2018 Ford Ranger

With the 2018 Ford Ranger model, the brand is getting a revival which will see this car introduced back to the US soil. It has been a long time since the car appeared here and it was discontinued some time ago when the vehicle was shelved in favor of some other models. In fact, Ford decided to go with their F-150 models as entry vehicles for their lineup of cars. But the mid-size truck model was sorely missed and people were looking for this car to make a comeback ever since. Ford is now putting back two of its famed brands, and besides the already mentioned Ford Ranger 2018 we also learned that the Ford Bronco is going to be remade.

The Ford Ranger model was made and solid in America right until 2012 and then the vehicle was pulled out and set for its releases only for the global market. The vehicle found new life there and started making new waves and gathered its own public. But it has never been forgotten in America. Now when the need for mid-size trucks is rising we are probably going to get the US-spec model back there where it needs to be.

What they are going to do is actually a similar formula that Chevy has done for its Colorado model. Since the plan is that they use the existing global Ford Ranger and simply remake it so it fits the US one, they need to base it on somebody which has done the same already. The new 2018 Ranger will need to address certain issues with the car safety and adjust the crash tests so they meet the criteria in the US market. Another part is that the technology in the cabin is going to be expanded and will probably get more suitable additions which the people in America are sued to having. Finally, we are looking to get different powertrains and more powerful ones for this sort of a market.

The release date is still up in the air but the confirmation is there and the 2018 Ford Ranger will probably get to see the light of day pretty soon. Here is our review and the currently available specs and information.

When is the Release Date of the 2018 Ford Ranger Going to be?

We are expecting to see the latest 2018 Ford Ranger make an appearance pretty soon. The model which is aiming a comeback will probably be seen within a year. The spy photos are the first confirmation of this and after that we have also heard some viable and conceivable evidence coming from the makers of Ford. The idea that Ford has was to introduce the Ranger first and then base the Bronco on the ranger and release it afterwards. If the manage to fulfil this plan the way they have conceived it the release date of the 2018 Ford Ranger will be at the start of 2018 while the Bronco will follow two years after it. Another thing which is going to affect the release is the fact that Ford has to meet the competition which is also coming out with the vehicles of their own.

What is the 2018 Ford Ranger Estimated Price?

The price of the 2018 Ford Ranger is going to mainly depend on the competition. The vehicle is returning after a long time to the American market so they cannot really make it too high when it comes to the price. In order to make this car as competitive as possible it is going to need to have a starting price of about $25,000. But if we take a look at higher trims and the way their package and equipment is going to be, we are looking at an offer of about $40,000 tops. Based on the current market and the vehicles that we see here this is a viable option for the returning Ranger 2018.

The Exterior of the 2018 Ford Ranger will Largely be a Carryover

With the breaking news of the 2018 Ford Ranger coming there were also a slew of information that were related to the design of the vehicle. As it turns out most of it were correct and one of those is concerning the exterior design. As the spy photos have recently confirmed it the vehicle will follow the design of the global platform and will mostly carry the whole thing over to the US-spec one. But there are going to be some modifications as they are necessary for the car to adapt back to the American market.

One of the smarter things that needs to be done is bringing all three cab configurations that the global platform uses. Those are the regular cab, extended cab, and the crew cab. The regular cab is something which will suit many of the buyers in America as there are no other models in the segment which proposes this variant.

Looking at the 2018 Ford Ranger aesthetically, the model will keep some of the main qualities of the global brand. So the entire front fascia might be transferred with the same grille and bumper as well. We might get to see different grille designs which will distinguish the trims of the Ranger. The profile of the car is going to be transferred as well and this is going to be done because it is going to prove to be less costier to make an entirely new one. The brand will this way get to save on money and satisfy the customers at the same time. We are also exciting the model to offer 17- to 19-inch alloy wheels with all-season and all-terrain tires also making it into the mix. The rear end will probably be reshaped the most out of all of the car and it will need to add certain electronic and a trailer hitch as well as a step bumper as there are the parts which the audience in the US is going to be looking for.

Changes of the 2018 Ford Ranger Interior are a Must

The inside of the 2018 Ford Ranger is going to go though its own changes. Personally, the current look is rather handsome and the vehicle does seem to be great in terms of its current shape. But when it comes to the crowds in the US, it might seem a bit stripped down. So the car will need to update on the inside and add a very big change in terms of inside appearance. They will probably keep the dashboard as clean and decluttered as it is now, but we assume that room needs to be made for the added cup holders. We also expect that the majority of the additions that the F-150 now offers are going to be given here. In terms of gadgets the SYNC system will be the main offer but it will only be available for the mid-trims and the upper ones.

