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2021 Dodge Dart SRT4

There have been a lot of rumors already about a 2021 Dodge Dart SRT4 version appearing and the news about a potential release date are finally here. The Dodge Dart sedan version was unveiled at the Detroit Auto show in 2012 and even then the SRT4 version was announced but never executed. There have been a lot of speculations about the model appearing and people were more than hyped on seeing the car be produced and developed as soon as possible. But it passed all this time till now as we were able to receive the new SRT4 model again.

As time passed, people were less and less hopeful of actually seeing the model appear in the limelight. The vehicle had so much production problems that the idea was almost stint at one time. The year of 2005 was when we finally got something to hold on and hope of seeing the successor of the Neon SRR-4 model back in the market and finally appear. The biggest problem was making the right choice for the powertrain of the model. This was one piece of news that appeared at the Chicago Auto Show in 2014 when the design was almost pulled due to an inadequate engine. Luckily they managed to pull themselves back together and have found a way to match the appropriate powertrain for the car.

The news about the release date of the car has been made available by the Fiat Chrysler group. The announcement came recently and was unveiled that a five year production plan was taken into effect and that actually we are going to manage to receive the car sooner than people were hoping for. Actually it was just at around the time when people started giving up on ever seeing the model appear at all.

This is the review which is going to bring you a bit closer to the Dodge Dart SRT4 2021 version.

2021 Dodge Dart SRT4 Exterior

The 2021 Dodge Dart SRT4 is a sportier version of the sedan model that we have gotten before. It actually sports a lot of visual upgrades that make in an overall handsome car which also shows that it means business and does not leave anything to chances. The changes that have been made for this sporty version are the added pair of bumpers, both front and back, which actually make the aggressiveness of the car at its peak.


There are also various other additions that make the car look sporty as it gets the large apron intake, a rear diffuser which is monumental for the back, and also a hood scoop. This is going to combine more than great with the changes that are going to happen under the skin of the car as they include added and improved suspension and also the ability to carry more driving modes.

The parts that are still standard for the car are actually the ones that we see on the base version of the car which are going to be standard on the SRT4 as well. This means that the standard bi-function halogen headlamps are kept and they are followed by the LED features that have been added also that go into the turnlights. The body-colored “crosshair” grille and surrounds are standard here as well and we do get to see a little bit of chrome but not as much so as not teh avert attention from the The model uses the 17-inch wheels as standard but there are going to be other options available as well.

2021 Dodge Dart SRT4 Interior Changes

The inside of the 2021 Dodge Dart SRT4 gets the same treatment as the exterior. It actually utilizes the basis setup that we had before and gives it an SRT remake. The base version does not change that much compared to the previous version and the only difference is mainly based on the trim elves that the model possesses. The car is going to utilize the base version and expand it by adding new and different features to make it better.


The inside of the 2021 SRT4 is mainly going to be updated with racy features which are added in order to give the carry appearance of the car. This is all due to the bucket seats which bolster your back while you drive at faster speeds. Also there are adjustable and help you mange the driving of this model. There are another SRT features added but the equipment still needs to be announced which is going to appear come release date.

2021 Dodge Dart SRT4 Engine Specs

The 2021 Dodge Dart SRT4 is going to get an special kind of engine which is going to update its performance in a large way. The issue about the engine has been resolved magnificently as they finally decided to go with the powertrain that the Caliber SRT4 utilizes. The engine that powers the car is the 2.4-liter Tigershark engine which is going to make an output of 260 horsepower, at least. The final specs are still not official and are going to be provided officially once the car is released but we do know that it is going to come with a all-wheel-drive configuration.


2021 Dodge Dart SRT4 Release date and price

We expect to see the 2021 Dodge Dart SRT4 model by the middle of next year. There are still some nicks that need to be worked out and there is a lot to tune still so the model makes it for next year finally but for now no official price rats have been released. With the base version making it at a base MSRP of $17,995, we certainly hope to see an extended and added SRT package here.


