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2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid Release Date, Price and Specs

2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid review

When the news about a 2021 Ford C-May Hybrid model broke out, we immediately got our thinking hats on and started reviewing and bringing estimations. But the thing is that the American audiences are in for a surprise as this model is the updated version which will be brought to Europe now. For all the people who live in America, they are probably familiar with this model a bit as the Euro version will mostly be based on the current one seen in the North American market. But this only means that people in Europe have something to be excited about.

Interestingly enough, there is something called “The Prius Effect” which is established in the US market. It means that if a car is a standalone hybrid model and not a converted version from a base car, it does significantly better. There are a lot of cars which have simply added a hybrid powertrain to an already existing car, and compared to the ones which debuted as hybrid ones and people know them for only offering hybrid options they are significantly more popular. This brings us to the Prius which has always done far better than any converted hybrid model. The C-Max will probably have a similar effect on the audiences and that is one of the reasons this news seems stifling for us.

Generally speaking, the 2021 version of Ford’s C-Max Hybrid car will retain most of the characteristics of the previous model. It is entering its fifth year on the market so far and the update will make it a little bit more competitive than it has been the previous years. Unfortunately, mechanically speaking the car remains the same and there are no tweaks made for the drivetrain this time around. But the tweaks for the car are concentrated more aesthetically and will, for the most part, change the inside and the outside of the car.


2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid exterior

Since the vehicle is getting ready for a release and the Ford C-Max Hybrid 2021 is a car that a lot of people would want, the release date is very much anticipated. The pictures are not enough for you to enjoy the car, so check out our review of it.

When will the Release Date of the 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid Come?

The release date of the newest 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid is expected to debut within the given year. Since the car has already started sales in America and is doing pretty well, it is time for people in Europe to finally enjoy this car. The C-Max brand is essentially a European brand and it enjoys most of its success on the European soil where the majority of sales is being done. The debuting release date will probably come somewhere towards the end of the year or if we are lucky the release date might come in mid-2020.

What is the Price that we can Expect?

Most of the buyers will appreciate the price of the 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid. It does not change so much compare to last time and also base on the competing models it shares similar pricing. It is a contender with the Prius brand for instance and if you are able to afford that one you can also be able to afford the C-Max 2021. The only difference is perhaps with the higher trims, particularly the Titanium, which will cost a bit higher and is considered as really pricy options. So far as the price states the SE base option will be available for a base MSRP of $24,545, while the SEL one goes for $27,545.

The Updated Exterior Look of the 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid

The updated 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid is going to add some aesthetic pieces which are going to shape up the car a little bit. Essentially, the outer part of the car has changed with the interior, but the exterior has not gotten the better part of the 2021 update. But the model will gain some additions which are going to help it balance some things out. The car had a reputation of being a little bit disproportionate and some would even say that it was weird looking, but after the 2021 release, some of the cues are going to be fixed.

The design that the Ford C-Max has is called a compact MPV in Europe. But this is something which is not usually seen in America and does look a bit strange to the buyers there. People in America are more used to the Ford Focus and 2021 Ford F-150 design, but although the C-Max shares the same platform with the Focus the car is bigger and taller compared to the Focus. A compact MPV is something very usual in Europe and that is why the popularity of the C-Max Hybrid is so great here, compared to the US market. But the styling is not tampering the sales of the car, at least not in Europe. The Americans, on the other hand, are a completely different story. But things are starting to change with the added modifications for the car.

The newest 2021 year model of the Ford C-Max Hybrid car will revise the front fascia a bit. The change is mostly focused on the added grille and new headlights which are much slimmer to the previous car. It is the same kind of a design that you might have already seen in some of the recent Ford models as they have all mostly switched to this kind of a look. The taillights have also been reshaped a bit, but since everything else has remained the same it does not add to a very different design of the rear end of the car.

A Spacious Interior for the 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid

The thing with the 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid interior is that it lacks some attention to detail. Although there have been some changes made for the car this time around it seems that the model is significantly lacking something. This has not yet proven to be a problem for the European market as some drivers enjoy the stripped-down and bare interior. But the US audiences have not been as kind as the people in Europe. Essentially, the car lacked the added trims and usually came with only one option, which compared to the Focus and Fiesta models, which had three, was a great difference. The 2021 version managed to add a second trim option for the inside and made things a lot nicer. We are of course not including the Titanium version which is already packed to the gills when it comes to the inside.

