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2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Release Date, Price and Redesign

2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat review

Dodge is getting something completely new for its 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. With the introduction of the newest Demon model, which is the fastest and strongest muscle car in the market currently, but also a limited edition product which not all people can afford, Dodge introduced an easier way to get a similar treatment as their all-powerful Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. They are going to offer a Demon kit which will go along their Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. They are going to make two things possible this way, they are going to update their Hellcat model and in the same time make the characteristics of the acclaimed Demon attainable to more people.

Dodge’s Challenger models were introduced back for the in 2008, and it basically managed to revive the Challenger name. It was entering its fourth-generation design with that model and also managed to bring back fame to the oldest muscle car produced in America. The model initially used and is still using, W211 underpinnings which in a way make the Challenger SRT dated but still managed to keep it to this day and make it as competitive as some of the popular rivaling models in the segment. The latest redesign came in 2015 and it was followed by the introduction of the Demon which is the strongest muscle car on the market, but a limited edition model that has only been produced in 3,300 units.

The 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat will bring us something which is going to inspire the demonic side of the Hellcat. The body kit which is not introduced will help the model shape up its appearance and bring us a cheaper way of getting a limited edition model. It is perhaps not the real thing, but it is closest as some people can get to actually owning a Demon SRT.

They have also introduced this kit in order for the Hellcat to improve its performance and upgrade it in a way. The car has been getting a little bit stale in the tooth, as it has not really been extensively updated recently. The Demon kit will help reshape the car in so many ways and earn it more popularity. The release date is shaping up soon so let’s review the car for the fan’s benefit.


2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Exterior

When is the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Coming Out?

The updated version of the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is supposed to come out this year. The Demon model was shown at the New York Auto Show of this year, so when people found out that it is a pricy limited edition model plans were made to make a cheaper version of the Demon available. The best way to do that was through the Demon kit that they decided to offer for the buyers. The given model will make its way to the market somewhere at the start of 2021. They are also viewing this as an update for the Challenger SRT Hellcat, and although it is not really a redesign or an update people are still viewing at such. This is a great marketing feat and a move that will probably help with the release of the model’s new brand of cars which they will produce for future periods.

What is the Price of the Newest Kit?

The price of the updated 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat will be lower than the original Demon model. The 2021 SRT Hellcat with a Demon kit will be sold for a base MSRP price of $72,590, which makes it about 10k pricier than the base Hellcat model. The current Challenger SRT Hellcat is being sold for a price of $64,195. As for the original and upcoming Challenger SRT Demon, the price tag amounts to $84,995, which is about 10k more than the kit. When it is all said and done, you will be able to get the Demon Kit for a cheaper price and it is the closets that you will be able to get to the original. All in all, it seems like a very good alternative for the buyers who are probably going to go for this option and embrace it as a new brand.

What is the Difference in Appearance for the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat?

You can easily spot the differences between the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and the original Demon. The Hellcat is upgraded with some bigger front and rear fenders. They make the car seem much bigger and give it more of a dominant look and provide aggression for it. The car will at the same time use the new 20-inch wheels, called Devil Rims, which use aluminum and will be wrapped in 305/35 Pirelli P-Zero tires and it will also be using the Brembo brakes that have two-piece, 15.4-inch rotors and six-piston front calipers.

The hood will also come in with some additional changes which make the aluminum pieces used and a center scoop with dual heat extraction vents. The original Demon has some smaller vents placed on the hood but the kit offers some bigger ones and gives more aggression to the car.

The front part of the car also includes a great looking splitter. Although it looks mostly the same as the one seen on the Demon car, it is bigger and more streamlined compared to the one seen on the original car. If you take a look at the photos of 2021 Dodge Barracuda, y0u’ll notice how similar their front parts are. This is not only an aesthetic fix it also benefits the functionality of the car and gives it a larger use. The headlamps are illuminated Air-Catcher ones and the grille is a Hellcat exclusive which also adds fender badges to the front part.