One of the more intriguing opportunities is the XL version which will be used for workers and construction crews. The base striped down offer will be a good choice for a lot of works as they do not have a mid-size option currently available. Additionally, the regular cab option is not offered within any of the existing mid-sizers so this is a perfect opportunity from Ford to gain additional customers by making this one available.

Speculations about the 2018 Ford Ranger Powertrain

When it comes to the engine of the 2018 Ford Ranger there are many speculations that are being mentioned. For now there is not concrete offer which will certainly make it, but there are a lot of speculations which we might expect to see here. The leading options is the turbocharged EcoBoost 2.3-liter inline-four, which might be used for the starting offer, while its EcoBoost 2.7-liter or 3.5-liter V-6 engines will be expanded for higher trims.

Other possible options also mentioned are the 3.7-liter V-6, for more affordable trims, and diesel options like the 3.2-liter inline-five from the Transit van and the 3.0-liter diesel V-6 from the F-150. One things which is clear is that with the 2018 Ford Ranger we are going to see the introduction of the new 10-speed automatic shifter option which Ford has been developing and it seems more than suitable for them to include here. For now, there are not output ratings available as the engine has not been fully determined, but what we do know is that the model will debut with a RWD and add a 4WD optionally.

2018 Ford Ranger 0-60 mph and Top Speed

Based on the currently given information for the engine of the 2018 Ford Ranger, it would be pretty hard to determine some specs of the car. But as we were able to compare them to what the competition is bringing and how they are managing their cars we see that the Ranger will need to accelerate to 0-60 mph in about 7.5 seconds and also have a top speed of 110 mph as it is estimated.

What about the Fuel Economy of the 2018 Ford Ranger?

The new fuel economy specs for the 2018 Ford Ranger are probably going to different based on the rate for the global version. First of all, the choice of the engine is going to be an important factor here and might determine how fuel effective the car actually is. The model also will depend heavily on the kind of materials they decide to use. If they go the route that the F-150 has taken we might have a very fuel effective truck on our hands which will be very much appropriate for the segment. We were able to spot some air vents and cooling holes on the front side which means that they are going to make strides with improving the fuel consumption rates.

2018 Ford Ranger Size and Dimensions

The size of the 2018 Ford Ranger has not been discussed so much. Since the vehicle is slanted for a comeback, the most news is best on the global version that the car currently has. Some people are saying that the US-spec version is merely going to be an adapted and updated version which is going to be featured for the American market. The rumors are not true in some ways but when it comes to the size they are certainly going to be true. The car will have the same kind of dimensions as the global version has and it will be built on a familiar platform that GM is using for most of its products in the mid-size segment. Check the 2019 Ford Ranger details and compare these two cars.

Another interesting fact is that the current global version of the Ford Ranger is being built in Australia which actually needs to change once the crossover is complete. It has been announced that Ford is clearing its Michigan Assembly Plant up and has been sending the majority of its models to Mexico to be built. This is going to make way for a larger production of the newest Ford Ranger and will probably continue on with the Bronco in due time. All in all, we see this as perfect steps that Ford is taking in order to take back control of the mid-size truck segment.

Changes for the Safety of the Car

There are several improvements which are going to be made with the safety of the 2018 Ford Ranger. First of all, there need to be some adaptations made which will greatly affect the way the Euro version performs and adapt it for the American crowds. Secondly, new ratings are going to be made which will come out after the vehicle’s introduction. We are looking for improvements in both active and driver assistance technology as most of the buyers are going to concentrate on these points.

Set of Rivals

As mentioned above, the 2018 Ford Ranger is going to have to make a strong return so it impresses the public on its return. Although some people would think that a simple comeback is enough and that the coming brand is going to simply ride on the success which the name caries. One of the cars which made a return already is the Chevrolet Colorado and it is one of the first competing vehicles that the makers fromFord need to worry about. Another one is the Toyota Tacoma car which will rival the car in performance and comfort. The mid-size truck segment is heating up, and is one of the major reasons why Ford decided to reintroduce the Ranger back to the market. Ford plans to overtake the market which has been getting a lot of attention recently.


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