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How Could a 2019 Audi Pickup Look Like?

Ever wondered how might a 2019 Audi Pickup look like? Well so have we. The newly expanding midsize luxury pickup market has shown us that a lot of automakers have decided to go this way and make their own products. Audi is perhaps the only one without a horse in the race, at least for now. There are many prospects of Audi creating a luxury pickup model of their own and there are many indications that this option might come as earliest as 2019.

If an Audi Pickup truck were to be made they will certainly need to do something with their current ones. But a very interesting idea came recently with a rendering depicting how the model could really look like. As some people have imagined, the 2019 Audi Pickup would need to rework the current Volkswagen Amarok into a high-end Audi model. If you would just imagine it, this concept looks pretty solid and it would not take too much to redesign and make it a reality.


The rendering which was recently created to depict a 2019 Audi Pickup is essentially an Amarok pickup which has been badge engineered with the Audi’s newts business-type look. A suitable interior for a luxury Audi has been added and also some US specs powertrain options and there you have it. Will this idea prompt the designers from Audi to make their own 2019 Audi Pickup we shall see, but for now here is how a potential model would look like.

2019 Audi Pickup Exterior Rendering


The potential 2019 Audi Pickup is based on the recently released 2021 Amarok model. Actually the changes would be rather simple as much of the model continues on unchanged. The front end would feature thehexagonal grille of the outgoing Audi and its headlights design and the closest model to base them on would be the Q7 SUV model. But since the body from the Amarok requires a bigger grille than the Q7 can proved, it would need to be made larger with a taller grille and a bigger hood. Also, it would seem that they will remove the air dam in the lower part seen on the Amarok.

In order to give the Audi Pickup more of a truck-like stance the squared wheel arches will need to be used along with some larger tires. The same would need to be made for the upright and very tall greenhouse but we feel that it is very likely that they manage to add the chrome sports bar used for past Amarok cars.

The rear end will probably keep step bumper as well as the bed almost identical as the one seen in the VW version. But in order to make the design a bit more of a posh one a pair of high-class LED taillights would be added. In conclusion, the 2019 Amarok Pickup will look similarly as the VW Amarok but will have enough of their own additions and changes make this car a unique one. Also, the buyers in the US are probably not aware of the appearance of the VW Amarok model as it is not sold there so this version would perhaps be interesting for them to use.


The Interior Appearance

When thinking about the interior for the 2019 Audi Pickup, it actually does not seem like that much of a problem. Audi and VW models already share some similarities so it will be quite easy to make an interior based on the two of them. But in order to make this one they will probably need to add some standard items like the leather seats, carbon fiber trims and genuine wood pieces, suede accents, and the newly updated Audi MMI infotainment system. This will also probably come with Audi’s Virtual Cockpit. All of this and some minute revisions to the dash and the center console layout and we would get a perfect interior layout for our 2019 Audi Pickup.

The rear seats would also need to incorporate a center armrest and heating options, while keeping the rear passengers comfortable are also the added HVAC controls and strategically positioned air vents. So the interior will mostly resemble the one on the VW Amarok but will be aided with the addition of Audi’s technology and amenities that they offer. The inside will justify the pickup premium price to its fullest extent.


When it comes to choosing a powertrain for the 2019 Audi Pickup, we would have to rely on the options given by the VW Amarok and the Audi Q7. Since the Amarok has been heavily revised, the overseas versions come with a new 3.0-liter TDI V-6 engine giving off an impressive output of 221 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque.  But it is assumed that the pickup will need at least two engines available at dispels so the one used on the Audi Q7, or the  3.0-liter TFSI gasoline V-6, will be offered. The supercharged engine will be able to produce 333 horses and 325 pound-feet of twist. This one is already matted to a VW’s eight-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission and will also come with a quattro AWD system so it would be pretty easy to make.


What Could be the 2019 Audi Pickup Price?

If all of this is put together for the 2019 Audi Pickup, we would be looking at a price tag of around the mark of $48,000 and $50,000. This would be a suitable price for the premium segment of pickup trucks and it would not be surprising for the car to go even up to $60,000 if some advanced equipment or added options are added.

Why Make a 2019 Audi Pickup in the First Place?

A 2019 Audi Pickup would actually be a very good option for the segment. As the market is expanding ant the premium pickup truck segment is growing more and more, Audi would need to come out with their option soon. Since they do not have one yet they should start to think about making one ASAP.


The competition has already made their own claims or is planning to do so as more and more automakers are joining the party. For instance, Mercedes has already fully committed to making a midsize pickup for the global market which could be a luxury model for the US audiences. Tesla is not resting on this idea as well, so they have already announced an all-electric pickup which would come with the familiar Tesla technology. But the first real option is the 2017 GMC Canyon Denali which is going to be the first one to arrive in dealerships as this model has already been developed and made, so we are only waiting on a release date. BMW has not offered anything so far but they are already hinting at making their own model.

With all of these models already in preparation it would be necessary for Audi to make one of their own, so that is why it is assumed that by 2019 we would be able to see an Audi Pickup already developed and designed. This rendering seems like a very good concept and a starting point from which Audi may decide to start making their 2019 Pickup vehicle. 

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