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2021 BMW M4 GTS Release Date, Price and Interior

2021 BMW M4 GTS review

The much-anticipated car will definitely arrive in 2021. The sportier-looking M4 GTS will have some standard features such as the ceramic brakes and a dual-clutch transmission system is most likely to be offered as the only option. Customers should most likely expect lightweight elements on the 2021 BMW M4 GTS car due to the use of lightweight materials for its body composition and also as a result of emitting the rear bench and the use of extremely lightweight bucket options. Expect more features from the M4 GTS car by following closely as we take a look at each segment carefully.

2021 BMW M4 GTS Price and Release Date

Expect the [rice of the 2021 BMW M4 GTS to hover around $60,000 and in case you’d want the full experience then you should be ready to pay more than that. The release date of the car will be somewhere in mid-2020 which will coincide with the normal M whose release date was last year.

2021 BMW M4 GTS Interior

When we look at the interior of the 2021 BMW M4 GTS, here big changes that have been accomplished over the M model since it is expected to feature twin seats provided by Recaro. The seats will be covered in Alcantara leather and will generously offer enormous lateral support. Unlike what we have been used to, the GTS model will also offer a 6 point harness for the driver as well as the passengers.


2021 BMW M4 GTS interior

2021 BMW M4 GTS Exterior

When we take a closer look at the exterior, it will primarily feature what we are used to. Judging from the spy photos which are exclusive only to us, we could be able to establish that the M4 GTS will have a more aggressive look than the normal M4. This car will make use of a different body kit coupled with a lower suspension.

The bumper at the front will definitely include a small splitter while the back will have a diffuser. Additionally, a new spoiler attached to the boot will be similar to the M3 GTS. Last but not least on the exterior features is the exhaust system which will be a pure M style intricately combined with a quad exhaust at the center of the car.


2021 BMW M4 GTS exterior spy shots

2021 BMW M4 GTS Engine

When we look at the engine of the 2021 BMW M4 GTS, here it will make use of the same base model’s 3L twin-turbocharged inline 6 from the M4. Compared to the engine of the base model, this will churn out a little more power estimated at 470HP and 390 lb-ft of torque and this is owed to the new advanced intake system and a modified exhaust. These dramatic changes will result in the car getting from 0-60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds and the optimum top speed will be 155mph.


2021 BMW M4 GTS engine

As compared to the normal M4, the GTS will most certainly get a tweaked version of the seven-speed automatic. The uncertainty of a manual is still present if in case it will be released on the GTS. An improved level is also achievable with the help of an improved chassis while the standard M4 is weighing a massive 1670 kgs. The GTS will be some 270 kgs lighter undoubtedly making it the lightest car in the series.

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