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2021 BMW X6 Release Date, Price and Interior

2019 BMW X6 review

The new 2021 BMW X6, model is going to be a refreshed version for this brand. The model does deserve to get a facelift and they decided to do one for the 2021 model year. The pictures of the X6 were already seen and the brand shows us just which direction they are taking with their new set of vehicles.

The BMW X6 is known as a vehicle which has started the coupe-like SUV trend, and will keep the same mannerisms as they venture in with the new model release. The vehicle also manages to provide some decent output numbers and the powertrain option is a very reliable and a good one also.

It is really hard to describe what the X6 actually is. In every review they describe it differently. Some would say that it is not an SUV, others claim that it is not a coupe, while the majority agree that it is certainly not a family car. Whatever it is, it has been copied by many other vehicles in the segment which introduced their innovations by transferring them from the X6.


Now when the 2021 BMW X6 is almost ready, we discuss the details about its release date and design.

When is the 2021 BMW X6 Release Date Being prepared for?

The news about the 2021 BMW X6 is still not confirmed. The model has always had high praise about it and offered some pretty good details. But the recent refresh will establish the model for a bit longer. We will probably be able to see the refreshed version of the car by the start of 2021, when we presume the release date will be established for.

What is the Price for the Vehicle?

The newest price for the 2021 BMW X6 will be announced accordingly. In fact, we can simply base it on the current price of the X6 model which sells for a base MSRP rate of 61,400 USD. The new model will probably be priced similarly but not that much higher.

2021 BMW X6 Exterior Details

The new updates brought to the 2021 BMW X6 will be largely transferred from the X5 model. As the latter model has also received its widely acclaimed facelift, it was only due for them to be transferred to this version. The new model will have big air intakes in the front with big side gills as well. These only indicate the massive engine and the power it holds under its hood.

The new model does not go overboard when including its design and has for the most part been a perfectly good and well balanced car. Because of its massive power, which some say it is unexpected, the model really boasts a number of handsome features. All in all, the car will not dramatically depart from the look of the previous model and will be a recognizable X6 car.

Interior Design


The interior design for the 2021 BMW X6 has not been largely modified. It holds certain elements which have been seen on the previous version and certainly has almost the same design cues. But a big change is the inclusion of a bench for the rear seats. It does feel a bit more spacious compared to the X5 model but, legroom and headroom is shortened. The comfort is still passable but we feel that they could have done a better job in this case.

On the technological side of things, the BMW X6 receives a 10.2-inch touchscreen in order to operate the for iDrive infotainment system and also comes with a standard set of equipment which we saw last time, but only updated.

Powertrain Ability

The powertrain of the 2021 BMW X6 is also borrowed from the X5 models. The base version is a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6 which powers the entry level sDrive35i and all-wheel-drive xDrive35i. It combines with a 8-speed automatic transmission. A twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 is offered under the hood of the xDrive50i and also comes available with all-wheel drive.


0-60 mph Speed Up and Top Speed

The new 2021 BMW X6 is going to be able to reach 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds with its base setup. But the secondary stronger engine is capable of accelerating to 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds, giving us a massive boost. Both engines are governor limited to 127 mph for their top speed.

Fuel Economy Specifications

Considering that the engines for the 2021 BMW X6 will be transferred for the new version, the model will also transfer the EPA ratings. The base version of the engine earns an EPA setting of 18 mpg city, 25 highway, 21 combined, while the second engine comes with specifications which say 15/21/17 mpg. All things considering, this is not a favorable kind of an output but perhaps a standard one for the amount of power the car is able to generate.

Dimensions and Spacing

Even with the cramped interior for the 2021 BMW X6, the dimensions have not changed. The overall length and size of the car has been kept the same but the model does feel a bit cramped inside based on the additions that were made with the inclusion of the bench. Perhaps the only good thing is the cargo room which now amounts to 26.6 cubic feet of space. The overall length is 193.8 inches, the wheelbase is 115.5 inches and the width and height are 78.3 inches and 66.5 inches.


Safety Features

The current version has not been tested so far, so we cannot really transfer them to the 2021 BMW X6. None of the two safety organizations have done the testing for the current vehicle due to its low volume, but there are a lot of great safety features which the model was equipped with. These are going to be transfered to the newest car and we will be able to get a completely new and safe car. Some of the safety equipment that the car has includes BMW Night Vision with pedestrian, animal, and object detection, collision warning and BMW Selective Beam headlights. There are probably some advanced features which will be released additionally.

Rivaling Cars

Besides the 2021 BMW X6, there are other models which host similar characteristics on the market. There are many cars which have already based their design on some of the early models of the X6, so we are not sure if that counts them as rivals. But the models which we mean are cars like the Porsche Cayenne, 2021 Land Rover Range Rover Sport, Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class, and even one of its own, the BMW X5.

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