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The Third-Gen 2019 BMW 1 Series Goes FWD

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The third-generation 2019 BMW 1 Series has been talked about for quite some time now, but it is finally confirmed that the model is going to get its release date and that it comes to the market with great success. There are a number of changes and various new information which seem really exciting about this car. This makes the comeback even more thrilling and the fans of the model are eager to see it happen.

First of all, this new model is going to get a release in the US. Being that the second-generation car was not featured in the states they saw it fitting to make a comeback and start releasing this car here. The popularity of the small hatchback segment is growing and has been growing for some time. The most success has been established in America and all the already present vehicles have been making much better sales records. This is probably the best period for this model to return and try and make greater sales records and pitches in the US.


Secondly, the newest 2019 BMW 1 Series model is going to use a new kind of a platform. The model has been announced to be coming with an UKL platform which was the one that made its debut on the Mini Cooper model in 2014. The same platform is used now to underpin such models as X1 and the 1 Series sedan, so they only saw it fitting to use it for the hatch as well. One major change with the new platform is the shift from a RWD to a FWD. This news is certainly going to enthrall all the BMW enthusiasts and perhaps make some people made. But it will also get some people excited to see what the model could be all about.

The advantage of the newest platform is not just in regards with the powertrain, it will also give more roominess on the inside. The vehicle is going to get much more interior spacing, particularly in the back, where the passengers will get to feel a lot more enjoyable. There are also news about the model enhancing the power, with an introduction of a different kind of a powertrain. The given changes will also get some attention form the rivaling vehicles which may take their cars for granted, but after seeing what BMW has done they may start to get worried a little bit.

Being that the spy photos have been seen of the 2019 BMW 1 Series and that a lot of the details about it are pretty much known, lets dive into our review and find out what is there about this car to know and see when the release date comes.

When is the Release Date of the 2019 BMW 1 Series?

The upcoming 2019 BMW 1 Series model has been spotted recently and the spy photos have already reached everyone. But the release date will not come quickly. The model is being developed but is in its final stages, which makes us more confident about its release. We do know that the vehicle is going to make it to the market in Europe and on the home market by the end of this year or start of the 2021. But the crossover to America will probably happen somewhere down the line, closer to the middle or the latter part of the year. But this is still great news because it keeps us confident of seeing the car on the market soon. The buyers in America will be greatly excited to see the 1 Series back as the break was made with the second-generation which was not featured here. The comeback of the model will mean a lot to them and can only make the current market a better one.

2019 BMW 1 Series Price

The assumption about the price of the 2019 BMW 1 Series is interesting to say. Since the model has been missing from the market in America, they cannot simply transfer the price. But the current model has been offered for a sum of $36,000 in China, which would be too much in America, being that the 2 Series costs less than that. But they are not going to give it cheap as well, so it is assumed that the starting price of the car is going to be at around $31,000 and will climb to $43,000 for the top level models. The assumptions are still early but we see this as a real potential price which could really happen. The model will get the pricing soon and will come along with the release date of the car.


Impressions about the Exterior of the 2019 BMW 1 Series

The first pictures released of the 2019 BMW 1 Series reveal a peculiar new model which will generally add aggressive new tones. The vehicle will make the front end of the car by upgrading it with round and more defined corner air intakes and by adding a bigger air dam. The fascia will be curving a bit toward the bottom while the new grille is going to be mildly changed. It is still similar to the one seen on the outgoing model but it is bigger and adds a rounded appearance as well with some chrome trim details. The headlights are sleeker and come with a triangular top, but the projection units are smaller. The hood will also be adapted to the front with new body liens which go from the A-pillars and run to the headlights. The newest model also looks much smoother compared to the newest old version.

The changes in the rear of the 2019 BMW 1 Series feature some noticeably smaller taillights.  It has a triangular shape where there is a single model that splits in half where the upper part works as a reverse light and the lower one will handle the tail. The rear hatch has shorter glass and the lower part has removed the sharp curvature that is featured within the taillight part. Some duel exhaust tips are spotted below and there is a valve placed inside the left outlet. This means that the model will be using an active exhaust system which means that the car will use different driving modes. There are still more parts that are covered by the camo and it is in a way hard to spot all of them now. But generally the model still looks good and improves a lot compared to before.


