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The 2019 Lincoln MKX to Increase Sales Numbers in China

2019 Lincoln MKX review

Many of you are familiar with the news that a 2019 Lincoln MKX is coming. But what the announcement left out is that this vehicle is aimed to increase sales namely in China. Under the tutelage of Ford, the Lincoln name brand has received an increased funding all with the aim of getting better sales rates for the strikingly luxury brand. Their long term goal is to triple the sales numbers in the next five years, but they are starting with the short term goals which will eventually pay off for the longer one. The introduction of the updated MKX to China is what will start everything.

Lincoln has already released the MKC and the MKZ in the larges populated country in the world, and the next step is the MKX. This was announced with the concept version of the car being showcased some time ago at the Beijing Auto Show. It was only recently that we saw the production version unveiled in Detroit. It is actually not much different compared to the concept which we see as a good thing that they have decided to do for the MKX.

After the very poor sales that the previous version of the car, we are expecting that the 2019 Lincoln MKX makes a boom in regards to the output of vehicles that they sell. The release date is set and the pictures have already circled the market and people are ready to get the vehicle and see what it can do. More information about it in our review.


What is the Release Date of the 2019 Lincoln MKX?

The release date of the newest 2019 Lincoln MKX has already been set for the end of this year. The vehicle is labeled as a 2019 model but will arrive earlier on the market than its name says. We are expecting to see the car available for sale by the third-quarter of 2017.

Available Pricing for the 2019 Lincoln MKX

As far as the price for the 2019 Lincoln MKX goes, it will be much more expensive compared to the outgoing model. In fact we are probably going to see an increase of around 3 grand which would pit the base version of the MKX available for $40,000 per vehicle.

A Much More Elegant Exterior Look

The newest 2019 Lincoln MKX will make its debut with a very different style. Much of the elements are going to be transferred from the concept version and will make the new Lincoln MKX and more elegant car. What we see here is something that is happening with all of the recent Lincoln models as they have become much more different compared to the previous versions. The MKX will change in the same manner that the previous Lincoln cars have done which also means adopting the brand’s corporate look. The front part adds the split-wing grille design while the profile is much more elegant. Although the car seems a bit boxy it has a very balanced appearance.

We can also say that the car is now much sportier and dynamic as well. This is mainly thanks to the sloping roof design which has been adopted and the new fenders. The back has a new rear apron and also uses wraparound taillights while larger and rectangular exhaust pipes can be seen down below.

Inside of the 2019 Lincoln MKX


The inside of the 2019 Lincoln MKX has gone through the same changes as the exterior did. We see that there are certain elements which made a crossover from other Lincoln products and are used here. This mainly include parts which are going to help with the luxury of the vehicle. The interior already has wood and metal surfaces but every other inch is covered in high-quality leather and soft material. The sets have 22-way adjustability and there is also a new premium audio system added.

But the layout of the dashboard has not changed compared to the last version. If we are to look for a fault in the 2019 Lincoln MKX, that it is the dashboard which is still based on the Ford Fusion model that has borrowed some elements to the car already.

Under the Hood and Specs

The power of the 2019 Lincoln MKX will be provided thanks to two engine options. One of them is the 3.7-liter V-6 engine that can produce 300 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque, while the second one is the 2.7-liter, EcoBoost V-6 which can accumulate 330 horsepower and 370 lb-ft of torque. Both of the engines are going to be matted to a six-speed automatic transmission and there is a choice between a two-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive.


0-60 mph and Top Speed

As far as the spec for the 2019 Lincoln MKX, the speed and the acceleration time are pretty suitable for the segment. The time needed to reach 0-60 mph is 8 seconds and the top speed is 155 mph, which is pretty much what you will find in any other luxury level vehicle out there.

Fuel Economy and Consumption

The fuel economy is that a strong side from the 2019 Lincoln MKX, but it does manage to offer a suitable consumption rate. It is actually not much better than what the other models in the segment can provides so the engine offers come to a standard rate. Driving in a city consumes 17 mph while highway consumption is rated 26 mpg.

Dimensions and Trunk Space

The luxury based 2019 Lincoln MKX is going to have suitable dimensions which are not going to differ compared to the previous vehicles. The overall size or length of the car is 190.0 in, the wheelbase is 112.2 in, height 66.2 in and width 76.1 in. Inside the car we will get a passenger volume of 107 cu ft while the cargo space is 37 cu ft.


New Safety Equipment

The interior of the 2019 Lincoln MKX has been improved in a great fashion, but along with it come some gadgets which are going to help with the security of the car. There are a number of gadgets which this car now receives and updates the safety of the car in a big way. This includes such additions as cross-traffic alert, 360-degree camera system, pre-collision assist and many more. It is all added in order to improve the overall feel of the vehicle.

Competing Models in the Segment

The popularity of the 2019 Lincoln MKX may only be impeached with the competition available on the market. It is what hampered the success of the MKX in the first place, but with cars as Cadillac SRX and the Lexus RX it is not wonder that the MKX needs a boost. The luxury segment is a very competing one so small changes can make a difference, so we shall see what the MKX provides.

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