Step Inside the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

The interior of the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat will be packed with some great upgrades as well. This will raise the value of the car extremely and it is not as good as in the real Demon, but it is still exclusive enough. The model is not distinctively upgraded and it will be a job to use this model now. The vehicle is still going to use the same sports seats but this time they come wrapped in Laguna leather. The update is also made for the steering wheel which is a flat-bottom one that uses the same type of leather that the seats are plated with and also throws in heating as well.

The instrument panel adds a new red badge and makes it look much different than the last time and there is also an updated version of the 8.4-inch Uconnect infotainment system that has been announced here. It will expand the technological offer and make things much easier to use. So generally speaking the visual enhancements are not as big as you would expect them to be, but still, they did concentrate more on bringing better quality, comfort, and usability. All in all, it is better than getting nothing but we did expect to see more visual changes and upgrades made.


2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat interior

Drivetrain Capability

The thing that differentiates the new 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and its Demon kit compared to an actual Demon is the powertrain. The model will change the visual upgrades and bring more conveniences, but as far as the powertrain goes it will simply be transferred from the current Hellcat. The outgoing SRT Hellcat is already a pretty fast and powerful car and will probably not take away too much from the model, but still, some people would be disappointed to find out that they are not adding at least some kind of changes for the drivetrain. The installed engine is still the 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V-8 used before and the output is limited to 707-horsepower and 650-pound-feet-of-torque. This provides the car with the necessary boost and is quite acceptable of you ask us.

There are some options offered when it comes to the transmission of the car as Dodge has made an eight-speed Torqflite automatic transmission available now. All of the SRT models will come with an electric power steering system that will help and increase the grip to the ground, which is one thing that would benefit a muscle car. This will largely help and improve the overall performance of the car additionally.


2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat engine

0-60 mph and Top Speed

There is a bit of an improvement that is made with the acceleration 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. With the Demon kit, the model will manage to sprint go 60 mph a little bit faster compared to the base form of the car. Namely speaking the new 2021 version will make the 0-60 mph dash in 3.4 seconds now while your regular car does the same in 3.5 seconds. Maybe it does not seem too much on paper but trust us when we say that it makes a whole lot of difference when you are in the car. They have managed to do some modifications with the engine and it promises a difference which the fans will be glad to have. As for the top speed goes, it still remains at the same level of 195 mph. If we look at the original Demon model, it is able to get to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds which is simply astounding to hear.

Will the Fuel Economy Changes as Well?

Unfortunately, the information about the fuel economy for the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat says that it will not improve. We actually did not expect it to get so much better but we were hoping for a kind of a boost which might provide a certain kind of an update for the consumption. But they mainly concentrated on making this a powerful vehicle so the crossover of the engine did not include any changes in fuel usage. The Hellcat is still going to be thirsty as hell and will consume 13 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway. The original Demon will probably go more than that.

Dimensions Changes

It appears that there is going to be some news when it comes to the dimensions of the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. This car has been reported to be larger compared to the base Hellcat model that we had before. With the Demon kit treatment, the front fender and the rear one are going to swell up and will become larger. They are also going to make the model more aggressive and give the vehicle a bit of a more dominant stance. This will benefit the car in so many washes and people are already distinguishing this version as the widebody version. The new model will gain 3.5 inches in its width and will that way also promise more room on the inside. Other dimensions are probably going to stay the same as the model will probably have a length of 197.5 inches and a height of 55.7 inches, but the wheelbase might change as well, but we are still not sure by how much.

What about the Safety of the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat?

An interesting fact is that the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is going to transfer all the main safety features from the base model. But the original Demon model actually lacks some safety features which people are saying are more than necessary for the model to have. This brings us to the Demon kit as some are assuming that the model is missing some key elements when it comes to safety. The fact is that the Demon kit does not need the highest safety features which the previous one needed and we are certain that a simple fix of new equipment will be enough for the 2021 Hellcat.

What about the Rivals

With the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and the given Demon kit, the vehicle will still face the standard set of foes that it always has. There is not a lot that could be expanded here and the Hellcat is still a Hellcat and it will compete in the same muscle car segment that it did before. The Demon can afford to say that it is in a league of its own, but this version will still be placed in the lower bracket compared to the true Demon. So the usual set of cars that appear here as still the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 or the Chevrolet SS.

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