But the model will still have a pretty spacious and friendly inside. The interior volume is plentiful and is one of the advantages that the C-Max holds against the competition. The inside is also draped with various fine materials that improve the quality of the interior by tenfold. It is actually much better than you would expect out of a fuel-efficient car like the C-Max Hybrid is. You can find soft-touch materials on the dash and there are quality materials for the door panels and the seats. The equipment is not shabby as well and it has full-color screens which help with the infotainment and control of the car.


2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid interior

Drivetrain Specs and Ability

As far as the 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid engine goes it has not changed. The same familiar setup is going to be given and the car will continue to use the same engine. This is a good thing when it close to power but not so good when it comes to fuel efficiency. People have been expecting that the powertrain of the C-Max Hybrid gets to be revised a little bit which will help with the fuel economy numbers a bit and make them better. But this time Ford decide to stick to a familiar formula.

The advantage with the 2.0L Atkinson-Cycle I-4 Hybrid Engine is that it is pretty powerful for the segment. It is also used for the Focus Hybrid vehicle and it needs to have power so it could move the larger and heavier Focus model. Since the cars share the platform it is easy for them to share engines as well. The output of 188 horsepower and 129 LB-FT of torque is pretty decent for the segment and makes the C-Max a largely powerful car. It even has more output than the Prius and many other models in the segment. The electronic part will include a 1.4kWh Lithium-ion (Li-ion) 35 kW battery pack and will combine with an Electronic Continuously Variable transmission or the e-CVT.


2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid engine

0-60 mph and Top Speed

By keeping the same engine, the 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid is also going to have the same speeding ability. This time the specs are going to crossover unchanged. The top speed of the electric motor is measured at 62 mph while the top speed of the entire drivetrain comes to 115 mph. The estimation of the 0-60 mph ability states that the model can get to it in around 7 seconds time.

Problems with the Fuel Economy of the 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid

One of the expectations for the updated 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid was that they would also update the engine and lessen the fuel economy numbers. The thing was that EPA found out that the recent numbers for the fuel economy of the car were inflated and that the model did not make 42 mpg city and 37 mpg highway as it was originally announced. The new stats will need to be released soon and EPA is running the tests. It will not affect the fuel economy of the car but it will not make the C-Max 2021 as close to the Prius model as it was originally thought.

Exterior Dimensions

As far as the size and the dimensions of the 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid go, the car will retain a regular MPV-like of a design. The vehicle is using the Ford Focus platform but the dimensions are going to be significantly different compared to these two vehicles. The C-Max has a full length of 173.6 inches and the wheelbase is 104.3 inches. The height of the car measures to 63.8 inches and the full width is 72 inches. The Focus model is by comparison by full 8 inches smaller than the C-Max Hybrid.

Not an Impressive Array of Safety Features for the 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid

The debuting 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid will probably not have an impressive set of safety parts to go on with. This is not something bad because things for this segment usually are like this. Hybrid models do not have any extraordinary safety specs and usually are not fitted with a whole lot when it comes to safety. This is not something bad it is actually how things are as there is no need to pack these cars too much which are essentially made for fuel safety.

The previous C-Max model had a 5-star rating in Europe, but the same car had a 4-star rating in the US. This is nothing new as most hybrid cars get a lower safety rating in America due to the much stricter assessments that the law proposes there. Essentially speaking, the 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid is a safe car but does not propose anything too spectacular or out of the ordinary. It simply carries a basic offer for the passengers to feel safe.

Competing Models in the Segment

The new 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid will essentially premier with all the familiar competing cars in the segment again. The competition is the same here in America and it will have the same cars to face in Europe. The higher-rated car in the segment is, of course, the 2021 Toyota Prius which has been dominating the segment for years now and will be the dominating car this time as well. Another model that is coming as a close second is the Honda CR-Z. If the C-Max Hybrid for 2021 wants to do better it might start small and overtake the second position because we all know that there is no way that the Prius cars are going to be taken down from the first spot any time soon.

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