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2021 Aston Martin DB10

2021 Aston Martin DB10 review

If you are a fan of movies you are certainly going to be a fan of the 2021 Aston Martin DB10 model. What is very interesting and more than significant for this model is that it has been specially made for the latest 007 movie called “Specter.” So when you see James Bond talking one of its notorious foes in the from of the dangerous Specter organization you will see him doing it in the latest 2021 DB10 model coming from Aston Martin.

Aston Martin has been known to have produced some very famous Bond vehicles along the years. Starting its stint for the film industry back in 1964, they were able to produce quite a lot of memorable James Bond cars which came to be known as much as the movies have. When the trailer for the movie made its debut, along came the preview for the vehicle which was later announced as a concept model. Not it is confirmed and has received its release date as the model is finally coming to us as a production level car.

The designers of Aston Martin are calling it a bespoke sports car and will be the next generation DB9 model which was featured before it. The model will be perhaps the most aggressive looking Aston Martin produced in years. They have made it like this in order to capture the nature of the movies which have been becoming more serious and realistic along with the development of the character of 007, thus the model is getting a serious and aggressive look to go with the James’ character.


2021 Aston Martin DB10 exterior

Check out the latest news about this car and see what makes it a James Bond ride by reading all the updates in this review.

2021 Aston Martin DB10 Exterior

The latest 2021 Aston Martin DB10 makes a perfect example of what the company has decided to go with and the design language they are planning to incorporate for the future after putting the VH platform to rest. The model still remains a recognizable Aston Martin car, although it looks completely different and does so by blending the new features with the trademark looks of the old DB9 model. The model retains the sloping hood along with the signature large front grill in its front. It manages to innovate it by adding a lower air dam which results in a much more aggressive look for the car now.

The side profile of the 2021 Aston Martin DB10 showcases much larger and beefier wheel arches which exemplify a crisp look. Muscular shoulders combined with deeply sculpted sills with carbon-fiber side skirts are what makes the car so memorable now and what gives it its latest appearance. The front fenders have a deeper crease but the trademark vent with upper chrome trim has been retained. The cabin is positioned lower and gives the car a sleek appearance as it sports a smaller quarter-glass area. The rear comes back with short rear overhang and slim taillights. The car also gives us a metallic-gray paint job and some very unique 10-spoke wheels.

2021 Aston Martin DB10 Interior


2021 Aston Martin DB10 interior

The interior of the 2021 Aston Martin DB10 looks quite amazing. As it was expected the car is going to use a bespoke cockpit and will replace the majority of the styling cues seen in the DV9 model. The traditional center stack has been completely removed and they have decided to offer a new kind of a model with the sorts of amenities added as well. The cabin has a much more cleaner look than anything else and manages to make a real fancy looking James Bond model.

The instrument cluster actually has some race car details as it uses some bigger gauges, sporting a design with one middle and two additional units on the side. The interior is completely covered with fine leather and is stitched by white threads and a Aston Martin steering wheel is no longer used as it has been substituted with a flat-bottom one with Alcantara grip areas. This might also provide insight for future Aston Martin models as for now people seem to like it and would like to see it used for many other cars coming under the banner of the British automaker.

Engine Specs of 2021 Aston Martin DB10

The powertrain of the 2021 Aston Martin DB10 is an exciting one as the model might start the use of the brand-new, 4.0-liter V-8 unit. The Brits have already signed an arrangement with the Daimler group making the engine already available for Aston Martin, but the first time we have seen it in action was the Mercedes-AMG GT sports car and later it was introduced in other AMG models.


2021 Aston Martin DB10 engine

The powertrain is going to use the AMG’s seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission and is also going to add a bunch of other electrical systems which are going to enhance the performance of the engine. This is going to result in an output of 500 horsepower, making the 0-60 mph acceleration less than 4 seconds and a top speed of 180 mph.

2021 Aston Martin DB10 Release Date and Price

The latest 2021 Aston Martin DB10 has been first showcased as a concept model for the Specter movie as the latest 007 installment. The debut of the production vehicle is set for the end of this year which is going to market it breakthrough on the market. The price rate is currently not available as the Brits are still keeping it a mystery along with some other features that will soon be revealed.

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