2018 McLaren 650S Spider

Just recently, images of what to expect from the new 2018 McLaren 650S Spider have been released by the McLaren Automotive Company. This is a new addition that the company has added to its fleet.

This is arguably a sports coupe which will under no circumstance jeopardise the sporty functionality of McLaren cars and will come with an added retractable hard top. Keep reading the following review about the car in order to get the latest information of what to expect from the automaker guru.

2018 McLaren 650S Spider exterior

In simple terms, the new 2018 McLaren 650S Spider will come with a facelift and will boast of a stylish exterior as well as incredible aerodynamics. This car will be an update from the previous 650S.

The major difference that will be notable from the previous 650S will be the roof and the deck lid. The roof pillars will be moved forward towards the B-pillars which in essence means that these pillars will represent the mechanically-operated cover which resides the hard top.


2018 McLaren 650S Spider interior

Reminiscing of the 650S, the new 2018 McLaren 650S Spider will come with two most noticeable changes. The first change is the decreasing of the rearward visibility due to the large B pillars.

The second would be the hard top cavity which has been left open which will make for additional storage space.

Visibility is enhanced due to the proper use of the side and rear view mirrors which will in essence eliminate blind spots. The interior of the cabin is intricately covered by carbon fibre and Alcantara finishing.

Additional features to expect from the new 2018 McLaren 650S Spider include; SiriusXM radio, voice control, audio streaming, Bluetooth, electronic parking brake controls. A portrait oriented infotainment system and TFT screens which show the car’s important information.


Engine of 2018 McLaren 650S Spider

The 2018 McLaren 650S Spider will come with a 3.8L twin turbocharged V8 engine which will provide 640 hp and 678 lb-ft of torque. The engine will be controlled by a dual clutch transmission system with 7 speed.

Helping lower the speed quickly will be the carbon ceramic rotors. The transmission system will be to the rear wheels. Through rod tests, it has been confirmed that it will take the new 2018 McLaren 650S Spider 3 seconds to sprint from standstill to 60mph (0-60).


Top Speed – 2018 McLaren 650S

The top seed of this car is 207-mph.

2018 McLaren 650S Spider price (MSRP) and release date

No announcement has been made by the McLaren manufacturer about the release date for this model as yet, so we are still awaiting further information before we post it to our readers. The base MSRP price for the new 2018 McLaren 650S Spider will be 280,000 dollars.


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