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2021 Dodge Barracuda Release Date, Price, Review


Some of the latest and most interesting rumors revolve around the release of a new 2021 Dodge Barracuda. Although somewhat unbelievable the rumors seem to be true this time as Dodge has finally decided to grace the fans with a remarkable vehicle which has been a staple in the past.

In previous years we have had many rumors that came out about the new release of the Cuda. But it seems that we have some legitimate news on our hands. Besides speculations, there have been a number of leaks that show the newly-minted Dodge Barracuda.

If we are to believe the images that were released, we are in for revolutionary new design. The creators are definitely doing their best and have embellished the new Barracuda with a modern new design. Don’t expect to see any old-school elements here. The new 2021 Barracuda will be a completely new and completely modern vehicle. It will take a whole new look at the auto design.

As far as power goes Dodge will is working on that as well. The previous model that Dodge was working on sported an all-new Hemi engine. This fact only advances the claims that are made about expanding the newest model to greater heights.

Furthermore, the new trailer for the latest Need For Speed game teased a new Barracuda model as well. The vehicle is seen for a brief second in the back. This is not the first time that video games and products ruined the news of a release for a new car.

All in all, we are happy to hear that a 2021 model of the Dodge Barracuda and did our best to review the car based on the currently available information.

What Is the 2021 Dodge Barracuda Going to Look Like?


2021 Cuda

Right off the bat, the most noticeable thing about the 2021 Dodge Barracuda is its exterior appearance. You will notice that the traditional look of the Cuda that we all know and love has disappeared. The designers went for a completely modern restyling of the vehicle. The overhaul of the exterior is a good idea since that is what the fans will be looking for.

The idea is not only to make the newest Barracuda captivating to look at. The idea is to make the car lighter and more aerodynamic. That is why we are going to see more lightweight materials introduced which will help with the maneuverability of the car.

Another great thing is that the 2021 Doge Barracuda is going to be smaller than its predecessor. The exact dimensions are not out yet but it is more than apparent that they decided to reshape the size of the car. It will also help with greater speed and better movement.

Finally, fans with a sharp eye will notice that visually, the 2021 Dodge Barracuda is going to borrow from the recent Dodge Challenger. The visual cues that are used in that vehicle will be transferred to the newest one. This is a great idea as the Challenger has already proved to be a good looking model.

What Might the Interior of the 2021 Dodge Barracuda Look Like?


Pictures that were released about the inside of the 2021 Dodge Barracuda show a lot of likeness to the Challenger as well. The car borrows heavily from Dodge’s most recent Challenger car and it looks really good. Some of the elements are even completely transferred.

The car will feature some nice new materials, especially for the seats, which are made for maximum comfort. The infotainment system will come with a standard 8.4-inch touchscreen and integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is also going to be available.

Some standard features on the interior that you can expect include leather upholstery, Wi-Fi and satellite navigation. We are not sure what comes with the optional features but Dodge will most certainly make certain announcements about it once they are available.

As far as the safety package goes, a vehicle like the 2021 Dodge Barracuda needs to have a good one. We assume that the safety package coming with this one is going to be greater than the one currently seen on the Dodge Challenger one. They may decide to add completely new elements to the 2021 Barracuda as far as safety features go.

What Engine is the 2021 Dodge Barracuda Going to Use?

When it comes to the powertrain of the 2021 Dodge Barracuda, there are many things that are currently rumored. As far as most people are concerned all of them see the legendary Hemi V8 engine is placed under the hood. Although this seems like a sane the probably the likeliest option there are plenty of arguments against using it.

Being that the car is going to smaller in size, the bigger Hemi V8 is probably not going to fit. Although fans have been craving to see the new Barracuda in action with a new Hemi V8, the chance is that it is not going to happen.

A more believable option is adding the turbocharged V6 powertrain. It is something that the car will support and that brings good numbers as well. More so, other options include the 2.4-liter four-cylinder Tigershark or the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6. Both of the options are a good choice for the newest Cuda as they are capable of offering similar kinds of outputs.

Whether the engine option ends up being, the Dodge Barracuda is not going to display less than 600 horsepower, that is fir user. All-wheel-drive, on the other hand, may come as optional. But a manual and an automatic transmission offers are going to be both available.

Still No Word on the Exact Price


We understand that the most interesting question now is about the price of the 2021 Dodge Barracuda. Unfortunately, the exact information relating to the price tag of the car is still not available. But we can estimate as we do have a lot of information available about it and there are some obvious things that we know about.

First of all, it is going to be a newly remodeled car with a new chassis. Secondly, it is going to be a modern-looking car weighing less than the previous one. Finally, it is a muscle car.

Thus a less than $75,000 is not going to be possible and this is the most obvious figure that we can come up with. Additionally, there is a chance that an SRT model is going to be available as well. If they do decide to go with it, expect a figure of $90,000.

2021 Dodge Barracuda Release Date? Are We Going to See the Car Released Soon?

The air of mystery surrounding the 2021 Dodge Barracuda is also related to its release date. Since the news is still fresh about the existence and the idea about the 2021 Barracuda model the creates are still keeping the date of release a secret.

However, based on where they are at so far and how things seem to be going with the creation process, we are most likely going to see the car in action by the end of 2020. If things go the way as planned there is no doubt that the model is going to be prepared for the later part of the year.


Is Dodge bringing back the Barracuda?

Based on the current information and leaked design photos, Dodge has decided to bring back its legendary model for a new run. Even though the information is still scarce about when the car is going to become available. The point still remains that the car is going to be released soon.

How much will the Dodge Barracuda cost?

The exact price of the car is to be determined but the 2021 version will have a price tag as your regular muscle car. A figure of $75,000 is mentioned and it is very likely the most obvious estimate for a vehicle like this to cost. Furthermore, an SRT version is also being discussed which would raise the price to an added $20,000, making the total price around $90,000.

Is Dodge discontinuing the challenger?

There is no confirmation about Dodge deciding to discontinue the Challenger for now. What they are planning to do is to borrow a lot from the current Challenger and include the interior and the exterior pieces for the Barracuda model. It seems like an obvious choice as the latest Challenger is a good car based on its looks.

How much horsepower does a 2021 Barracuda have?

Being that there is no exact word on the engine that it is supposed to be used, there is still no exact word on how much exactly strong the newest Barracuda is going to be. Initial estimates say that the car is most likely going to have 600 horsepower, which is something expected for a muscle car like the Cuda is going to be.

Additionally, there are possibilities of either adding a Hemi V8 engine but a more likely option is the turbocharged V6 engine.

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