2018 Pontiac Trans Am

Everybody is asking themselves is the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am really happening? But how could this be? Does Pontiac still exist? Well the answers to all of these questions are pretty vague to start with but it is known that the company that bought off the rights to the Trans Am design and the Bandit is Trans Am Depot, so it appears that they are the ones that will bring us this car back.

The popular Bandit was a role which the actor Burt Reynolds played and is what actually sparked the popularity of this car and made it so important. The Firebird was also born from this version and sparked a lineup of cars which soon become a staple of the American market. But as all good things come to an end so did this one and we were not treated with a continuation for quite some time. There were a lot of special edition models and various rebuilds of this car which in a way tried to make up for the disappearance of the famous car but none of them was able to do what the original Trans Am did.

But as it just so appears it might happen that we get another model that people are calling the return of the Pontiac Trans Am that we all know and love. This one will be built as a type of a new generation vehicle which will pay homage to the old model but at the same time be a very lucrative and a very interesting addition for the new market. It is still not known whether it will be a onetime thing or will the new car spark a lineup of vehicles which will come for the future.


There are not many information available about the project except some rumors and renderings that are made but if the car was to actually come out it would mean a very good addition to the future lineup of cars and it would also be very much likely that the fans will appreciate having the old familiar Pontiac Trans Am back in its 2018 form.

What is Currently Known about the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am Release Date?

Although a lot of rumors are circling about the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am, there are still in the form of rumors. Meaning that no solid evidence is emerging about the project that they are planning. As the info is scarce the information will have to be confirmed by waiting for it and if we were to guess we can say that the model will probably be offered by the end of 2018. We might get some more solid evidence by the end of this year when the renderings might turn into spy photos or, if we are lucky, some potential production version pictures as well.

Potential Pricing for the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am

Although we cannot really confirm the price of the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am, we can estimate the potential pricing. It will probably be somewhere between 40,000 and 50,000 USD, but it will still mostly depend on the additions that are planned to be made and which will be added for this car. More about the pricing will be known once all the details about the model are established.


2018 Pontiac Trans Am Exterior Design Based on the Renderings

As we are waiting for the confirmation of the exterior of the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am to be made, we are working with current renderings of the car. If we are to believe the potential design that they are pitching, we are looking at an extremely good looking model which will exemplify a marriage between the old and the new. Actually, we see both the details from the original model preserved here and also some innovative contemporary parts that are new for the car.

Thus the front end of the car looks completely new with curved angels and a modern look which also embraces the addition of new style headlights with LED lights. The front end is really good looking actually and although unnoticeable there are a few parts which are kept from the original Trans Am car. As for the back of the car, it’s all vents and exhaust pipes. It has a very aggressive style which one could easily mistake for a larger and performance orientated vehicle. Even though Trans Am is certainly no slouch. This redesign is worthy of a Trans Am and although it does look a bit like an aftermarket product it does possess a good shape.

Generally speaking, these are still all assumptions and it could be really awesome to see the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am looking like this. They borrow a lot of elements from some modern and current cars which also means that the vehicle can be an opposing model towards the competition. Time will tell on what the final product might be but it will certainly be a good looking car with more aggressiveness to it.

Still No Word on the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am Interior Redesign


We cannot really say too much about the inside of the 2018 Pontiac Trans Am as there is not much to go on. There are no current renderings made for it nor do we have any spy photos to go on. The best that we can go is hope, meaning that we hope that they can do a great enough of a job to reprise some of the legendary interior designs brought forth by previous Trans Am vehicles.

It would be interesting to see some modern additions but it is also not necessary to add too much technology on the inside. It is best to keep things simple and keep the spirit of the original model. But it will depend mainly on the needs and wants of the newer public which is probably going to desire a more of a contemporary approach.

Powertrain Rumors

There are actually several choices for the latest 2018 Pontiac Trans Am to go on. The best one would actually mean using the traditional setup, a classic small V-8 engine. A smaller but powerful engine is something that most people value in a muscle car and it would be a very viable choice if we get to see this one here. The latest forecast also states a 5.5 liter V-8 engine as a possible choice or even a 7.0 liter V-8. All of these possibilities look good but it would be interesting to see the type of new technology which they add to the engine.

They are probably not going to leave it bare and will update it with all the trimmings that they could get. There is also always a possibility that an entirely new engine gets to be developed and used here, but we actually see this as the least possible option. Output levels may vary between 400 horsepower and 390 pound feet of torque for the 5.5 liter one or even 600 hop rower and 600 lb ft of torque for the 7.0 liter version.



Although the stats are still in the making and we are looking at a potential prospect of a 2018 Pontiac Trans Am car, much of it is still left to speculation. The newest are currently translated with a serious tone which actually gives us hope that this will happen, but either way we are in for a long wait until we see it. Even if it does arrive it will need to adapt to the current market as the potential rivals will always have an upper hand compared to a returning vehicle.


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