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2021 Cadillac ELR

2021 Cadillac ELR review

Cadillac has brought lots of features as well as a pricing that will go down well with customer expectations. The 2021 Cadillac ELR hybrid has some serious refreshments which include better handling, more power, increased interior tech and a whopping $10,000 price slash. This has been occasioned by the fact that the previous ELR was actually dead in terms of sales and the new 2021 Cadillac ELR intends to revive its lifeline status. It now seems to us that Cadillac has addressed almost all of the ailments that affected the old ELR which actually featured on ten worst cars in most car review websites.

2021 Cadillac ELR Exterior

Not much has changed on the 2021 Cadillac ELR which still possesses the good looking demeanour with a tight cohesive looking outside that stands out with a good deal of boldness. You’d be in much discomfort to hate the way the new ELR looks.

The rear end rises modestly with little overhanging to back from front while chrome features have been added on the window surroundings as well as the flanks. The only remarkable difference would be at the grille which now has a fixed simpler and squared crest which has been freed from the circular surround.


2021 Cadillac ELR exterior

2021 Cadillac ELR Interior

A more luxurious interior apartment is what defines the ELR upon its debut. In addition, the features it possesses are nothing but the top best. It comes 4G LTE built in Wi-Fi hotspot which can be able to support up to seven people at a go, the wireless internet connection is always active as long as the ELR is tuned on, comes with a 3 month 3GB data trial. There is also the inductive cell phone charging which is wireless in case you did not know and charges on the instrument panel and consequently frees up the other three USB ports.

The option feature of Driver Assistance active safety has now become standard and includes rear cross traffic alert, side blind zone alert and intellibeam headlights. Lane changing alert as well as a new security system will now be standard while adaptive cruise control will remain an option. Moreover, Interior features also include handcrafted upholstery, full leather seating, support trim and microfiber headliner.


2021 Cadillac ELR interior

Engine of 2021 Cadillac ELR

Cadillac noticed the faults that the old ELR had and it made a clear point by trying to overhaul the uninspiring performance. The new 2021 Cadillac ELR has received a token of blessing by Cadillac injecting more muscle and better handling by 25% in numerical terms. With a full use of the 1.4L gasoline engine the ELR can get up to 330 miles of range. While on electric only it would get 39 miles of emission free driving. The battery pack has been located at the spine of the hybrid car for weight distribution purposes.

Five full hours are required for a full charge and the battery is well insured by an eight year per 100,000 miles or better yet ten years per 150,000 miles. This follows from an Air Resource Board guidelines. The 2021 Cadillac ELR sprints from 0-60 mph in 6.4 seconds while the top speed is 106 mph on all modes but 130 on Sport and Hold modes with performance package.


2021 Cadillac ELR engine

2021 Cadillac ELR price and release date

It is interesting to note that the old ELR cost at $76000 but the new look 2021 Cadillac ELR model costs only $58,495 after the credits. That’s a whopping reduction of close to 10 grand which is by all means impressive. We’re not yet sure about the release date but the car should be released during Geneva Motor Show.


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2021 Ford King Ranch F350

2021 Ford King Ranch F350 review

In the Super Duty Truck segment stakes continue going higher each passing day and undoubtedly the 2021 Ford King Ranch F350 is no exception and the 4*4 King Ranch will make a footprint both off and on road. The driving experience of the nimble large looking truck leaves one enamored and it’s a fantasy for anyone who is a diehard spectator of trucks. The 2021 Ford King Ranch F350 is importantly a favorable launch for Ford and from initial indications, it should do extremely good in very many aspects.

2021 Ford King Ranch F350 exterior

You cannot mistake the driving experience of the 2021 Ford King Ranch F350 on the road, the experience is just out of this world. On the exterior, conspicuous aspects are the main attributes for the King Ranch F350 from the badging to the caribou scent of the unique ruby red paint. The magnificent sheer size and the muscular looks couldn’t be any better which offer a good compliment to the grille, fog lamps, removable tail gate with lift assist capability, body side molding protection, skid plates and pick up box with tie down hooks. The wheels are a whopping 20 inch which maintain the drivability and the truck balance as well as compliment its beauty. There is also a wide selection of color changes available for the customers to choose from.


2021 Ford King Ranch F350 exterior

2021 Ford King Ranch F350 interior

When you look back at the designs of the cabin in the 80’s it’s a complete amazement just to notice how far the truck’s cabin has evolved to become. The 2021 Ford King Ranch F350 interior is sure to build the confidence of a beast, while winning admiration from friends. The upgraded features of this beautifully crafted truck include cab steps with lighting, King Ranch floor mats, navigation system, remote start system, memory group and cooled/heated front seats.


