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2019 Honda Pilot

2019 Honda Pilot review

The second generation model is finally being retired so make way for the 2019 Honda Pilot which takes center stage. This model is described as a car which is going to raise the stakes in the mainstream three-row SUV segment by offering new technology, safety standards, class-leading fuel economy specs and advanced family utility and versatility. All in all a perfect model for the segment.

The second generation of the Pilot car has been around since 2008 and it was finally time to hang up the keys and pass it to something new. This year’s Chicago Auto Show is going to be the place where we are going to see the 2019 Honda Pilot showcased for the first time and see what the next generation model might bring. The release date is reported to be somewhere next year. The models plans to showcase its brand new design and language style which is being characterized by CR-V inspired features.

But the exterior is not the only thing that this redesign is going to get. Honda also focuses on making the inside a lot more premium and brings it a step closer to a luxury car. It also provides some updates for the powertrain as the model is making way for a brand new one. With a brand new six-speed automatic transmission, the model promises not only more power but expanded and better fuel economy as well. Another innovation is the first ever used nine-speed autobox for a Honda vehicle which is going to be inspired by the ones used for the Acura TLX and Acura MDX models. Keep reading the review to find out the recent updates.


2019 Honda Pilot Exterior Design

The 2019 Honda Pilot brings us a dramatic shift in design for its exterior. The boxy and dull style that the model had for longer than a decade is out and in with the new attractive style which fits in more with the new lineup of Honda SUVs and crossover vehicles. The latest Honda CR-V is actually to blame as it was a direct inspiration for the newest model making way for a more muscular, sleeker and sportier version of the car with more premium aspects.

The redesigned front end of the car features a lot of the CR-V model as it sports the same headlights and the same kind of a grille for the front. There are LED accents fitted here as well while the grille consists of three horizontal chrome slats, while the upper blade extends into the headlamps. This is where the similarities with the CR-V end as everything from the turn signals and side inlets to the center-mounted air dam is similar with other Honda products.

The rear end of the Pilot does not look anything like its preceding vehicle. The model was built from scratch in its rear end as it is completely noticeable in what direction they decided to take it. The rear is also very clean and fresh looking and with some new and revised sporty taillights and a more cleaner and simpler apron design.

2019 Honda Pilot Interior Specs


The interior of the 2019 Honda Pilot has been completely overhauled and has many elements which it also borrows from the CR-V version. The plastic is much more modern and a lot less cheaper looking and adds more hard plastic details. The model is getting a lot closer to the premium segment compared to other ones. The digital instrument cluster is going to replace the former one while the entire center stack has been reworked into a more user-friendly one.

The Honda Pilot does look much more premium now but in fact there are not many premium elements that come as standard, with the only exception being the soft-touch materials and LED map lighting. The upper trim levels acutely have a great option where they can replace the second row of seats with two captain’s chairs for enhanced comfort.

One of the technical upgrades is the 8-inch touchscreen powered by an Android-based operating system. there is also the new Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation with improved graphics and capabilities, and a 9-inch rear entertainment system with DVD and Blu-Ray which are all optional by the way.

Engine Performance Of 2019 Honda Pilot


The third generation 2019 Honda Pilot is going to continue to use the 3.5-liter V-6, but it will add various upgrades in order to update the model as much as possible. The updates include cylinder deactivation technology and stop/start ignition, which are just some of the upgrades. Either way, it results in an output of 250 horsepower and 253 pound-feet of torque.

The car is also 300 pounds lighter, which also helps in getting a better performance out of this car. The standard gearshifter is replaced by a a six-speed autobox one but a special offer for the Pilot is the nine-speed auto, offered for the first time in Honda vehicle, which is provided optionally only.

2019 Honda Pilot – Release date and price

The latest 2019 Honda Pilot makes its appearance by the end of the year as it is production ready. The model gets a chance to prove its worth with an early release date. The price for this model is going to be $29,995, as a starting cost, but my rise up to $46,42 for the highest version.

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