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2019 Ford Mustang Will be Renewed

Upon arrival, the 2019 Ford Mustang is thought to retain many of its old features. But there are rumors that the car might change much more than we could expect it to be. The vehicle has been redesigned for the 2015 model year last time and since then it was kept mostly the same. But the initial batch of spy photos revealed a model which would not change the design or the look of the car so much. But it was with the latest pictures that this premise was changed. It appears that the vehicle is going to go through a more significant redesign than we have expected it to be.

The design might change but what they introduced for the first time in the current generation moles is going to be kept. The independent rear suspension is an important part of the car and it was brought back then with the only previous example bring the 1964 version. The return of the four-cylinder engine is also an important part related to the cornet sixth generation models and they plan to continue using the same formula this time around. The mid-cycle upgrade will do great for the Ford Mustang brand. Although it is still not getting that old, it will do it a lot of justice to get some kinds of upgrades made.


The rumors have also stated that the car is going to add more technology on the inside. The vehicle will update all of its equipment and they will make sure that the interior gets to be updated in a very suitable way. Look for the latest tech to help the car improve but we are also hoping to see a redesign in terms of the comforts of the car. Under the hood the same engines are going to be used, but there have been announcements that they are going to improve and that the engines are going to get more power to them. What we do know is that they are planning to drop the old transmission choice and are introducing a new automatic one.

So what will the 2019 Ford Mustang bring for the market and what is its purpose? Simply speaking, Ford cannot allow the competition to get so far in front. Lagging behind in this segment is not a great idea for anyone and they cannot afford to do that to themselves. So the update is necessary and we think that this one will be one of the better ones. Here are our thoughts in the review and since the release date is coming close it will be good to have them.

When is the Release Date Set for the 2019 Ford Mustang?

The latest 2019 Ford Mustang model is being expected to drop soon. We are still a little bit away from seeing this model in action but the update might still come by 2021. We are not as confident to say that it might happen within the start of the year but there have been some rumors that a very early release is possible. Ford has been keeping things mainly silent and they are not going to comment on this for now. But we are hoping that they will give us some closer information soon. But the best guess is still a release date by the middle of 2021.

How Much Will the Car Cost?

The newest 2019 Ford Mustang models are going to get a bump in the price. The vehicle is certainly going to be offered for a bit more than the current vehicle, but it is not going to be as high as you would initially predicted to be. This is an update and in accordance with the updated pieces and parts we are going to get a suitable price. That said, the most pieces that were updated are the interior technology ones which mainly account for the price going up this much. The assumed price so far is that the base model is going to be offered at around $27,000. The EcoBoost Premium model will go for $33,000 while the Mustang GT will be close with $34,000. Finally we get to the most expensive version which is the GT Premium of course and it will sell for sum of $38,000. All in all, this is the price boost that we have been expecting to see so it will probably not catch a lot of people off guard.


Exterior Look of the 2019 Ford Mustang

It may look similar to before, but the truth is that the 2019 Ford Mustang has been updated with a few new details. These are not really anything revolutionary for the brand but they do keep the model fresh and give it a good new look. The most changes are introduced to the front end of the car. The first thing added are the new headlights which are redesigned and also add new LEDs. The whole cluster has been redesigned and now looks much different compared to before but also a lot better.

The grille is new but you can actually hardly tell, because it is very much similar to the one before. But the bellow there are some changes made as there is a wider trapezoidal opening added and it will combine with black fog lamp housings and vertical vents with new cutouts which makes things much more aggressive. The hood is also remodeled and the vents are also repositioned on it.

The rear end of the car does not include many changes. It looks mostly the same as the previous car but there are a few things that we can speak of. Added are the tri-bar taillights and some new stripes positioned at a different angle. A revised license plate recess is added to the lower part of the rear while a new diffuser also makes its way here. The EcoBoost moles will have dual exhaust tips and the GT version add aggressive quad pipe layout and also a racy center section. The final additions are the new color variants which are now available and these are going to include Royal Crimson, Orange Furry  and Kona Blue, while the rear also a total of 12 new wheel choices offered optionally.


