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2021 Bentley Continental GT Release Date, Price and Exterior

2021 Bentley Continental GT review

With the high-end cars becoming popular once again, the 2021 Bentley Continental GT version is gaining momentum. The car has not been updated at all in the recent period and after it has been introduced to the market in 2003 it has not changed that much. It was a huge hit when it came to the market but did not seem to follow the road it started with by offering large updates. That said, there is an update with came in 2011 which saw an introduction of a new V-8 engine and also tweaked up the styling a bit, but it still did not change the car that much to an average observer.

Bentley is actually planning a large release for the 2021 production year. This model is newly announced and maybe a great addition which comes with the Bentley Bentayga SUV which will appear in showrooms as well. We are also expecting to see the familiar lineup of models that include the GT Speed version, Convertible and of course the Flying Spur Sedan model as well.

There is still time for the 2021 Bentley Continental GT to offer a good setup and we are probably going to wait a little bit more to get some solid pictures of it. There are not many spy photos that are any good which is probably not going to reveal to us the release date. Luckily the redesign of the car based on the concept that made its debut at the Geneva Auto Show is the closest thing that we can base the review on and the looks of the car as well.


2021 Bentley Continental GT exterior

When is the 2021 Bentley Continental GT Release Date?

The only possible way for the 2021 Bentley Continental GT to make its debut is in two years. As ten current one has just received an updated and we have a 2016 version it is less likely that we are going to see some big changes happening for the upcoming year. The most probable possibility is that the release date for the car gets to be the middle of 2021 until when they have a lot of time to shape up the car as proposed.

What is the price for the Vehicle?

We are probably looking at a price boost for ten upcoming 2021 Bentley Continental GT. If the car gets a large update as it is expected we are predicting that the current price of $193,500 will raise the base MSRP rate to more than $200,000, which will certainly be even larger for the upper trims.

2021 Bentley Continental GT Exterior Design Update

We are hoping to get some larger exterior updates for the 2021 Bentley Continental GT. This actually means that the statement that they have when the concept version was made will go into effect. The EXP 10 Speed 6 is provided as the future of the company and its future direction of luxury and performance is going to be what the newest Continental GT car will be based on and also other models that come after it.

The newest model will probably use the evolutionary method and will build upon the current version and also add parts form the concept car. We can expect to see changes to the tailgates and also the rear fascia of the car and it will give the new generation model a nice rump for the future.

2021 Bentley Continental GT Interior Appearance and Additions

It will be very interesting to see how well the inside of the 2021 Bentley Continental GT shapes up to be. The interior of the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept model is far more luxurious looking and has better quality than the 2016 Continental GT version. If they decide to go the direction the concept is taking, we will end up having a grandiose looking car.

Thus we can expect to get a dual-brow instrument panel design with quilted leather seats and door panels. Perhaps the main point of the redesign will be the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X -like central display screen. This will be followed by a fully digital gauge cluster, the two-tier element on the dash that creates even more depth, a sportier three-spoke steering wheel, and plenty of eye-catching details.


2021 Bentley Continental GT interior

2021 Bentley Continental GT Engine Options and Specs

There is very interesting news coming out under the hood of the 2021 Bentley Continental GT. The word is that the car is going to use an MSB platform which is developed for the second-generation Porsche Panamera. This would leave you to believe that the Continental GT will start using the V-6 engine, but in fact, it will continue its use of the current 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V-8 ensign. There were some words that the engine might be the 6.0-liter, W-12 engine, but no confirmation was added. For now, we can assume that the car might share engines and technology with the Panamera so we can even get some sort of a hybrid engine as well.


2021 Bentley Continental GT engine

2021 Bentley Continental GT 0-60 mph Ability and Top Speed

The estimations for the 0-60 mph ability that comes for this 2021 Bentley Continental GT version state that it might go beyond the current specs. The expected estimations give it the ability to speed up to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 195 mph.

2021 Bentley Continental GT Fuel Economy Specifications

Until we get a confirmation on which powertrain the 2021 Bentley Continental GT is going to go on, we cannot really confirm the EPA stats. But if they do decide to continue with the same V-8 engine we are looking at similar starts from last year which come to 18 mpg combined. As for the possibility of reintroducing the V-12 engine again, we are looking at a combined EPA rating of 15 mpg. But all of these ratings will certainly be improved if a hybrid version is finally introduced.

Dimensions and Size

The introduction of the MSB platform might also affect the size of the 2021 Bentley Continental GT. Depending on the situation we might get a bitter car, but we are probably looking at a similar design compared to now. Thus not a lot of inches are going to be added to the current setup. Expect to get similar numbers as the current model with has 108.1 inches wheelbase, 189.2 Inches overall length, 76.5 inches width, and 54.9 inches height.

What are the Safety Specifications?

Crash testing the 2021 Bentley Continental GT might really be impossible. It is hard to say if we are going to get the ratings for safety even when the car is introduced as luxury cars are rarely tested. But the continental GT will certainly come with the standards set of features as the current one and will perhaps add some more advanced options in the future. We might see the current optional equipment become standard in the base trim.

Rivaling Cars

There are many rivals to consider and pit them against the 2021 Bentley Continental GT. The high-end luxury car segment is looking great now and coming after the recession things are only going to get better. This is one of the reasons why it is paramount of Bentley to update its Continental GT and the rivals list is just another one as well. The list includes the Aston Martin DB11 and Mercedes AMG SL65 models with perhaps deserve a league of their own by some popular opinion.

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