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2018 Pontiac Trans AM Release Date, Price, and Specs

Even with the discontinuation of the company due to bad sales, we are still going to get the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am. This legendary brand is perhaps one of the brands which were recently discontinued that people miss the most, and of course, legendary cars like the Firebird and the Trans Am are the ones that are still going to continue with us. This is why we are still going to get a new 2018 Trans Am even with the downfall of the company already done.

Thanks to the magic of Trans Am Depot, the 2018 model is going to happen. This company actually started immediately after Pontiac went down as two brothers joined together with a graphic designer with a goal to bring old Trans Am cars back to life and offer us new models that Pontiac never got around to make. After securing the Trans Am exclusive rights and with the cooperation with Hurst Performance, they first managed to build the first-ever Trans Am with the iconic Hurst badge.

For the New York Auto show, the Trans Am depot is prepared to offer us the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am which is also considered as the Bandit Edition, based on the popular show as the main character was driving the said car. So we are actually in for a modern representation of the legendary 1977 Special Edition model which was regarded as one of the highest and best Trans Am models.

The 2018 Pontiac Trans Am is going to offer only 77 units, making it a limited edition model that all of the fans are going to appreciate and the best thing is that it is being endorsed by Burt Reynolds himself. Keep reading the review and see what else is in store for the update of this legendary car.

2018 Pontiac Trans AM Exterior

The exterior of the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am is going to feature all the legendary parts of the 1977 version and combine them with the modern fifth-generation Camaro features. But as this is a modern version of it, the model is going to feature more rounded shapes and original details. The front end features a V-shaped nose and has a Pontiac badge and additionally combines with a twin grille and two horizontal vents in the bumper. There is a quad-headlamp configuration but this time offers rounded units, unlike the original which had square ones.

The side of the car sees most of the similarity with the legendary ’77 version transferred here. It uses the honeycomb wheels with gold highlights and has a similar front fender part. There is no wraparound windscreen though, as it is substituted with a quarter window as the Camaro has. There is a big trunk lid spoiler to the back with a wraparound bumper and wide taillights that have a horizontal cluster. There is a shaker hood and a T-top roof, which are essential parts for any Trans Am model.

2018 Pontiac Trans AM Interior Changes

The inside of the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am features a completely reworked Camaro interior to fit the look of the legendary model’s one. All of the parts, like the instrument cluster, the seats, the dashboard, and even other parts features the styling cues taken from the 77 models. There are some retro-looking gauges that feature some Bandit graphics and in the center console, you can see the Hurst shifter and some Trans Am lettering. The seats have a standard Trans Am shape and are made with a  gold center section that comes with stitching, and details.

There is a cool design element added to the seats as the headrest has a Bandit graphic imprinted on it which actually looks pretty cool even though it has nothing to do with the original design. The door panels have gold “screaming chicken” graphics and the dashboard also has the gold top on it. The convince features have not been specified but as this model combines the elements taken from a Camaro car, expect to see some of them transferred form the latest Chevrolet Camaro model.

2018 Pontiac Trans AM Engine Specs

The 2018 Pontiac Trans Am is going to benefit from an added Trans Am Depot’s state-of-the-art engines. This Trans Am will receive an 840 Extreme Performance Package which combines with the 7.4-liter LSX V-8 engine and a 2.9-liter twin-screw supercharger. This all amounts to an output of around  840 horsepower and the model also combines with the manual or automatic transmission. The 0-60 mph acceleration is around 3 seconds and has a top speed of around 200 mph. We cannot even start to compare the improvements that have been made with the legendary 1977 version as this is a modern car that adds a lot more to its mix.

2018 Pontiac Trans AM Release Date and Price

The latest 2018 Pontiac Trans Am version that is going to be offered gets its release date by the second part of 2018. Expect to see it in September as it will be available for sale from then. And the price, well the price for this limited edition series is a hefty  $115,000, quite appropriate for the Bandit.

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