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2021 Ferrari California T

2021 Ferrari California T review

Earlier this year the new 2021 Ferrari California T model was announced and the scheduled release date has been set for the upcoming year when the car is going to be available for sale. This brings us to the fact why in the first place the new California is being released and remodeled for the upcoming year. The answer is that Ferrari has finally decided to supercharge its fleet and even add the plug-in hybrid option for its 12-cylinder cars. The result is what you see in front of you in the given pictures.

The new Ferrari California T is going to be a direct descendant to the models that were released during the 50s and 60s. It is also the successor to the 2009 California T convertible model that was released back then. The car is as its name states a popular choice among the drivers in the given US state and is a perfect cruise vehicle under the LA sun and with the added turbocharging potential and redesign of the car it states that it promises some good things from its line this year.

One third of the production that Ferrari outputs is going to end up in the US while a majority of them is going to be offered in California, while other two thirds are equally divided among Europe and Asia. It is not a surprise that the vehicle is going to make a big splash on the American market as it is the favorite vehicle among people there. The new release is going to mark a new beginning for the California T brand and some good things are expected to emerge from it. Find out everything that you want to know about the car in the review bellow.


2021 Ferrari California T exterior

2021 Ferrari California T engine

The most important addition and the most talked about part of the new 2021 Ferrari California T is its engine of course. By being the first Ferrari car to be turbocharged in the new period and being the vehicle which starts the change for the new roster of cars that Ferrari is planning and by avoiding to do so for a long time, the California is a significant model to start with. The car will thus use the 3.9 liter Ferrari bi-turbo V8 engine and will be modified to deliver different torque levels in different gears by using the variable boost management modification done to it. This is a cleaver piece of tech that gives you a feeling of continuous acceleration when driving.

The numbers state that the car is able to produce 560hp and up to 755Nm of torque.  This gives it the power to reach 0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds, 0-200 km/h in 11.2 seconds and also attain a top speed of 316 km/h. As the top speed remains perhaps the same, the acceleration is a lot better as it can reach 100 km/h in 0.5 seconds faster, or 200 km/h in 2.5 seconds quicker. But the power-to-weight ratio has been improved in 3.3 kg/hp to 2.9kg/h making the fuel consumption and emissions drop by 15%.


2021 Ferrari California T engine

2021 Ferrari California T Exterior

Of course if wouldn’t be a new car if it didn’t feature some kind of a redesign on the exterior part of the car. The most significant changes have been made to the front of the 2021 California T car with the larger air intakes for the braking mechanism and also an intercooler with two new exhausts seen on the bonnet. The sides of the car are still the same and still feature the curvy lines that were inspired by the Testa Rossa. The back part has gone through a change as well. As the previous car had a vertically aligned exhaust, the new one will be given a horizontally aligned one. The triple fence diffuser has been borrowed from the 599 GTO car, while the rear lights have been made to be slightly larger and give the car a dominant stance in that way.

The 2021 Ferrari California T is actually a car that is used in the daily basis on much more occasions than any other Ferrari car. In order to enhance the level of practicality of it the rear has been given a wider and lower boot. This does not only affect the looks of the car but give it a sense of usefulness that you did not have before. With the roof down you can fit two standard-sized suitcases inside making it one of the more highly useable vehicles now.



2021 Ferrari California T interior

The overall impression of the inside of the 2021 Ferrari California T is pretty great, in fact, for an Italian car it has much room on the inside which is something that was not to be expected at first. The inside is very beautiful and appropriate looking with all the exposed surfaces being fitted with some fine materials. On the lower slim side of the console you will find the switches needed for the gearbox, launch controls and the auto revers for instance. The slim design of the dash here is the important part as it offers more legroom and generally speaking more space to the people on the inside.

Above the center console you will find the two-zone climate control function features. But the central part of the car is reserved for the infotainment system which has the touch screen with quick access buttons that are aimed to operate all the key features of the car. The California will also be the first car to include the Apple CarPlay which is promised to be a helpful and useful addition to the California car.

2021 Ferrari California T Price and release date

The 2021 Ferrari California T is going to be one of the most anticipated vehicles of the year perhaps and the hype about it is already growing. Imagine what is going to happen when the car does make it on the market and starts showing its promised potential. The release date is thus set of the upcoming year and it will be available around mi-year. The 2021 Ferrari California T price is a nifty one and is unarguably set at 202,723 USD.

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