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2021 Bentley Continental GT New Design

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The 2021 Bentley Continental GT has been finally announced. This is a model that has been greatly anticipated and wished for by many fans and people who would like to see something more from this brand. The fact is that this is a model that has been released in 2003 and was a huge hit for Bentley and Volkswagen AG. But the problems started occurring afterwards when the popularity of the car started going down gradually and it was mainly because the car has remained mostly the same and has not been updated at all.

We agree that there was this one facelift that was made and thanks to it the model has received a new V-8 engine. But this was still back in 2011 and since then there have not been a lot of other changes. It appears that coming out of the recession a price model like the Continental was not a priority but now when things are looking better it is high time to give something more to the model that we all want to see more from.


The all new luxury car is going to get its third generation design in 2021 as it is still a bit early to release it next year as the last Bentley Continental GT model has received its latest update. As there have not been a lot of innovative additions for that model as well the 2021 version is bound to bring us something very much desirable. The popularity of Bentley models is starting to rise and we may assume that the Continental is going to benefit form the Bentayga SUV release which is also coming. This is going to spur such additions like GT Speed, Convertible and Flying Spur sedan options appearing, but for now this news has not been confirmed.

The news about the Bentley Continental GT 2021 have been unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show and this review will help you learn more about the car and find out when the predicated release date might be.


2021 Bentley Continental GT Exterior

What the designers of 2021 Bentley Continental GT are preparing to do is amazing. Although, the model is still far away from appearing as a prediction version, the models and renderings show that we are in for a great design. The model is going to take after the  EXP 10 Speed 6 design which has been announced as the future direction of luxury and performance. This is a great way to update their car particularly as it has been in a hiatus from receiving anything significant in recent years.

This is actually going to be an evolution of the current Continental GT that we have and a continuation of it but in a lot better direction. It is perhaps a toned down version but something that we see as a far better luxurious option than the one we have now. There are some small changes made to the taillights area and the overall rear fascia which gives the Bentley Continental GT 2021 a very handsome behind.



The interesting thing about the 2021 Bentley Continental GT interior is how will it play out in the end compared to the EXP 10 Speed 6 model. There are a lot of things that are not going to make it on the inside and in fact there is a whole bunch of them that we do want to see in the car and think that it deserves its spot. If we compared the current Continental GT with the the EXP 10 Speed 6, we see that the later is far more stylish and far more advanced than the current Continental GT version. They both feature a similar dual-brow instrument panel design and quilted leather seats and door panels, but all of this is better done in the EXP 10 Speed 6 model.

What we actually appearance the most about the inside of the new 2021 Continental GT is the added Tesla Model-S like design of the central display screen. With this, there is the full digital gauge cluster added as well, a sportier three-spoke steering wheel and  two-tier element on the dash which actually gives more depth to the car as far as eye-catching details are concerned.


Engine Specs of 2021 Bentley Continental GT

Whatever the case may be, the biggest news surrounding the latest release that is the 2021 Bentley Continental GT is still connected with the engine choice. There have been some reports that say that the model is going to use a Porsche MSB platform which is currently used by Porsche Panamera. For now ht model is still going to continue using 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V-8, but there are some indications or at least a possibility of a 6.0-liter, W-12 engine being used as well, but not still confirmed. Sharing the platform as well as the technology might also suggest that the model might also come with  plug-in hybrid version, although this might only be limited and offered for the Flying Spur models.


2021 Bentley Continental GT Release date and price

The newest 2021 Bentley Continental GT is going to be released in a couple of years even with the concept at hand. The best we can hope is to get a model which is going to appear by the end of next year. The price of the current Continental is $193,500, so a price of around $200,000 but surely higher is going to be offered for the 2021 version.


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