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2019 Dodge Dart SRT4 Release Date, Redesign, Pictures

2019 Dodge Dart SRT4 review

There are increasing rumors about a 2019 Dodge Dart SRT4 model being released soon. After years of speculations we have finally gotten something solid which gets our hopes up when it comes to the arrival of an SRT4 badged Dart.

The base model Dart had been under production since 2012, when the concept was released. But it all came down to a close and the production was delayed due to issues in developing or finding the perfect powertrain. But now when they got that out of the way and are preparing to release the car this year, there are all new rumors about a more powerful SRT4 version appearing as well. The base Dart is receiving a mid-life facelift, with the SRT brand slanted to return the coming year, so it is safe to say that the SRT4 one is going to be seen in 2019.

This new version is rumored with all kinds of updates given to it. One of them is going to make the looks much sportier while there are also talks about a new powertrain offered as well. Since the information is still fresh and the pictures have not been officially released, we draw our information from certain renderings and leaked photos that are found in the circulation so we can proved our review.


When is the Release Date for the 2019 Dodge Dart SRT4 Car Going to be?

The earliest that we can expect to see the 2019 Dodge Dart SRT4 is in early 2019. Since the Dodge Dart and the Dodge Dart SRT models are going to be offered this and the next year, it only makes sense that they continue year in and year out to provide their models, so the SRT4 badged models will arrive by mid-2019 when we predict the release date.

Possible Price

Unfortunately it is still far off to determine the price of the 2019 Dodge Dart SRT4 model. But based on the prices of its base version we can predict that this one will range between 32,000 dollars or 35,000 dollars, depending on the added tech and equipment that they decide to provide it with.

Exterior Changes

We can only guess how the exterior of the 2019 Dodge Dart SRT4 model will be like for now. There is not exact and concrete evidence on how it might look like. But we have reasons to believe that it will be made in the manner the last one has. It will all in all be a much sportier version of the current Dodge SRT brand. We presume it incorporating all the familiar details you have seen in the last model but you will also get to see some new features. We also predict that this model will also inherit some of the features that the newer models bearing the SRT4 badge have been incorporated with. The model will be a great and standard sport choice for all fans to enjoy.

Interior Appearance


The inside of the 2019 Dodge Dart SRT4 model will be updated in the same manner as the outside is. But the inside will adopt the same kind of a design as your regular Dart has and it will update it with specific details that are used for the SRT4 badge. This also means different kinds of upholstery and accents which are supposed to freshen up the car in a different view. Also available are the standard seat choices and equipment for a high-performance model. The technological side is also going to be updated with some advanced options and modern ones compared to the current version.

Engine Choice

Specifications about the engine choice for the 2019 Dodge Dart SRT4 are numerous. But the rumor mill says that the potential choice will probably fall on the 2.4-liter Tigershark engine which has already been used in some of the previous SRT4 badged cars, like the Caliber and the Neon SRT4 options. The output is measured to somewhere around 260 horsepower.


Potential 0-60 mph Acceleration

The specs for the 2019 Dodge Dart SRT4 are still a bit hazy. It will all materialize once the release date is determined. But for now even the acceleration rate is not official. But in order to be competitive with the closest rivals the car will have to produce a 0-60 mph acceleration offer of around 5.9 seconds and also obtain a top speed of 154 mph in order to be close to the rivaling models.

Fuel Economy Specifications

Although it is still early to make an assumption, but the 2019 Dodge Dart SRT4 may not have great fuel economy specifications as the rivaling models have. The potential EPA rates may be predicted at 26 mpg city drive and 29 mpg on the highway, which is not what the rivaling models are consuming.


The dimensions for the upcoming 2019 Dodge Dart SRT4 will be almost the same as its base version. This is the same kind of a car which will only expand with sporty elements so there was no need to make additional changes, at least not the ones which relate to the size of the car. The model will have a full length of 183.9 inches, wheelbase 106.4 inches, width 72.0 inches and height inches.


Safety Equipment

The safety for the 2019 Dodge Dart SRT4 is another part which will be determined as time goes by. But a model like this will probably transfer some of the basic pieces of safety equipment seen in the previous and current Dart models. For more advanced safety we may look to other SRT4 badged cars which provide some specific safety specs given for this type of a car. All in all, they are being careful with this one and are going to offer us a very secure type of a vehicle.

Competing Vehicles in the Segment

There are many cars that the 2019 Dodge Dart SRT4 will need to account for, but two of them are the ones which have been already established in the segment and provide the most that the market offers. These are of course the Ford Focus ST and the Subaru WRX models which can measure up to the driving characteristics and output that the Dart SRT4 can provide.

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