the car use approximately 25 mpg on average which is quite good for a seven passenger SUV.


The engine aforesaid will generate 290 hp and 267 pounds of torque and the front wheel drive will come as standard as well as a six-speed automatic transmission. Optional features include; nine-speed automatic transmission and a start/stop system that will come handy during city cruising.


2016 Honda Pilot Price

The new 2016 Honda Pilot was actually released during the Detroit Auto Show on February this year but the buyers will have to wait a little longer at least to mid-2015. The price of the standard version will be around 32,000 dollars which is perfect for its class.

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