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2021 Ford Explorer Release Date, Price and Changes

2021 Ford Explorer review

We can expect the 2021 Ford Explorer to appear soon. News about this model has been spreading like wildfire and as this is a popular brand all of the people are eager to find out more about it. The fact of the matter is that this car has always had good sales and it owes to the manufacturing of the car and the way it was made. The designers are looking to update the model and bring us yet another reliable vehicle.

Ford Explorer was introduced to the market in 2006 for the first time. Ford has already introduced a number of legendary vehicles and the SUV segment would not be the same without it. The Explorer was a great addition to the mid-size SUV segment which managed to make some great sales numbers so far. Car enthusiasts and luxury car lovers will certainly appreciate any advancements that the car incorporates.

The 2021 Explorer version may seem to be a bit off from now but the car is going to incorporate some newly added features which are going to refresh and modernize the brand keeping it in check with the competition. The recently released photos of the 2021 Ford Explorer show that the car is nearing to the end of its production and we can soon expect a release date. Here is what we know so far in our review.

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2021 Ford Explorer exterior

2021 Ford Explorer Release Date

The release date for the 2021 Ford Explorer is still a way off. But judging by the photos and the spy pics that are circling the net so far, the car is nearing the end of production. We can actually expect to receive the car earlier than 2021, perhaps the end of 2017 is a possible release date or the beginning of 2021 as the furthest one.

How Much will the 2021 Ford Explorer Car Cost?

As far as the pricing for the 2021 Ford Explorer goes, we can expect the price to be expanded compared to the current model. The current car has a price tag of 31,660 USD as its base MSRP price. The newest price might climb up to 32, 000 USD and will also depend on the optional features that you add for it. Also the same XLT, Sport, Platinum and Limited trims will follow when the car is released.

What will the 2021 Ford Explorer Exterior Look Like?

So far, what we have gotten from the exterior appearance of the 2021 Ford Explorer are a lot of spy pictures. All of them show a heavily camouflaged car, but lately, we are getting a lot more sense about how the car will look like. It appears that they are trying to update the car as much as possible and that is why a lot of it looks almost unrecognizable. The prototype which is used to make the test drives has shown us that the latest Explorer will get a significant facelift compared to what we have seen before.

From what we were able to deduce the car is going for a whole new grille design and a complete change for the front end of the car. It is changing the exterior appearance and the headlights are going to be reshaped as well by adding some LED elements to them. The front bumper is adding a splitter as well which will minimize the noise at high speeds. With this expect to get new wheel designs and also some new color options which can be exclusive for the 2021 version.

How is the Interior Going to be Reshaped?

As the 2021 Ford Explorer might be built on a new platform, it will also affect the interior of the car. As with the given updates, we can change some cosmetic changes but also a lot of functional ones. The interior is going to be presented as a luxurious one so expect to get some high-grade materials and soft touches surfaces. This is going to culminate in the upper trims where the luxury levels are the highest.

Technological updates are also going to be a big part of the 2021 Ford Explorer redesign. The interior is going to feature updated gadgets and will add some new ones. SO expect to get electric front seats, climate controls, a premium audio system, a new touch-screen display, and a telescoping steering wheel. Much more might be added and we can expect more announcements for the higher trim levels.


2021 Ford Explorer interior

Engine Power and Performance

According to the latest news, the 2021 Ford Explorer is going to come with an all-new powertrain. The said engine is a new 3.5-liters displacement engine that is bound to make 290 horsepower and 255 lb-ft of torque. The car is also expected to reduce gas emissions and expand the fuel economy as that is the main point of introducing the new engine for the car.


2021 Ford Explorer engine

0-60 mph Acceleration Ratio

Currently, the tats for the acceleration of the 2021 Ford Explorer have yet to be announced. The current version is capable of making a 0-60 mph acceleration in 6.0 seconds With the newest model they are hoping to break that mold and go lower than 6 seconds. The top speed of the current one is 123 mph, which will probably stay the same.

Fuel Economy Ratings and EPA Specs

With the new engine, the 2021 Ford Explorer is looking for making better fuel consumption rates. The car is certainly going to make less emissions and as far as it was concerned the model is also going to aim at lower fuel consumption. The current model has an EPA rating of 17 mpg city, 24 highway, 20 combined which might be upgraded further to 28 mpg on highways and 20 mpg in the city as the newest specs say.

Dimensions for the 2021 Ford Explorer

The announcement for a better inside for the 2021 Ford Explorer came with the expansion of the dimensions. The car is going to be a bit bigger in all directions and will grow an extra few inches. The model will in that way be able to surpass the current passenger volume of 150 cu ft and a cargo bay of 21 cu ft. I will still be able to take in the same amount of 6 passengers but this time they are going to feel a lot comfier on the inside.

Safety Scores

The 2021 Ford Explorer is also planning to make good on its safety scores as well. As the current scores measure to 5-star safety score overall with a 4 star one for rollover safety, which is usual for SUV models, 2021 is planning to retain those and offer a slew of expanded standard safety equipment. The IIHS has rated the Explorer as “Good” for overall safety but the small-overall crash test was the only one which scored a “Marginal” mark. They may be able to fix that with the newest update and will perhaps address some other issues related to the car’s safety as well.

Competition Cars

The 2021 Ford Explorer is certainly going to be a big and important release for the upcoming season, but there are other cars that deserve praise. We can mention the automobiles from the same segment like the Buick Enclave, the GMC Acadia or the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee which are also worth to mention. The cars are going to present a suitable commotion tot eh Ford Explorer which has managed to outsell the car in recent years and will certainly try to do some of the same with the latest model.

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