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2017 Pontiac GTO

2017 Pontiac GTO review

Rumors have resurfaced about the newest 2017 Pontiac GTO car being released. As the younger crowd may not see this rumor as overtly significant, the hard-core car enthusiasts will certainly jump at the opportunity of being able to ride in one once again. Some images have resurfaced and have shown us how will the new GTO model look like and it is everything we have expected from this brand to be.

The original Pontiac GTO was released in 1964 and was a flaming new entry back then. It originality led to its immense popularity of the brand which later evolved to form some great sales numbers along the years. But as at one point the sales dwindled the car was pulled back twp times and was reintroduced first in 1974 and came back for another go in 2004 being available for three years. After a decade of being away from the market the fans are longing for the newest model to appear, and this just might be the year when we are going to see the 2017 Pontiac GTO.

The newest model has a lot of things to show to its fans and is always an interesting addition in the muscle car segment. According to a lot of reviews the GTO’s scheduled return will make a great impact on the market and the fans.


When is the 2017 Pontiac GTO Going to be Available?

This is the question that people have been posting for almost ten years about the 2017 Pontiac GTO. It appears that a release in 2017 is imminent with the car already being rumored for the last couple of years. Those rumors are slowly turning into reality and the car is going to be offered by the middle of the year with the sales starting some time after that.

What is the Price of the 2017 Pontiac GTO?

As far as the price is concerned about the 2017 Pontiac GTO, there have not been any confirmations so far but the car is perhaps going to cost between $28,000 – $32,000 for its base version. But as the GTOcomes in its more luxurious forms as well, those might come up to $50,000 – $60,000 as a base price.

2017 Pontiac GTO Exterior Design

Compared to the last version of the car we have seen, the 2017 Pontiac GTO is going to incorporate some changes. The car is going to be remodeled in a modern way and will incorporate features which are going to address the looks and the elements seen in the past GTO models of the past.

The most noticeable thing is the front end of the car where the legendary split grille was retained but has been reworked in a kind of a new way. The ling hood is also reshaped a bit had has some new creases. All of that is followed by adding new HID headlights which give the model a very good new look. The rear is also going to shape the taillights in the same manner as the headlights are changed, giving the model a modernistic approach which we were expecting to see.

The car is going to attract younger crowds with its looks and will be a model which is going to appeal to both sides, the young and old. It will sit on some 20-inch wheels now which come as standard, which are just to right size so they help with the stability of the car at higher speeds.

2017 Pontiac GTO Interior Upgrades


As far as the interior goes, the 2017 Pontiac GTO is mainly going to rely on the latest design. Meaning that the last model which was out in 2004 is going to be the basis for the design of the interior. This makes more sense as this is the most modern incarnation of the car and is much easier to reshape it and adapt it for the 2017 version. It will still keep to its roots and add some familiar elements that we have been used to with the past models that came from Pontiac.

Added features are going to include updated technology and more modern gadgets. The full list has yet to be released and we will learn more about the car as the release date gets closer. The only thing that we need to know is that besides the standard legendary elements of the car we also get plenty of comfort features for the elements inside of it.

Engine and Performance for the 2017 Pontiac GTO

As some rumors have stated, there are two possibilities for the 2017 Pontiac GTO. Both of them are highly likely to be used for a strong model like the GTO is. The first option is a 6.2 L V8 engine which is known for its high performance and might make a great fit for the GTO as it can produce 426 horsepower. The second option is a good one but a less powerful one as the V6 cyndrical tube engine is also a choices which can make 320 horsepower. The most probable transmission choices is still the 6-speed transmission which will make smoother shifting and enhance the car in that way.


2017 Pontiac GTO 0-60 mph Ability and Top Speed

Being that there is still no clear news about the engine, the 2017 Pontiac GTO acceleration rates have still not been set. The car might accelerate to 0-60 mph in under 5 seconds based on the engine they decided to go with and the choices will also determine the top speed rate.

Fuel Economy Rates and Numbers

The gas mileage rates for the 2017 Pontiac GTO have also yet to be released. Based on the numbers that the last one had, which measured to 16 mpg City/21 mpg Hwy, the makers are going to try and improve on that. Being that this is a muscle car it will be hard to make it so, but if they want the car to be featured in a completive market, they will surely have to address this fact.

Dimensions and Size of the Car

Being that the design of the last car is the basis for the new 2017 Pontiac GTO, the model will incorporate similar dimensions. The car will thus certainly be 189.8 inches long with a wheelbase of 109.8 inches. The height is 54.9 inches and the width will come to 72.5 inches. The last model had a curb weight of 3725 lb, but this is something that will certainly improve for the vehicles in the future. As for the inside, the the overall passenger volume was 91,0 cu ft, which will be kept the same, while changes will also not be made for the cargo capacity of the car so they remain 7.0 cu ft.


Safety Specs for the 2017 Pontiac GTO

There are bound to be some improvements related to the safety stats for the 2017 Pontiac GTO. For now the car is certainly going to add the standard set of safety stats that all of the models already use. But the luxury models are going to expand with some new and better safety equipment that will enhance the crash test scores. Expect the standard part of the equipment to include Air Bag-Frontal-Driver, Air Bag-Frontal-Passenger, Brakes-ABS, Daytime Running Lights, Traction Control and Fog Lamps, while the advanced systems are going to be determined closer to the release of the car.

Competition Vehicles

There are a lot of muscle cars in the segment that have perhaps the same popularity as the 2017 Pontiac GTO might have. The Doge cars have certainly been one of the more popular in the segment with their latest releases and not to mention the release coming from Chevy. Currently the most notable and established cars on the market are going to be the latest Corvette and Camaro cars which are still going strong and will perhaps take some time for the Pontiac GTO to reach their level.

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