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An Updated Look after almost 20 Years for the 2019 Land Rover Defender

2019 Land Rover Defender review

Emerging news about a 2019 Land Rover Defender have shook us all up. We have been receiving pictures left and right of the new Defender model which is set to make its debut soon and will certainly leave a mark on the market with the given update. The Land Rover Defender is known for being a very rugged vehicle but it is time for a change and a more modern look.

Why is this so amazing? Well the fact that the current Land Rover Defender has not been changed for almost twenty years and its deigns still draws all the way back to the original Series I model which was made in 1948 seemed a bit concerning. There was no telling what they might do at one point and discontinuation was one of the options and dropping the Defender all together. But as we have come to know they are going to address the dated look and bring us something more modern.

Not a lot is known about the future 2019 Land Rover Defender and we might not get to know much until the release date arrives. For now we see that they are going to refit the car in a way that it will be appealing to the younger crowds and the contemporary general audience. Let’s see how this might work for them in our review.


When is the Release Date of the 2019 Land Rover Defender?

Being that the news about the 2019 Land Rover Defender has just hit us, we do not have the information about the release date of the car. They are still keeping this part a secret but as far as estimations go we will probably see this car coming along within the 2019 model year. If we are lucky we might get it by the middle of the year but a more likely release date is the third or the fourth quarter of the year.

What might the Price be?

The 2019 Land Rover Defender will be pricier compared to the current model. If they are to make the car as fashionable and as modern as they are planning to do we are also going to expect a hefty price as well. This means that a sum of about $55,000 is expected to be the starting price for the vehicle.

A Completely Modern Look

When viewing the pictures of the new 2019 Land Rover Defender model you might not even recognize it as a Defender. It looks completely different and much more modern. But longtime fans of the brand will be able to recognize some staple parts which are left. The idea behind the redesign is that the model is starting fresh and is completely ditching the old outdated look. But they are going to leave the rugged appeal a little bit in there which is the only part left from the old Defender.

There have been rumors that the new car is also going to use different materials for the sheetmetal of the car. But for now it is not yet said if the car decides to go for an aluminum platform which could help with the weight reduction, fuel economy and overall performance. Much is still left to our imagination but it is certain that the 2019 Land Rover Defender is one of the more surpassing entries on the market.

Interior Changes and Additions


For now we only have pictures of the exterior while there were none yet take of the inside of the 2019 Land Rover Defender. We are hopeful to get some soon and get to see more of the inside of the car. We are probably not going to get anything remotely to the last version of the car that we had. If the outside has changed so much it is only obvious that the inside will also go through the same kind of a treatment. This is going to make the car appealing to modern crowds and bring us a vehicle that is to be expected for this modern day of age.

The interior will certainly have the same spacing and offer similar amounts of storage as well. The quality will probably change as they might decide to update the materials and everything that we have inside there. Expect some advancements to be made in the technology department. The old Defender was not known as a vehicle which had a modern take to the gadgets, but this one is going to make things very much different.

What Updates with the Powertrain can we Expect?

There are many options that we might get for the 2019 Land Rover Defender as far as the engine goes. The company packs its vehicles with a lot of different engines so there are various ways that they might decide to go with in terms of this car. They have not made any official announcement but we can go as low as the 2.0-liter inline-four engine as a base offer, or we could even go stronger all the way to supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 engine. A middle choice could be a 3.0-liter V-6 as well. The output is still not familiar as of time of the writing the article but it will all get to be clearer as we get closer to a release.


0-60 mph and Top Speed

Since there are many engine offers for the 2019 Land Rover Defender given now, there are no exact confirmations made about the acceleration and the top speed. It is still debatable how quickly the car might get to 0-60 mph but if they really do employ an aluminum platform it will significantly differ compare to the outgoing Defender models.

Will the Fuel Economy be Affected?

As with any modern vehicle, so will the 2019 Land Rover Defender try to improve upon their fuel economy ratings. Although we do not have the figures now, it is sure to improve within the given time. The rumors about an aluminum platform may certainly be true and we are expecting them to be confirmed soon. Lowering the weigh and adopting a lot of contemporary elements will probably mean that the 2019 Defender will gain significant improvements in regards with its fuel economy. This is only one step in making this model a modern version.

Will the Size Change?

This is yet another interesting thought about the 2019 Land Rover Defender. The vehicle does seem to be very much different but what will they do with the size remains to be seen. They will certainly not make things smaller, but it does look as if the vehicle is looking a little bit on its interior spacing thanks to the modifications that have been made. The vehicle should not be cramped and that is why we are mostly expecting to get very similar dimensions compared to the current car.



Safety is yet another thing about the 2019 Land Rover Ranger which will get a modern update. The current car has some outdated pieces of equipment which will not pass so easily in the modern market. So they have to be updated and we are expecting them to do away with all the older pieces of safety equipment which are unnecessary. This will make room for all the newer ones and which will make the car a lot safer. It remains to be seen how big of an update they are ready to add.

Rivaling Models

Even with the updates that are planned for the 2019 Land Rover Defender, the vehicle will have similar rivaling models. These will include the Jeep Wrangler and the Mercedes-Benz G-Class but there is still no way to determine if it will match up well against them. We will still have to see how the car will fare against the competition and the newest crowd of cars.

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