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Latest 2019 Land Rover Discovery Improves on a Lot of Details

2019 Land Rover Discovery review

The newest 2019 Land Rover Discovery is finally here. This is going to be the fifth-gen installment of this popular brand and they have actually made a lot of advancements with this vehicle. You can hardly recognize because of the features that they have added. The changes are going to help with various parts of the car and improve performance, enable lesser fuel consumption and even enhancing the towing capacity. All in all, we are generally getting a car which will be able to oppose the competition better and it has improved consistently and in all directions.

When the pictures of the newest 2019 Land Rover Discovery started emerging, we did not know what to think about it and we were really taken aback about what to expect. The first sight we all laid our eyes on was as the Paris International Auto Show when they first showed the car to the general public. We saw that they are continuing in the same way as the preceding car has, but also saw that there were a lot of things that are still hiding underneath or inside the car.

One of the more important changes that has been done here is the change in the material that he car uses. The steel body frame which the previous model used will now come with aluminum and will in that way help shed a lot of weight for the car. It is said that the newest 2019 Discovery will weigh approximately 1.000 pounds less compared to the previous car. This is a significant improvements in weight and is something that will help the vehicle get better mileage and also improve the performance. What is also interesting to note is that the towing capacity is increased as the car will be able to tow between 500 to 800 pounds, which is really impressive for this car now.


Land Rover is also updating the inside of the car which will be able to accommodate the people better. This means that you can expect to see finer materials and a setup which is really going to do wonders of the car. The technology is also one thing which they are keeping an eye for and will improve. One of the more major additions is the use of the Terrain Response system. It will allow the car to spherically adjust to any kind of terrain that the car may tread on and bring a better quality to the rid. It will adapt to various kind of surfaces thanks to the various modes that the model provides.

All in all, the 2019 Land Rover Discovery is finally here so we are going to get the premier car very soon with the release date just around the corner. All the details and specs can be found her in our review which will help you understand how the update has been done.

When is the 2019 Land Rover Discovery Scheduled to Release?

We are expecting the newest 2019 Land Rover Discovery to be released by the end of the year. According to the statements that the company has given, it appears that we are looking at a summer release. They have stated that the model is more than likely expected to appear by then. This means that the car will be out any day now, possibly. We can say that this news does seem flattering and interesting to hear and for the most part we are content with the way they are addressing the matter.

What is the Price of the Car?

Luckily, the price ratings have already been released for the 2019 Land Rover Discovery. People back in Europe were the first ones to receive the official statement in regards with the price. It said that when the car starts going on sale that people are going to get it for a price of £43,495. The North American figures have also come our recently and compared to the last ones they do seem a bit more expensive. The price has risen $1,000 and the bottom line comes to a model which is going to be worth $49,990 now, as its base MSRP price is calculated.

A New Modern Approach to the Design

When viewing the 2019 Land Rover Discovery, we see how much the car has evolved compared to its blocky and squrish roots. The newest generation adopts a more contemporary look with more curves and a rounded and flowing design and gets rid of all the squared blocks and pieces with the car was known in the past. There are still a couple of parts which have been kept, but mostly the model is new and original.

The front part of the car is very modern looking with a new grille and fascia. There are some spottier air intakes which come with the newly integrated fog lights. The upper grill has a standard mesh pattern the headlights come with LED units and LED daytime running lights. And as always, big chrome letters tell us which this vehicle actually is.

The side of the car is also made up to be characteristically different. There is a character line which runs the course from the fender vent to the taillights. The greenhouse has been made to be smaller but will still offer enough visibility for the drivers who need it. The C-Pillars have a unique kind of a design as it has a kink forward in the place where it meets the roof.

The rear part of the car has narrower taillights with internal lenses which act as brake lights. The iconic license plate design is still there and you will see larger blocky letters which spell out the name of the car. The new symmetrical design may not fit the car as some people have been used to seeing but it does give a whole new aspect to this vehicle that we feel will benefit it and provide it with the necessary and modern approach.

More Technology on the Inside than you would Expect


The interior of the 2019 Land Rover Discovery will copy some elements seen form the other Land Rover models. The exterior mainly copies off the Sport version and the inside also manages to borrow some details from other vehicle in the Land Rover roster. But this is not a bad thing at all as it mainly means that we are looking at a more modernistic approach to the car which needs new and improved things for it.

