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2021 BMW I3 Release Date, Price and Changes

2021 BMW I3 review

The updated 2021 BMW I3 model is a part of the future releases that the automotive manufacturer from Germany is making. Although some would say that this is the most unusual car that BMW has ever produced, we cannot deny the technological advancements that the car possesses. It is the most environmentally-oriented and positive car that comes out of Germany and although it is pricey its value goes beyond mere money.

Electronic cars are regarded as any piece of technology. Computers are outdated and get replaced every day, and you can say the same thing for electronic vehicles. In order not to lose momentum and to keep the swing that they have started with the initial batch of I3 cars it is necessary to update them from time to time. The 2021 refresh is the next part of the development for the 2021 BMW I3 car.

What they do need to address with the upcoming model is to fix up the inside and also add a bit more range to the car. The competition is already getting an upper hand because it offers a substantially cheaper offer and one with an expanded range. In order to stay competitive, the 2021 BMW I3 has to see that those pieces of the puzzle are dealt with.

The pictures of the new model have just been released fresh of the testing so we have a lot to talk about when it comes to the production of this car and its potential release date.


2021 BMW I3 exterior

Potential Release Date for the 2021 BMW I3

Although we do not expect to see the 2021 BMW I3 out soon, we will see it in a couple of years. Based on the current look and the development of the car, we can expect it to come out by the start of the 2021 season.

Estimated Price

Based on the expansions that the 2021 BMW I3 is projected to get, we can say that the price is going to be enhanced. There is a great possibility that the pricing goes beyond the current base MSRP of 42,400 dollars. This could be a bad move because the current set of rivaling cars has a lesser price than the current 2021 version.

Exterior Styling

The future 2021 BMW I3 will probably have to retain its familiar look which it has from the start. The model is a staple of the BMW brand and is instantly recognizable on the street. The design can still hold its own, so we predict that not so many changes are necessary to happen to this car.

Apart which will certainly be transferred is the front end which has the signature blacked-out mock grille with the Frozen Blue color variant which has already become one of the signature looks of the BMW line. We are hoping to see the snub nose and the distinctive profile return and this will be expanded with a few aesthetic touches here and there. The combination of the current and the modern is going to do a world of good for the future I3 model from BMW.

Inside Changes


2021 BMW I3 interior

The inside of the 2021 BMW I3 will probably go through the same level of changes as its outside does. The current model has a distinctive Scandinavian look to it. Some would say that this is unique and only possible for the BMW I3 model, and to an extent it is true. The dash has a good looking design and actually seems like a tablet was placed on its front while all the controls are simple at best. We do not see those overcomplicating things too much for the inside and the only add the most necessary features.

As far as comfort goes, the current model has a variety of materials and colors that are offered. The basic one is the Mega World which comes with recycled SensaTec upholstery. The top tier Tera World has almost the same setup of materials but offers all of them in a darker and more mysterious hue. We can say that the materials inside will get even more comfortable and there is a probability of a number of new trims to make it inside the car as a part of the update.

Powertrain Capability and Output

Changes are needed for the powertrain of the 2021 BMW I3 car. The current setup offers one of the older electronic engine offers, although they managed to expand its range with the latest offer. The new model might still be able to use the combination of a 2.4 gallons fuel tank and a 33-kWh lithium-ion battery pack which results in 125-kilowatt or 170-horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. The current range is 114 miles and if they want to keep their car as competitive as its rivals are being, they will need to update this engine and at least put some more mileage and range on it.


2021 BMW I3 engine

0-60 mph Acceleration

It will depend on the powertrain setup of the 2021 BMW I3 and how much will they improve the acceleration and specs of the car. For now, the car can go to 60 mph in a matter of 7 seconds and at the same time achieve a top speed of 93 mph. It might be hard to go beyond that for the newest car but they are certainly going to try and update the specs a little bit.

Fuel Economy Specifications for the 2021 BMW I3

The 2021 BMW I3 could also try to get even more energy-efficient than it actually is. This is where the I3 manages to trump its completion even with the current setup. Thanks to the range expansions and the use of the new battery the car is even better and certainly has better performance than the rivaling cars. With the old battery, the car had a range of 81 miles and scored an MPGe rating of 118, while the new battery expands its range to 114 miles and an MPGe of 124. Just by staying in the same range they will do a good job and if they do manage to offer something beyond the current setup, it will just be something added for the buyers.

Are there any Dimension Changes?

Probably not. At this point, it is not necessary to change the dimensions for the 2021 BMW I3 model. Everything will probably stay the same and although this is a two-passenger car and one which has a cramped cargo area it could do with a bit of refinement. But what they might actually do here is to be smart and simply shift things around a bit on the inside and that way offers more roominess and a bit more space in the cargo bay without actually having to change the dimensions of the entire vehicle. This is currently the possible solution for the car.

Safety Specification

The basic safety equipment will be transferred to the 2021 BMW I3 car. We expect them to take the current offer, which is already great and just redo it again in the new model. Enhancements will be made, that is for sure, but the basic sort of setup is going to be the same. We do mean six airbags including seat-mounted side airbags, a rearview camera, parking sensors, and parking assist. There are some added options that are currently available via the offered packages that the car provides, but they might just become a part of your standard equipment with the new type of car.

List of Rivaling Cars

Although the rivals for the 2021 BMW I3 have not changed since the inception of the brand, some of them have already managed to surpass the I3. We do mean Chevrolet Bolt EV, which is already a cheaper variant with a longer range. There is also another Chevrolet product, namely the Chevy Volt, and of course cars like the Nissan Leaf, Volkswagen e-Golf, Tesla Model S as well as 2021 Tesla Model X. The electronic car market is a tight one and an update is more than necessary for the new BMW i3 car.

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