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2021 Ferrari FF Coupe Release Date, Price and Exterior

2021 Ferrari FF Coupe review

In some other news, the 2021 Ferrari FF coupe is going to appear. Wait, this is actually big news as the loving Ferrari FF is going to lose its rear seats and hatch and give the audiences a coupe version. This was a highly unexpected turn of events but something which many fans were hoping on seeing. The news came quickly and surprised everyone and it showed us just how Ferrari is willing to change in order to appease its audiences.

For now, the information about this is scarce and the only things that we have going for about this model are renderings and rumors. Spy photos are yet to be released but the announcement is enough of a confirmation for us as it came from the very top.

Although the news about a 2021 Ferrari FF coupe sounds great, it might leave some problems in their lineup. The F12berlinetta is essentially occupying that space in the roster of Ferrari cars and as it was announced the two vehicles will resemble each other in terms of design as well. We are witnessing a very interesting turn of events for Ferrari and you can learn from our review everything that there is to know about the FF coupe version.


2021 Ferrari FF Coupe exterior

What About the Release Date?

The release date of the 2021 Ferrari FF Coupe is still speculative. The designers have not given us an exact date and they prefer to keep things a secret for now. This might lead to a release date happening soon but it might also mean that we might wait for the end of 2021. More news about this will emerge soon and we will make sure to report them.

What to Expect about the Price of the 2021 Ferrari FF Coupe?

As we have expected it to be, the 2021 Ferrari FF coupe version is going to be a pricy model. The exact price has not been determined still and we do not have the exact pricing of the car available, but a figure of around 300,000 dollars is imminent.

A Bold new Appearance

This new 2021 Ferrari FF coupe is going to have an advantage compared to the base FF car. As many people say that the FF sports a clown-shoe shape design, this one is going to improve upon that and give us a more conventional one. It is a far more serious kind of design and gives us a corporate look at the FF coupe version. This means that we are getting a sloping roofline and there are going to be no rear seats. Also as part of the added changes, we expect the front fascia to change slightly as well for the air vents in the front.

The downside of the previous cars was that the exterior style has put off many customers because of its strange look. But now they will incorporate a more traditional and a corporate look for both the base and the coupe version which will boast well for the car. We expect it to do much better at the market than before.

What about the Inside of the 2021 Ferrari FF coupe?

There are not a lot of things that are familiar for the inside of the 2021 Ferrari FF coupe. As far as we know is that they do plan to make certain changes but none of them have been mentioned so far. One thing is for certain and that is that the coupe is going to lose the back seats. The current FF is known for being extremely roomy, both the front and back. They are probably going to retain these characteristics and will make the coupe version as roomy as the outgoing one but they will address the functionality and the comfort of the car. Updates that we expect are an interior with new and quality materials and also supportive seats. Some new technology pieces are bound to make it on the inside as well. We can perhaps look for some details at the F12berlinetta which will be kind enough to borrow some elements to the 2021 FF coupe.


2021 Ferrari FF Coupe interior

The Powertrain

It was already revealed that the 2021 Ferrari FF coupe was going to share its powertrain with the existing FF. Thus we can expect to see the 6.3-liter, V-12 engine incorporated into the coupe with the all-wheel-drive system and everything. This means that a possible output of 660 horsepower and 503 pound-feet of torque is also probable for the coupe version as it is how much the base one makes.


2021 Ferrari FF Coupe engine

0-60 mph and Top Speed

By transferring the engine to the 2021 Ferrari FF coupe it will probably transfer all the specs and rates as well. We are expecting the vehicle to be capable of speeding up to 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds and also gaining a top speed of 208 mph, which is how much the regular FF makes. But some specs can change and it would depend on how the car transfers the engine.

What about the Fuel Economy of the Car

For now, the specifications about the fuel economy of the 2021 Ferrari FF coupe are not offered. It is hard to say that the stats are going to be the same as in the current FF but we doubt it. But what is certain is that the car is going to consume a lot of fuel and it will make this coupe version not really a fuel efficient car. Expect to spend added money on fuel when using this one.


Being that the 2021 Ferrari FF coupe is changing its looks it will probably affect its dimensions. They are now transforming the car into a coupe but there have been no indications on what the actual size of the car would be. The dimensions are going to be drastically different that are certain and it will be made available once all the details about the car get to be established. The current FF is 193.2 in long, has a height of 54.3 in and width of 76.9 in and carries a wheelbase the size of 117.7 in.

Safety Specifications

The new 2021 Ferrari FF Coupe is still being developed and there is scarce news about the potential safety measures that are going to be taken. In fact, we are probably looking at an improvement compared to the base FF but the coupe version has not announced any yet. This will give them a chance to expand the offer and give more safety measurements and we are looking forward to see which one of them they manage to add.

Other Cars in the Segment

There are a lot of cars which will provide an opposition to the 2021 Ferrari FF coupe. Some of them may rival it in comfort and other ones in performance, but the price range is very similar to all of them. Competing cars considered here are the Aston Martin Vanquish, Bentley Continental GT cars, and Rolls-Royce Wraith.

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