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2021 BMW M760Li xDrive

2021 BMW M760Li xDrive review

Similar to the sixth generation BMW 7 Series, the new 2021 BMW M760Li xDrive utilizes high rigidity and lightweight carbon-fiber elements in the passenger cell’s Carbon Core structure, and BMW’s intelligent lightweight design cues that aides it bring harmony between ride quality and performance. This in essence enabled it achieve a low center of gravity crucial for dynamic handling and agility. Its release date should be expected sometime in early 2021.

BMW has expressed publicly its plans to unveil the new 2021 BMW M760Li xDrive during this year’s Geneva Motor Show slated for this month – March 2016. In actual fact, this model is the first M Performance 7-Series that slots perfectly into the previous 760Li range.

When it comes to power demands of the M760Li, the V12 specifically comes equipped with a TwinPower Turbo all-aluminum V12 6.6L engine. Stability is offered by the threaded support bolts and bushes on the double bolts on the main bearings. Forged crankshaft, forged connecting rods, and aluminum pistons all help in reducing the vibration. Therefore, we should expect the xDrive V12 to be very smooth on the pavement.


2021 BMW M760Li xDrive exterior

The engine additionally features a water pump and a redesigned intercooler. With this specs in place, the mill should be able to reach a top speed of about 155 mph, and zip from 0-60 mph in just under 3.9 seconds. This is made possible by the power output of 600 horsepower and 800Nm of torque. BMW says the fuel economy is further boosted by the stop-start function that enables it save fuel every time the vehicle comes to a halt. The result is a combined fuel economy rating of around 22.4 mpg and 294g/km of carbon (IV) oxide gas.

This power is transmitted to the standard all-wheel drive system via the standard eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission system which includes M-Performance specific tuning with launch control and a manual mode.

When we come to the aerodynamics, the new 2021 BMW M760Li xDrive gets new trim elements on the lower edge of the doors, two large air intakes, and a new front apron. Further aback, the rear apron has been redesigned and incorporates an optional M-Sport rear spoiler and Cerium Grey twin tailpipes.

Even with its dizzying sophistication and technologies, the new 2021 BMW M760Li xDrive faces a stiff competition in the segment. The closest is the Audi S8 Plus. This vehicle comes with lots of passenger space, subtle looks, and an ungodly power. The power output is good and is rated at 605 hp and 516 lbs. ft. of torque that is generated from a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine.

The other bogey is the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG model that follows in the footprints of both the Audi and BMW. With a power output of 621 hp and a 0-60 mph acceleration in just under 4.0 seconds, and glamor-drenched S-Class, you will surely be confused about who is following whose footprints.


2021 BMW M760Li xDrive interior

2021 BMW M760Li xDrive Engine Specs & Fuel Economy

Motivation for the 2021 BMW M760Li xDrive is offered by a an all-aluminum V12, twin-turbo 6.6L engine rated at 600 hp @5,500 rpm and 590 lbs. ft. of torque @1,500 rpm. Although some may complain about the astoundingly low 1,500rpm, BMW says the figures are provisional at the moment and full specs will be offered in due time.

As already mentioned, 0-60 mph acceleration should be expected in under 3.9 seconds, and 155 mph as the top speed. This figure can be pushed to up to 190 mph for those who can push the pedal a bit harder.

The level of “roaring” is vested upon an individual user. The vehicle comes equipped with an optional flap activation system that gives the user the option if either sonorous V12 blasts or quiet cruising.


2021 BMW M760Li xDrive engine

Optimum shift patterns specific to the V-12 are offered by the eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission system that comes bundled in the M Performance package. It comes with a manual shift mode and a Launch Control system that offers a zero converter slip outside of gear changes. The sophisticated all-wheel drive system offered as a standard system on the M760Li comes biased towards the rear for nippier handling and uses fully variable torque distribution between the rear and front axle.

Exterior Review & 2021 BMW M760Li xDrive Changes

Some of the standard accessories and features offered include the newest-generation BMW Professional Multimedia system, the contents of the Pure Excellence exterior design, and the Pure Excellence interior design package. More of these should be expected on its release date.

2021 BMW M760Li xDrive Release Date & Price

The 2021 BMW M760Li xDrive price should be expected sometime early 2021. Although the pricing details are still under wraps as of this writing, I would wager a starting MSRP of about 150,000 USD considering the spec and segment competition.

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