2018 Audi Prologue

The much anticipated and touted 2018 Audi Prologue is termed to be the new concept for the new A9 series, the two door Audi coupe has a pretty much the same size and dimensions as both a full size luxury car and a sports car engine which not only are enormously powerful but also comfortable enough for a luxury car. On boarding the luxury classy car, the passengers are greeted by a state of the art technology “electronic butler.”

This is an intelligent software application which identifies the users by their smartphone or smart watch and adjusts the seats as well as the air-conditioning to suit them accordingly. In addition it also makes appropriate recommendations for music and route planning navigation which conform to the owner’s preferences.

The Audi also has an Easy Slot advanced system which is actually located under lids in the console on the central tunnel. It can automatically draw in and store smartphones as well as connect them with an on-board infotainment and simultaneously also charge them.

2018 Audi Prologue Engine

When we exploit the engine, the celebrated Audi is said to be featuring a 4L twin-turbocharged V8 which is same to that in the new RS6. The engine will develop up to 597 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque which is actually more than enough to get this 2-ton luxury creature from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 4 seconds which is indeed fast in comparison to its size. The top speed will be most likely be capped to 155mph, just like all the other fast Audi cars. The production model will also receive a few other engines to compliment customers appetite for the Audi but this one will be offered as the top of the range.


2018 Audi Prologue MPG

This smooth well designed luxury and sports car will indeed offer a near to 26 MPG average fuel consumption and what’s more? It will be one of the quietest yet smoothest engines in its class.

2018 Audi Prologue interior and exterior design

When we come to the design, the 2018 Audi Prologue is a mix of classic and new modern classy designs. The car has a remarkable sloping back with a rear window concave in design which is similar to that of the classic Citroen C6. The tail lights make for a mixture of classic and modern look which is a lot more attractive than most of the other cars from Audi manufacturer.

It uses a dual exhaust system and the wheels have 22 inches with a rather amazingly beautiful and complex design that complements the car. The profile of the Audi Prologue looks similar to that of the Audi A5 while the front of the Prologue uses all new elements just the same as smaller headlights, a much wider and also taller front grille as well and a new LED fog lamps which will be standard on all the other models in the future Audi cars.


This car not only stands for a new design era, but also brings conformity to many aspects of connectivity, infotainment and user interface which Audi will be showcasing at 2018 CES. The car also boasts of advanced laser matrix headlights and perimeter sensors which will demonstrate how the car of the future will become even more of an aid to its occupants.

Just like its predecessors the dashboard has been designed to display an integrating surface which actually come in a threesome, one is commanded by the front passenger while the other two are left for the driver. In addition, the instrument cluster has a tridimensional new TT or Q7. The rear passengers have not been forgotten either and can use a flexible display that can adapt to the rear seat backrest inclination angle.

2018 Audi Prologue Specs

When we come to the car’s dimensions, has a length of 5.10 meters (16.7 ft), a wheelbase of 2.94 meters (9.6 ft), a width of 1.95 meters (6.4 ft) and a height of 1.39 meters (4.6 ft.). There is a single frame integration into the vehicle architecture and bears the ‘Four Rings’ which dominate its low-slung front end. The enormous radiator grille has been widened significantly, and it is positioned lower than on today’s production models.

The headlights which have been shaped like a wide, flat wedge, are located with their tips above the Single frame. A high-resolution matrix laser technology is yet another instance where the Audi Prologue has broken new ground in design and functionality. The 22” wheels are set in widely flared wheel arches and are fitted with tires size 285/30.


2018 Audi Prologue Release date and Price

Price wise, the Prologue’s price hasn’t been set as yet but the next A9 is highly likely to cost well over a whopping 140.000 dollars which would put it above the S Class. Besides, the release date is currently unknown which means it might hit the market as late as 2018, so we will you informed of any changes made in terms of release date as well as the price in our future articles.


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