Interior Changes and Updates

The interior of the 2019 Ford Mustang is not going to get any stylistic changes made to it. They are mainly going to freshen things up and update a little bit while also adding new technology on the inside. The seats are restyled and they come in new patters but also color choices are going to be available as well. There are going to be hand-stitched wraps made and contrast stitching as well which will make things better and more comfortable. Aluminum is added to the door handles bezels and rings inside the car and makes it a bit upscale looking. This time the hearing steering wheel is going to be given optionally but only for the EcoBoost models and the GT ones.

The most important update is the new 12-inch digital instrument cluster. This is the biggest dashboard that Ford has made and it includes a customizable LCD and it has three separate views based on the driving mode you are in. So you can pick from Normal, Sport, and Track modes. Ford is also going to sync the SYNC Connect with FordPass and it will allow you to do all kind of cool features with your smartphone to control your car. The GT models will come with a newly offered active valve exhaust as you can use it to adjust the engine note.


Engine Options and Specs

The newest 2019 Ford Mustang is keeping the setup that they changed to some time ago. The change in the base engine has been a good choice and it seems that the transfer to the 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost one has done them good. Of course the secondary model is still the one which is a largely overpowered option for the vehicle. Btu as the engines stay the same the manual transmissions are updated and are going to be improved this time around. The base model is going to come with an output of 435 horsepower for the base version, but the stronger one has still not been tested and there are currently no new figures to support the updated models. But generally speaking the car has bene managed well so far and they are on a good path to rival the cars that they are competing against. Of course the Camaro is the one that they aim to surpass and it can certainly happen for them.


0-60 mph and Top Speed

The newest 2019 Ford Mustang will be a very competitive car when it comes to its specs. The model is as fast as you remember it being and the time needed to speed up to 0-60 mph is not going to change so much. The model has been updated and the speed is going to come to 4.3 second to reach the desired mark with a top speed of around 180 mph. This speedster will keep on its legacy and continue on with the purpose that it has been made for and the competition will have a hard time catching it.

What about its Fuel Economy Specs?

Fuel economy is not something that you would find to be very much acceptable for the 2019 Ford Mustang. The vehicle is going to be rated as it was before and they are not capable of making too big changes to make this model an extremely fuel efficient one. But they have still managed to do a great job in terms of making things happen the way they should. The car is still consuming 15 mpg in the city and 25 on the highway and it appease that things are going to stay this way for the time being.

Safety Equipment and Improvements

The 2019 Ford Mustang may not be compared to the luxury brands when it comes to safety, but it is one of the best equipped ones among sport cars. Only the starting package will include front-impact airbags, side impact airbags, overhead airbags, and knee airbags. Also standard are the stability control, anti-lock brakes, and seat belt pretensioners. The 2019 version is supposed to add Pre-Collision Assist, lane-departure warning, Driver Alert System and distance alert. The previous model had a five star rating and we are predicting that this one will do so as well.

Size and Dimensions of the 2019 Ford Mustang

The size of the 2019 Ford Mustang will not change. Being that this is a facelift things are going to remain the same and the model will have the usual kind of size. The vehicle is balanced pretty well now and the last generation change brought the necessary fix, so the car will still be using the same kind of size now. The dimensions will also help the car perform well as it did so far. The 2019 Ford Mustang is 188.3 inches long, has a wheelbase of 107.1 inches, width is 75.4 inches, while the height is 54.3 inches.


Other Options in the Segment

The main reason for any update and certainly for the 2019 Ford Mustang is that the car needs to be competitive with the competition. The vehicle is going to bring us a very interesting case when it comes to what they have decided to update. But the changes were necessary in order to keep the model fresh and to keep its rates as close to the other models. The competition is not standing out there and doing nothing, they have also been updating and making sure that they themselves come out with a good offer. Some alternatives which people can probably view here include the BMW 4 Series, the Dodge Challenger and certainly the Chevrolet Camaro, which was always considered to be the number one rival to the Mustang. It is going to be interesting to see these two go head to head against each other once more.

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