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2021 Ford Expedition Release Date, Price and Exterior

2021 Ford Expedition review

There were some awesome pictures going around the Internet, showing the 2021 Ford Expedition under the camouflage cloth. That may and may be not the right vehicle under the cloth. Generally speaking, Ford hasn’t come out with any official information about the Ford Expedition, but there are those rumors. All kinds of reviewers are trying to make out of them, some decent news and there is one, that totally got our attention. The name of his channel on YouTube is Town and Country TV and it looks like the guy actually knows something, we didn’t know.

Ford Expedition is the one SUV, Ford hasn’t changed a lot since the mid-’90s. Actually, there was an intention to completely discontinue the product, after the 2017 release. But, some rumors started spreading; the sales of the good old Expedition raised to the level, Ford had to do something. Or we like to think that. That is how, all the rumors started spreading, including the newest rumor about the whole aluminum body.

The reviewer actually worships Ford Trucks and has an automotive Ford dealership. He said that he was on some kind of presentation in Las Vegas somewhere at the end of the last year. During that presentation, Ford’s manager showed some vehicles, including something that looked like an empty shell of the 2021 Ford Expedition. Why an empty shell? Well, it was an empty shell, because they weren’t able to see anything inside. Furthermore, the managers actually pushed the vehicle to the reviewer and his crew for that presentation, so there wasn’t an engine inside either. That draws a necessary conclusion that the 2021 Ford Expedition has a long way ahead, towards the production version.


2021 Ford Expedition exterior

2021 Ford Expedition Release Date

Since there are no plans to unveil the newest 2021 Ford Expedition during the current Detroit Auto Show, we think that the chances are pretty high for the Michigan Auto Show during the early days of February 2021. The price is really an impossible thing to talk about since this vehicle hasn’t been confirmed yet. It is confirmed to the dealerships, but it’s still a secret for the public.

What Did It Look Like?

Many of us, reviewers or people who actually think we know what we are doing was allegedly wrong. This gentleman very confidently said that all the spy photos were wrong. That they were all lying. He described the vehicle as a total redesign; like something we are not used to getting from Ford. And that guy is Ford’s dealer so he certainly knows what he is doing. His sales depend on whether or not he is well informed about Ford vehicles. And when he says that this full-size SUV looks a bit like F150, we believe him.

The front and back of the vehicle pretty much remained in the spirit of the Expedition, the profile looks like F150 and the main cause for the heavy resemblance to the F150 is the shared platform. The new 2021 Expedition is actually going to grow on the basis of F150. That is actually one of the biggest worries everybody had, prior to the F150 showcase. The main reason for that was the eventual price increase, having in mind the high price of the aluminum.

The commodity of that “shared platform” is actually the easiness of the update implementation. The F150 gets refreshed almost every year, because of its great platform. On the other hand, Ford Expedition only got some mild changes ever since its first release in 1997.

One of the alleged biggest differences (apart from the aluminum) is its profile look. There is some waistline going through the upper part of the doors. That detail is closest to the looks of the 2021 Lincoln Navigator Concept.

What Will The Interior Look Like?

Unfortunately, no one, except the actual car designers, has had an opportunity to see the new 2021 Ford Expedition interior. But, based on the rumors that the entire architecture is going to be taken from the F150, we must assume that the interior is not going to be taken out of that equation.


2021 Ford Expedition interior

You can expect the same infotainment system and pretty much the same (or similar) seat layout. There will be three rows of seats with the power seat option for higher trim levels. The quality of seats is naturally going to vary depending on the trim you choose.

The dashboard will have two analog gauges and a digital information screen in the middle. There will also be an infotainment screen in the central part of the dashboard with integrated Sync3. Of course, all that is pure speculation, because no one has had an opportunity to see the interior of the vehicle.

EcoBoost Again?

The 2021 Ford Expedition is going to be a continuation of EcoBoost’s usage. This has slowly become one of the hallmarks for Ford. They listened to their drivers and continued to work on something that was highly praised all over the United States.

This particular engine is also going to be transferred from the F150 and we don’t see any reason that performance is going to be different in any way. It is going to use the 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine with 375 hp and 470-pound feet of torque. It will go from 0-60 in 6.5 seconds and it will use the all-new 10-speed automatic transmission. When combined, those elements can produce really good mpg, but no one wants to say anything official on that subject. Everything Ford’s officials may be used against them… obviously.


2021 Ford Expedition engine

Pros And Cons

Visual styling and the engine are going to be the best things coming from the 2021 Ford Expedition. Visuals are going to be unique for this vehicle and one of the most refreshed Fords out there.

Cons are going to be those scissor doors if and when they think that is a good idea.


2021 Ford Expedition and all the details are not official. Since the product hasn’t been officially announced and presented by the office manager publicly, the company holds its rights to cancel or change everything that was announced to its dealers.

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