But some parts have still been kept. The 2019 Discovery will still have seating and enough space for 7 people fitted in three rows. The headroom is pretty amazing and the foldable chairs allows for versatile arrangements and provide you with enough capacity to arrange the cargo anyway you like it. The improved technology appointed here is the Intelligent Seat Fold system, which allows you to operate the seats in a much better and easier fashion.

The newest pieces of technology found in the Land Rover Discovery now include a 10-inch touch screen, used in the Jaguar versions, and InControl infotainment software. This system has gone through various updates and improvements, so any issues that people had with it in the past are now gone. It is still offered with 3G Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity but no mention of 4G. And we also finally come to the HVAC system. It has been updated and includes a different layout of controls and more devices added which will also improve to usage and connectivity.

Powertrain News

Maybe a disappointing fact for the 2019 Land Rover Discovery is that they have decided to keep the engine and carryover the ones from the current model. This also goes for the single transmission choices that we had so far. This does not have to be a bad thing as the engines are really good and are powerful enough to withstand what you throw at them. The fact that the reduction in weight is so big will also help and make things a lot easier with the performance and efficiency of the car.


The standard engine is the 3.0-liter V-6 turbodiesel choice which is able to provide 254 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque. The second offer is a 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 engine which in return provides 340 horses and 332 pound-feet of twist. The single remaining transmission is the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission which will also be transferred here.

What they did here was to update the engine using technology and they did it with a Land Rover Terrain Response 2 system. It uses a computer which controls the 4WD system and that way controls and maximizes the off-road ability of the car. There are five driving modes which you can choose from and by selecting Normal, Snow, Mud, Sand, or Rock you can pass the obstacles much easily.

0-60 mph and Top Speed

The newest setup which the 2019 Land Rover Discovery offers will help with the cars production and will certainly make it for the car to become more efficient. The reduction of weight is key here and is what we expect to help the car get better numbers. But so far, the acceleration and the top speed are mostly the same and they have not changed as much as some people expected it to be. The acceleration time to reach 0-60 mph is still around 7 seconds and the model has a top speed of 125 mph.

Newest Fuel Economy Ratings for the 2019 Land Rover Discovery

With the 1.000 pound drop in weight for the 2019 Land Rover Discovery car, it is more than clear that the fuel consumption is also lowered compared to the ones seen before. The given two engines have not been tampered with and they are still completely the same as we had them before, the only thing that has changed is the weigh, and as you can see it is enough to make the car much better than seen the last time. The basic engine makes 16 mpg city, 21 highway, 18 combined while the stringer one has an EPA record of 21/26/23 mpg. All in all, we think that this is an important sort of work and a significant one that helps to make this much more likeable.

Size and Dimensions

There have not been any significant changes when it comes to the size of the 2019 Land Rover Discovery. They have decided to keep the vehicle mostly the same as the last model seen on the market and even with the rounding and losing the blocky shape that the car had, we have the newest kind of measurements which are actually the old ones. The car is 195.7 in long and has a wheelbase of 115.1 in. The width is 81.6 in and the height is 72.7 in. One thing that has also changed is the drag coefficient which is also thanks to the newest sculpting of the car and it reduces it from 0.40 to 0.33.


Safety Equipment added for the 2019 Land Rover Discovery

Even though the 2019 Land Rover Discovery has not received its newest crash test scores, we do know that this car has been given a refresh in the safety department as well. Both active and passive safety features will help and provide the car with the needed scores. The technology added includes anti-lock brakes and airbags, collision avoidance technology, automatic emergency braking, a surround-view camera system while upper trims will be equipped with blind spot monitors.

Other Competing Vehicles in the Segment

The newest prospect that is coming to the segment with the 2019 Land Rover Discovery is going to stir things up a little bit. We are expecting for things to change a lot as the new Discovery is not only being updated but it is going to bring us an expanded offer which includes both updates to the fuel consumption and performance. Other vehicles in the segment might also decide to follow the same formula after this as they also might get their situation improved in a lot of ways. It would be interesting to see if the market changes in any way with the entrance of the Disco in it. The models which are keeping a close eye on the changes that are about the happen include models as the Volvo XC90 and the Audi Q7 which have the most similarities with the given vehicle.

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