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The 2019 Honda Accord Coupe May Start to Push Some Boundaries

The debuting 2019 Honda Accord Coupe is a model which is going to look nothing like its sedan counterpart. The model is getting reshaped now and has been given an update which will surprise many people and make the model accessible to a whole bunch of new audience members. The way the sedan has been designed was pretty surprising for some. It looks a bit toned down and although actually having aggressive features, the car is not aggressive on its own. But the coupe version is changing all of that.

When the Honda Accord Sedan model came out, it was made to be a mainstream mid-size model. The model is supposed to be a very enjoyable car but will not push any boundaries that are made and it will certainly not break the seal that was made. The model is supposed to be made for commercial use and it will follow the attributes it has. But the closest rival to the Accord also has a sedan version but of a different stature. But it does not have a coupe. This is why Honda decided on making a coupe model and it is why they have added this option. The sedan Accord already has a lot of models which it needs to compete against, but the coupe version is still fresh and has a developing situation in front of it.


Now the 2019 Honda Accord Coupe is going to receive its first mid-cycle facelift. The changes that are going to be introduced here are not going to be big. But this is not a surprising fact as they usually make things this way. But the car is going to receive some pretty great and good looking additions. It will certainly updated well and we expect to see some latest improvements.

What they have concentrated the most is the styling. The mechanics will be kept the same as it still works pretty well, so there is no need to update it. As far as the design goes, the car started to look a bit dated and a reshaping was needed. The newest model will be much more aggressive looking, particularly when compared to the sedan version. The powertrain choices are also pretty amazing and they guarantee the best kind of performance, maybe even a class leading one. All in all, the 2019 Honda Accord Coupe will be a car that many people are going to look for.

Here is our review about the 2019 Honda Accord and we also address some facts about the release date.


When is the Release Date of the 2019 Honda Accord Coupe Predicted for?

The 2019 Honda Accord Coupe is going to be released within the coming year. There have been many thoughts about when should the model become available, but there are no real evidence to support the clam and tell us when it is going to come out for sure. But the latest sources are telling us that the car will bring more novelists and that tit will probably start its sales sooner than we think it will. The model is being prepared for release in 2021, and it may even come in the second quarter of the year. But the model is still labeled as a 2019 model so probably a mid-year or a third-quarter release is something to expect more. There will be more details about it once the release date gets close.

What is the Price Going to be?

The newest price rates for the 2019 Honda Accord Coupe is going to present us with a small boost. The reworked model will get a jump in the price which will give the buyers an added fee but the model is still pretty good to have and very much affordable for the given price. It is not something that will bother the sales and will most likely keep them the same. It starts with the entry LX-S model which will be priced $23,775, the EX is $25,900 and the EX-L is $28,745. The models which use a V-6 engine will be priced $30,925 for the EX-L, $32,925 for the EX-L Navi and $34,125 for the Accord Touring model. All these prices are pretty similar to the last ones as you can see but the boost was imminent and we really needed an update like this one to be made.

Exterior Update for the 2019 Honda Accord Coupe

The newest 2019 Honda Accord Coupe is being updated in the manner which will see the car reshaped and reconfigured a bit. The most noticeable things is that the model is going to be a lot sportier. There is a certain feeling that this car is not going to be liked by everyone but it is going to find its niche and it will become one of the more likeable cars on the market that way.


The newest updates also include the addition of some LED lights which make the car seem far more expensive than it actually is. You would expect this kind of a luxury level on an Acura and not for an Accord car, but either way they updates make the car seem much more comparable now. The old hood has been replaced and the one that we have added here is an aluminum one which will also serve the function of reducing weight. This is also going to help with the aerodynamics of the car and provide a lot better specs for fuel consumption as well.

They are not taking it too far with the sporty details, as in fact this is not a sports car. They actually managed to stop on time without taking it too far. But the model is updated in a very suitable way. It will keep the model as important as it was before and keep the fans happy. It might even attract some more people as the sportiness level has risen. It makes the car look exceptionally good and gives it a much more premium look at the same time.

