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2021 BMW i9 Hybrid Release Date, Price and Changes

2021 BMW i9 Hybrid review

Call it sophistication or technological advancement, but what the Bavarian motor works have produced is nothing short of that for sure. Marking a century with the 2021 BMW i9 Hybrid is quite an occasion, and yet nothing has been made public as yet but our mule can guarantee us that it is a four-door car that will be built on the i8 model predecessor style chassis. There are some rumors that it may be a high-performance luxury vehicle and come mid this year specifically in April then it will be on a showcase at the Beijing Auto show. At such an early date, nothing is known for sure whether it will sporty like the i8, reminiscent of the nine series GT or be a sports/sedan like the Jaguar XJ. It is still shrouded in mystery but trust our sources we will surely get to the bottom of this soon, so keep reading and looking at our spy pictures.


2021 BMW i9 Hybrid exterior

Price and Release Date for 2021 BMW i9 Hybrid

This high-end model will make a debut with nothing short of 135,700 dollars, it is expected that the quantity produced will be limited but then this will obviously cost you more. We are talking of 40,000 dollars in addition, so somewhere around 175,000 dollars. The 2021 BMW i9 Hybrid has sure been an expectation for the motor industry and BMW fans throughout the world. The US and the rest of Europe should expect the car at the fall of summer in 2020 if it is showcased in April as planned.

2021 BMW i9 Hybrid Interior and Exterior Design

As previously mentioned the 2021 BMW i9 Hybrid will somehow borrow some features from the i8 but will also have its own design statement altogether. A revision of the hood scoop will imminently be changed and the wheels will be 20 inches. The front air inlets might be changed as well as the outback. A different spoiler and a newly designed tailgate finish are expected although the front end fascia, as well as the opening doors, will be kept the same as the i8. There will be some different features in the interior, like different colors, the touch screen floating display will surely remain. Expect modern gauges and coming from BMW, expect even more advanced materials made of the finest quality.


2021 BMW i9 Hybrid interior

2021 BMW i9 Hybrid Engine

When we take a deeper look at the 2021 BMW i9 Hybrid engine, then power should be the real deal here which will be substantially more than the 3-cylinder, 1.5L i8 which produces 357 HP, which means now we should expect an upgraded 150HP electric motor in synergy with a 6 cylinder 3L engine capable of producing 425HP. Imagine how they will fit on the i8 chassis, which should just be left as an imagination. Year after year, electric cars are continuously becoming sophisticated, while the i8 possesses a six-kilowatt hour of the lithium-ion battery, the hybrid will most certainly have something even better. According to our reliable mule, we expect a sophisticated smart engine capable of converting from gasoline to electricity and vice versa at different speeds. So expect a very advanced automatic transmission system.


2021 BMW i9 Hybrid engine

2021 BMW i9 Hybrid 0-60

With a 6 cylinder engine providing a whopping 425 HP along with an upgraded 150 HP of an electric motor, then we should expect a 0-60 in approximately 4 seconds as well as a top speed of nothing short of 155mph.


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