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2019 Toyota Corolla Release Date, Pictures and News

2019 Toyota Corolla review

The 2019 Toyota Corolla version comes to us with an update which will address some of its past issues. But since there are not many things that could possibly be changed for the model we can only see a few things tighten up here. One of them is the expansion of safety technology which helps the Corolla get even better rates than it had. But besides that the Corolla is a nice looking and well-dressed vehicle allowing us care-free commuting ability.

The Corolla brand is one of the more lucrative models that they Japanese automaker has produced. In fact, the car has been around for around 50 years already and during that period has managed to sell more than 40 million cars. It went through 11 generations and also offered various special and very memorable forms that will certainly be remembered.

The growing class of compact vehicles demands that the 2019 Toyota Corolla expands its offer and receive a freshening up so the model manages to keep up with the competition that it faces. It will do so with not only the updated safety specs but also will add more overall technology.


Based on the pictures, the 2019 Corolla looks very engaging and interesting and will certainly be a very good looking model onward. We cannot wait for the release date to come and here are our thoughts in this review.

When is the Release Date for the 2019 Toyota Corolla Going to be?

The new 2019 Toyota Corolla vehicle is expected to drop pretty soon. In fact it will most likely be offered by the end of the year making its release date possible before its initial expectations. This is an update so it will probably not take too much time to compose it.

What is the Price for the 2019 Toyota Corolla?

When it comes to the compact segment, the 2019 Toyota Corolla will still be one of or the more affordable models. In fact it will probably be priced around the same as it is now, with perhaps a few tweaks. The price will start at 19,000 dollars for starters.

Exterior Updates and Changes

There are only few updates made for the 2019 Toyota Corolla model. It is essentially the same car but a little bit more reinvigorated. The model has been made to resemble the Camry in some of its features and this year we also get some new trims for the Corolla, namely the XSE and 50th Anniversary Special Edition. The base Corolla models will include the L, LE and XLE trims which have now been expanded a little bit. The sporty lineup consist of S and SE trims which noticeably have some sporty lines and curvy features to them.

The Corolla 50th Anniversary Limited Edition will be much different than the other cars. Essentially it is an SE model but with 17-inch alloy wheels and bundles of gloss-black additions. It also offers three special colors only for this model to choose from, the Black Cherry, Blizzard White, and Classic Silver.

Interior Additions


The 2019 Toyota Corolla takes the same approach for the inside as it did for the outside. It is essentially an updated version which provides more technological additions and makes things a little bit smoother. The XLE trim, which is the top commuter version, will add an upgraded center display and also paddle shifters for this trim. The base version now sports a 6.1-inch infotainment screen but most of the additions are saved for higher trim levels.

The Anniversary Limited Edition also takes the best out of this update and adds a black interior with “Black Cherry” contrast stitching, 7.0-inch high-resolution touchscreen, dash and door accents, a moonroof, special floor mats and badges to help it distinguish it even further as an anniversary model.


Engine-wise, the 2019 Toyota Corolla will simply carryover the existing powertrains from its previous model. These are in fact two 1.8-liter inline-4 engines which in its base form makes 132 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque while its secondary form outputs 140 hp and 126 lb-ft of twist. Sadly, the Corolla will still operate using the 4-speed automatic transmission but will also add a continuously variable transmission (CVT) this time.


0-60 mph Acceleration and Specs

The two engine versions for the 2019 Toyota Corolla also means two different acceleration abilities. The base version will be able to get to 0-60 mph in 10.5 seconds with the secondary stronger one doing so in 8.5 seconds. The top speed for both remains the same at 110 mph.

Fuel Economy Characteristics

The 2019 Toyota Corolla model is pretty much fuel efficient all on its own. It does not have a hybrid version as this technology is meant for Toyota’s other brands like the Prius and the Camry. But this one still manages to offer great rates even in the base form and even has an Eco version as well. This gives the EPA rating to the LE Eco trim of 30 mpg city, 40 highway, 34 combined. Btu if we take into account non-Eco options we still get a pretty good rating which range between 27/35/30 mpg and 28/36/32 mpg for the available Corolla cars.

What is the Size of the Car?

The dimensions of the newly updated 2019 Toyota Corolla do not change. This model will retain its characteristics when it comes to size. The model has a full length of 183.1 inches and a 106.3 inch wheelbase. The height stays at 57.3 inches and the width is 69.9 inches. The inside is still quite spacious offering us 97 cu ft of interior volume while the cargo bay is 13 cu ft.


Safety Specs Expansions

The new 2019 Toyota Corolla will introduce some new active safety features to its new car. These are going to be transferred from the Prius models and this also makes the Toyota Safety Sense-P safety package available for this car. The active safety features which are now present here are the forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, automatic high beams, and lane-departure warning with active lane control to help steer drivers back into their lane, while pedestrian detection is included within automatic emergency braking option. Also new is the Toyota’s Safety Sense-P system.

The Corolla will still be using some of its old and standard specs which are eight airbags with driver’s side knee bag and a front passenger seat cushion bag, driver and front passenger front and side airbags, side-curtain bags and a rearview camera.


The compact segment is one of the most competitive ones and the 2019 Toyota Corolla will do well with the changes and updates brought to it. The models which are competing here are numerous but since the popularity of Corolla is already great we will see how much of an impact will the update for the car have. The cars included here are the Chevrolet Cruze, Ford Focus, Honda Civic and Hyundai Elantra.

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