A Very Room Interior

The new 2019 Honda Accord Coupe will preferably be fa roomier than you would originally thing it would. This model will transfer the same kind of a front seating setup from the sedan, but the rear part is going to be tighten. But once everybody is settled in you see how actually roomy and how much interior spacing the car is able to give. But the information and the techno are also improved here. The model will add the use of both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which are optional, which will provide more entertainment while using your phone. Alos the Honda Sensing system is now going to become standard across the board.


But although the 2019 Honda Accord Coupe is comfortable and pretty useful, it is not going to transfer the sportiness of the exterior. The sporty seats that some people have been expecting to see here are not going to be included and the interior touches are going to be significantly toned down. It also manages to utilize its space as best it possibly can and it helps it accommodate all the passengers well. The toned down interior may not help the car get classified as a tourer car but it does feature all the makings and all the attributes of such model. All in all, it may be toned down but it is pretty useful and accommodating once you take a look at it.

What is the Powertrain Going to be Like?

The 2019 Honda Accord Coupe is going to be available with two engines variants. One of them is the 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine which is labeled to make 185-horsepower. Or you can also opt for the secondary and more powerful one, the 3.5-liter V-6 which is going to make 278-horsepower. The gearshifter choices are between the six-speed manual and a CVT one. The latter will be only available for the lower trim options but the former one is going to be used for all the upper ones. All in all, the engines are pretty powerful and they will give more than an appropriate output and make the given vehicle as powerful as it can be. There were talks of a hybrid model appearing but this is not going to happen for this version of the car.


0-60 mph and Top Speed

The new 2019 Honda Accord Coupe is not going to get any quicker this time. The latest scores and acceleration numbers can simply be transferred here. The model is going to be able to get to 0-60 mph in about 5.6 seconds, which is still a very good time. The estimated top speed of 155 mph will also mostly likely be featured for this version of the car. All in all, this is a pretty standard spec rating for the segment and the cars that are seen as closest rivals.

Will the Fuel Economy Change?

The use of two engines will bring different kind of EPA ratings for the 2019 Honda Accord Coupe. The vehicle is probably going to be limited to a consumption level of 21 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway, with the starting engine. The V-6 will consume more and it is estimated to use up 18 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. All in all, the consumption is not getting any worse but it is not overtly better. It will help the model gain some room in the segment and it will still be a suitable offer for the buyers.

Size and Exterior Dimensions

For its 2019 Honda Accord Coupe version, they have made no changes for its size and dimensions. The model will keep to its established size which the model has received with its inception. There have been some rumors which stated that the car might get updates for the upcoming generation model. But since there are no words on when that model is actually going to happen, we also do not know whether the dimensions are going to change. The current dimensions will still stand at 189.5 Inches for the full size of the car, 56.5 Inches height, 73.0 Inches width and a wheelbase of 107.3 Inches.


Safety Updates and Additions

The newest 2019 Honda Accord Coupe will add the necessary safety and will help the car upgrade a bit. The model is going to feature an enhanced system where the majority of the optional equipment is now going to become standard. The Honda Sensing system is going to add a lot of new pieces for the safety of the inside and will help the passengers and the driver feel a lto safety. The additions included here are going to be Lane Keep Assist, Road, Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Mitigation Braking System with Forward Collision Warning, and Lane Departure Warning. These will be featured in the new car and will be a standard sort of equipment throughout.

What are the Rivaling Models in the Segment?

The 2019 Honda Accord Coupe is a model which will bring an added option for the drivers. The sedan version has already started its own in the segment where a lot of other models are competing in and has already become a bit hard to manage it. But the introduction of a coupe will be something that will increase the sales of the Accord and also provide the people with an added option or a version or the drivers to have. If you are looking for a luxury model than the best way to go is still an Audi A5 or the BMW 4 Series. But the Accord is going to provide you with a more downgrade and also affordable option. But the rivals here will include models such as the Hyundai Genesis Coupe and the Ford Mustang models. The performance and the setup is pretty much the same so we are going to keep an eye out to see how these models fair against each other.

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