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2017 Ford Ranger


The updates for the 2017 Ford Ranger have been revealed and it seems that the car is embarking in the race to take down the more popular Japanese competition. This model is an Australian based model and is exclusive for this market, but is having some trouble recently with some rivaling cars that mostly come from Japan. The updates given to the car are aimed at making it popular with the younger audience which have started to disregarder this model a bit.

The aim for the newest Ranger is to make it safe and also more likeable by the youths at the same time. The best way to do so was to add some new and advanced features for the car and at the same time make sure to place innovative gadgets as well. The models does not changes so much in the appearance as one should expect.

As far as the trim levels are concerned, the 2017 Ford Ranger is still going to come in XL, XLS, XLT and Wildtrak variants.

When is the 2017 Ford Ranger Release Date?

According to the latest indications the 2017 Ford Ranger is going to hit the market as of the beginning of the year. The car is offered exclusively for the Australian market so it comes available to buy in the beginning of the year, sometimes in late January.

What is the Cost of the 2017 Ford Ranger?

The model is going to be a bit pricier compared to before, but not as much to make the 2017 Ford Ranger unattainable. The car is still going to have the same kind of features and will add the cost because of the added gadgets and updates that it bears. The base MSRP has yet to be set, but expect the estimated price to be between $25,000 to $30,000.

Exterior Design for the 2017 Ford Ranger

There aren’t any major changes for the 2017 Ford Ranger. In terms of the design of the car we get a similar setup. A few additions here and there make the car more likeable and applicable with the younger crowds. The model is going to be given the same kind of a grill which is seen on the F-150 model and also it will have more angular features to it. It will make the car more muscular and also much more modern compared to before. We expect that the car receives a lot of praise for the redesign and really thing that this is going to be a refresh for the car and that the given changes are going to do a lot of good for it.

2017 Ford Ranger Interior Redesign

The same thing goes for the inside of the 2017 Ford Ranger. The light refresh is going to mainly features some new and expanded updates and technological innovations that are going to be used. The car is going to include some finer materials now which is going to make the comfort a bit higher for the Ranger. Besides the materials and comfort ratings usability is going to be expanded. We do mean that the current system are going to be updated and that some modern gadgets are also going to make it on the inside.

Engine Updates and Power Ratings

There are going to be four engine options for the newest 2017 Ford Ranger. The initial version is going to use a gasoline engine, the 2.5 liter 4-cylinder Duratec which can make 163 HP and 165 lb/ft of torque.Other three engines include diesel variants, namely two two 2.2 liter 4-cylinder Duratorq TDCi engines, making 128 HP and 158 HP. The final option is a five-cylinder 3.2 liter engine which makes 197 HP with an impressive 346 lb/ft of torque.

2017 Ford Ranger 0-60 mph Acceleration and Top Speed Ratings

The newest model of the 2017 Ford Ranger is rated to reach 0-60 mph in 11.5 seconds and can develop a top speed of 115 mph, which is pretty acceptable for a truck with the Ranger’s capacities.

2017 Ford Ranger Fuel Economy Rates

Unfortunately, the 2017 Ford Ranger has not released the latest fuel economy specs. As there are some changes made with the weight of the car as it does use some lighter materiel, the weight of the car is going to affect the consumption of the fuel. We can expect an improvement, but not a drastic one. The car will consume less but will still need a lot to fuel it. Until we wait of the EPA ratings to come out you still need to know that the car is going to need a lot to power it.

Dimensions and Comfort

The newest model of the 2017 Ford Ranger retains the dimensions rates. The car is not going to expanded in any way and we can rest assure as we are going to get the same kind of dimensions and size for the car. The inerior comfort does get a better feel thanks to the new materials that are used but no space enhancements.

The given dimensions are going to come down to an overall length of 210,9 in for the 2017 Ford Ranger and a wheelbase of 126, 7 in. The height of the car reaches 67,1 in and the width is 72,8 in and a clearance of 9 in. The overall curb weight of the car is given at 5008 lbs. The cargo bay for this model is very much acceptable with a volume of 18.3”.

Safety Ratings and Systems

When making the 2017 Ford Ranger, they decided to make this car a noticeably safer one. The car manages to get some expanded safety features which are going to make the overall vehicle a lot easier and safe to drive. Some expanded technological features which are going to be added include blind spot monitoring, lane guidance, automatic cruise-control, Park Assist and parking sensors, tyre pressure monitoring, trailer sway control and even a system for detecting drowsiness of the driver.

Rivaling Models

The 2017 Ford Ranger gets an update for a reason. But we do think that it may have deserved a lot more as the competition is gearing up for something much bigger than the thing which this car adds for this model year. There are going to be a lot more updates on the rivaling vehicles and they may get the better of this car. Other cars to look out for include the Toyota Tacoma model, Chevrolet Colorado and Nissan Armada.

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