2018 Toyota Estima Comes with More Space but a Standard Look

The 2018 Toyota Estima is getting an update. This is a crossbreed minivan model which has existed in Japan for so many years now. It has been an established brand and a welcomed addition to the market, but it only got global in recent times. It is a minivan which combines a gasoline and an electric engine, which you would not see everywhere. Unfortunately, the Estima has still not managed to come to the American market so far.

Ever since the Estima got global, there were a few updates made to the vehicle. The first one came in 2006 with the next and also most recent one being in 2013. It has been quite some time and the car already deserves and needs one. This refresh will give it more presence on the market and bring it closer to contention of actually making a debut on some added markets if that becomes possible.


The 2018 Toyota Estima will come in three different forms. Besides the base one we also have the Lucida Estima and the Emina Estima offered as well. The biggest differences between the trims is that the other ones have a narrower design compared to the base one, but they all provide great capacity on the inside and plenty of spacing.

Minivans are perhaps not the most attractive and interesting vehicles on the market, but they serve their purpose. The debut of the 2018 Toyota Estima might not have been marketed through flashy pictures but the release date will come as expected as any popular model. Here is our review about the car.

When is the Release Date for the 2018 Toyota Estima Expected?

The newest 2018 Toyota Estima is going to come out in its home market of Japan by the end of 2017. The release date is not officially confirmed for other expanding markets, but the Estima will become available at all the major ones along the start of the year.


2018 Toyota Estima Price

The newely announced 2018 Toyota Estima will have a different price compared to before. Thanks to the expansions which were made the model will cost a bit more compared to the last model, even with this being only an update. The starting price for the base trim is $36,000, while the highest one will cost $47,400.

Exterior Restyling

The newest model of the 2018 Toyota Estima will receive various visual updates for its exterior. It will help the car be more contemporary and allow it to update the style to get a more modern appeal. What we can notice is that the Estima is much more aggressive looking than before. The front part is the basis of the changes that were made and is what defines the new look of the minivan. It adds the new LED daytime running lights, mist lights and an etched guard. The wheels have also been reshaped while the new side mirrors have been put into play here also.


The rear end also sees additions through new taillights. They have been constructed in the same manner as the front ones and there is also a new diffuser matted in the rear end. The profile of the car still remains the same but it has some minor updates which help the model become more streamlined in favor of making better aerodynamics. It is vastly better and creates not just a good look for the 2018 Estima but a very useful one also.

Interior Modifications in the 2018 Toyota Estima

The interior of the car is supposed to provide the most amount of comfort for the 2018 Toyota Estima model. This is something that was not criticized before but they felt that by adding this they could improve so much for its comfort. The expanded wheelbase allows more space inside and is one of the more important steps in creating a better vehicle.


But there are some more additions made to the 2018 Estima. The dashboard is made in a cockpit manner. The design is not too distracting, so the driver is able to concentrate on the road, and the layout is pretty easy to maneuver and use. Other updates are in regards with the entertainment of the car and it adds new technology which is even better for the upper trims that come about.


Hybrid Powertrain

The 2018 Toyota Estima is one of the few minivans which actually utilize a combination of a gasoline and electronic engines. The gasoline part of the powertrain is the 2.4 liters gasoline one while a 13 Kw electrical motor is used for the front wheels and an 18 Kw motor is fixed to the back ones. The total output comes to 190 horsepower and is quite enough to help the model achieve everything that you need with it.

0-60 mpg and Top Speed Specifications

The 2018 Toyota Estima will not expand too much on its acceleration and top speed. Actually the acceleration rate is still not familiar for this one but the top speed of 115 mph of the previous model will be kept. The car will probably announced the estimations with the 0-60 mph stats soon.

No Improvements in Regards with Fuel Economy

There has not been anything given about the fuel economy of the 2018 Toyota Estima. It only leads us to believe that this part of the car has not been updated and that it will largely remain the same. This update was not aimed at improving the fuel economy ratings either way so the stats will remain the same at least one more year.


Larger Wheelbase for the Newest 2018 Toyota Estima

The newest 2018 Toyota Estima will actually modify some parts of it. In fact they have added more inches to the wheelbase of the car which in turn allows more interior spacing. Everything else is intact and the size of the car, the length and height, are completely the same as you would have seen it before. The newest model will provide a larger interior and add comfort as well as being able to provide an added cargo spacing.

Safety Rates

The 2018 Toyota Estima will probably simply transfer all the safety specs to the newest car. There are no specific safety systems announced expect the standard ones which the previous car came with. The advanced safety equipment will mainly be added for the higher trims but the base one still has a very suitable one. All in all, the car does earn a good safety standard and will not be regarded as a bad one for the segment.

Rivaling Cars in the Segment

Given that the 2018 Toyota Estima will mainly feature on the markets in Asia there are not a whole lot of cars which might be mentioned here. The Estima is mainly popular in Japan and Singapore, with Australian sales growing more and more. The most probable rival in the given segments is another Japanese product the Nissan Serena which is a great minivan itself that may provide some opposition.

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