2021 Ford King Ranch F350 interior

Engine and specs for 2021 Ford King Ranch F350

If the 2021 Ford King Ranch F350 truck does not deliver on speed then all the aforementioned features amount to nothing. But that is not the case with this truck since it possesses an updated 6.7L power stroke V8 turbo charged diesel engine. This engine boasts of an incredibly 440 HP which is an increase from 400HP and 860 pounds of torque up from 800 from the first generation. The F-350 has an increment to a maximum of gooseneck towing capacity which has risen from 23200 pounds to 26700 pounds. The enhanced features come as a result of engineering and redesigning of the truck as an integrated system. There is some resulting improvements due to the exclusive designs of the exhaust which is within the engine’s V-shape which has the air intake positioned on the exterior. Additionally, the compacted graphite iron engine block is much stronger but lighter than the traditionally preferred iron engine and is wear resistant as well as enhanced sealing properties. The airflow has also received a boost which now includes a larger turbocharger which results in more power.


2021 Ford King Ranch F350 engine

2021 Ford King Ranch F350 price and release date

The price and the release date data are very scanty but according to our exclusive insider mule at Ford, the announcement should be made sooner. Keep posted to our website for more updates concerning the 2021 Ford King Ranch F350 and other cars.


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2021 Honda HR-V

2021 Honda HR-V review

The Japanese auto motor manufacturer has made the production of the 2021 Honda HR-V sub compact crossover release a reality. Just like the popular mini SUV it has taken the same nameplate that was produced in the early nineties. The code HR-V in actual sense means ‘high ride revolutionary vehicle’. It has ecstatic features of a typical crossover vehicle like good manoeuvrability as well as excellent fuel efficiency.

In addition it also bears some SUV’s characteristics like large cargo area and off road capability etc. the 1st generation of the model was released in 1999 and was based on the platform of super mini then came the 2nd generation which lasted from 2006 until last year in 2014. This vehicle promises to be very competitive in its crossover class coming with all the standard features like a roomier crossover crossover SUV. The exterior design is modern as well as the transmission which is CVT. The engine output is also high and can also be found in its cousin the Honda Fit.


2021 Honda HR-V exterior

2021 Honda HR-V interior

The 2021 Honda HR-V comes with a higher trim level and a tidier cabin. The trim levels come fitted with touch screens for the infotainment system and also for viewing safety messages. This vehicle has a lot of space with around 100 cubic feet of spacious room.

Standard features to expect include but not limited to electric windows, mirrors and locks, rear view camera for reverse monitoring, Bluetooth connectivity and audio streaming as well as steering wheels audio control. Premium features are also not left out which include also push button start, sunroof, lane view, heated front seats, leather upholstery, touch screen displays etc.


2021 Honda HR-V interior

2021 Honda HR-V exterior

The 2021 Honda HR-V exterior looks more sportier with strong horizontal lines, hidden back door handles and at the front the grille is a large two tier with angular headlights and has distinguished itself from both the Fit and the CR-V since it doesn’t wear any of the subcompact angular wedginess of the hatchbacks and also none of the blocky rear end cues of the compact crossovers.

Engine of 2021 Honda HR-V

When we now take a look at the 2021 Honda HR-V engine, we are actually speaking of a 1.8L 4 cylinder engine and this in actual sense means that it is going to have a modest acceleration but still maintaining a very high fuel efficiency. It can be able to produce 138 HP as well as 127 lb-ft of torque.

Customers have a choice to make like choosing from 6 speed or CVT transmission system. The engine offered here resembles the one in Honda Fit as well as the same transmission system. Another feature that the 2021 Honda HR-V took from the mini SUV Fit is the all-wheel drive configuration which is actually optional.


2021 Honda HR-V engine

2021 Honda HR-V price and release date

No information concerning the 2021 Honda HR-V has been released as yet, that is, price and release date. But hopefully and according to very reliable sources we anticipate it to roll somewhere in the spring of 2015. This crossover SUV is expected to be popular owing to the fact that that it has had a very nice campaigning which has kept up with it.


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