Inside Changes and Updates

It appears that the 2019 BMW 1 Series model will combine the influences which it got from two sources. The model will be inspired from the interior of the current sedan version of the 1 Series which we say released in China, and the outgoing model. But being that they do a great job of simply updating the interior, it still holds up and looks much better than it used to before. The changes will include a smoother looking dash with a redesigned trim and there is also going to be a completely new and reworked instrument cluster with two-gauges. The steering wheel is going to be smaller but they are going to revise the layout and the thumb buttons of the steering wheel. It makes the model look so much greater and helps it feel that much comfortable.

The center stack is going to have the same infotainment wish you see in all of latest BMW models placed in the center stack. Being that the car might use semi-autonomous driving they are probably going to need to find a place where to put the controls on the dash. The instrument cluster will probably use a new and improved digital display and will remove the standard analog readings. The seats that you find in the base models will probably have amole support, but expect to get even better and higher levels of comfort and adjustability with the higher version of the car. So BMW is as always implementing their idea of adding the best possible solution when it comes with comfort and they are managing it pretty well with the update on the inside.


Powertrain and Specs

What we know so far about the engine of the 2019 BMW 1 Series is that it is going to utilized different kind of options because of the new platform it uses. The vehicle will most likely change to a front-wheel drive model with both three and four-cylinder engines on the table as possible solutions. There are more trim level so the given engine variants will deliver an output from 100 horsepower up to 360 horsepower. But a more suitable piece of news is that they are most likely going to add a hybrid powertrain and coming the electronic engine with a gasoline one. They will even add a plug-in hybrid solution as well. Transmission choices will come down to a six-speed manual, but there are still some options that are being thrown around.


2019 BMW 1 Series 0-60 mph and Top Speed

The improved engine lineup pf the 2019 BMW 1 Series will also promise an improved performance. This will mainly be limited to the time a car speeds up to be lesser than the 10.9 seconds which the previous model had. The 0-60 mph acceleration will certainly improve and the top speed might remain limited to 121 mph.

What is the Fuel Economy of the Model Going to be?

The 2019 BMW 1 Series is also set to improve the fuel specs. These are mostly going to be because of the mentioned hybrid powertrain which will probably be utilized. The prospect of consuming less fuel is great for the brand and will help get the car to be much more popular than it is currently.

The 2019 BMW 1 Series will be Larger

There have been no official news but the size of the 2019 BMW 1 Series is going to increase. This means that the model will gain a few inches in its size and this fact is based on the current pictures which clearly state that the model has different dimesons now. When looking at the profile, we noticed that the nose is clearly a few inches longer, perhaps even 4 to 5 inches more, and the added rear overhang also adds more length. There is also some added space between the rear door and the rear hatch, which is normal or a hatchback car. Due to the extra length, the roof is not bubbly so much so the height may also change. So generally speaking, the vehicle will add some roominess on the inside and add some appropriate and new ingredient which will make things that much comfortable.


Improved Safety Systems

The newest 2019 BMW 1 Series is certainly going to improve the safety of the vehicles. Much of it is still being cooked and there are some details which suggest that we are in for a very surprising offer. The body of the car has some holes in it which indicates that they are planning to add radar senses and advanced cameras. This means that they are opting for an advanced security system and that they are planning to implement the latest autonomous driving technology. These are still speculations but it can easily become a reality sooner than we might expect it to be.

What are the Rivaling Cars Doing?

The comeback of the 2019 BMW 1 Series model is only going to stir things up in America even more. The vehicle will make more waves and they are first going to be addressed by the competitors that are keeping a close eye on the 1 Series now. The return has been made possible mostly on the success of the cars in the segment as the small hatch models have bene getting ever so popular in America. Top selling cars are vehicles like Audi A3 and Mercedes A-Class cars which will be taught to remove from the top. All in all, the returning BMW 1 Series has the potential to move and revamp the stage for other vehicles here and it will be additionally met with many acclaims and interest from the fans. We suspect rising sales numbers which will get the popularity back to this model which has been missing in action recently.

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