2018 Smart ForTwo

Who needs 2018 Smart ForTwo? Alright let’s get things straight. We live in crowded cities. Big cities. And we need to get from point A to point B faster, safer and if possible with more comfort. We could use bicycles or motorcycles, but what to do on bad weather? A car! Yes, but we need smaller cars. With that kind of size we cannot expect a lot of comfort, nor safety… Well certainly not comfort.

Concept of a new, city-car, grew its roots in 1980’s. Back then there were some incomplete talks related to the company Swatch, but in a form of rumor. That rumor expended and evolved in the form of final product, released by Mercedes Benz in 1998. Since then, the original idea of a small two seats car, has been expended in four seats car, and the speedy roadster. The idea was to develop a well responsive, small car, that can easily move through narrow, crowded streets common for European cities. In this review, we are going to mention some pro’s and con’s for that vehicle.

2018 Smart ForTwo Exterior

There are is no chance that you never saw a Smart car before. There is that need to bully it on sight. Its small and… well you imagine a girl driving it, not knowing where to turn, how to park and that kind of chauvinist thoughts.

Well a lot of time has passed since the first version of this dwarf. It has proven its functionality, mobility and it has successfully conquered our hearts and it has our respect. It still looks like armored bike on the outside, but it has a small hood now, so it doesn’t look like you are in a box anymore.

Under the hood is a place for a battery and fluids, and it has a slightly better looking grille. But it is made of plastic and everyone knows that plastic changes its color faster than metal when exposed to the sunlight. So you can expect to get more colorful vehicle as the time passes. I expected more from Mercedes.

On the sides of the grille you have two triggers that you need to pool in order to open the hood. Rear is made more broader, so it doesn’t look that weak when approached from the back. When observed from the side, 2018 Smart ForTwo still looks like a toy, but a beautiful and useful one. You can clearly see a safe cell always made in a different color than the rest of the vehicle.


2018 Smart ForTwo Interior

2018 Smart ForTwo interior is just enough bigger than on the last version. I mean, last time you could smell every little, tiny, detail on the passenger’s body. At least now, in 2018’s version there is some space between two grown up passengers so you can breathe. They only needed to do that last time.

Dashboard has a modern look, made a little cheaper than you would expect from something made in the Mercedes labs.

On the central part of the dashboard you have a display where you can control all the multimedia devices, radio, video player, navigation etc. But that display is not in a base version, so you need to pay for it.

Without it you cannot even listen to the radio. Navigation is out dated and very slow. It got me very confused couple of times.

Cargo space is not big enough, but did you expect more? There are some smaller compartments hidden all around the car. There is one very small compartment just above the driver’s seat, made for sunglasses. Such small details got me. There is also a net behind the seats, probably suitable for magazines, documents and other smaller, tinier stuff.

Overall, interior is innovative, modern looking, but very small and very uncomfortable. Suitable vehicle for a city but not for some long travels.


2018 Smart ForTwo Safety Cell

Really big thing considered when buying a new vehicle is safety, and 2018 Smart ForTwo safety cell presumably offers one.

Small environments are claustrophobic for some. And when that environment has wheels, all hell breaks loose. Mercedes Benz engineers thought about that, too. They made a hard steel cage and around that cage, they made a car.

So, in theory, if someone manages to crash this vehicle (that is a big if) nothing would go through the cage. In practice, every plastic part rushes through the cage, but the important thing is that the main impact is only on the cage (which is unbreakable), and nothing from outside the vehicle can have an impact to the passengers.

But, as I said, a lot of things have to go bad, for you, to crash this vehicle. Why? Because it is a small and very slow vehicle. Enough said. Move on.

Engine of 2018 Smart ForTwo

2018 Smart ForTwo engine is placed on the rear. It is a small three cylinder engine, with 89 HP made only for the US market and 70 HP version made for the rest of the world. It goes from 0-60 in about 10 seconds and it has a top speed of 96 mph.

Smart has two transmission versions, five speed manual and six speed dual clutch automatic. You can surely feel the difference between the past versions and this one. The lag is not present, it is well responsive and very smooth. The steering has been improved as well. You can actually control the vehicle at the higher speed.


Fully electric versions, with Tesla electric engines are going to be released later. It is still unknown which modifications it is going to have.

As for the fuel consumption is considered you would expect from a 898 liter engine to have a very low fuel consumption, but the vehicle we drove spent 36-38 mpg, Which was unexpected for such a small vehicle with that kind of capacity.

2018 Smart ForTwo Release Date and Price

2018 Smart ForTwo release date is somewhere near the end of 2015, and the expected price is going to be 15,000 dollars.


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