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2021 Ford F-750 Tonka

2021 Ford F-750 Tonka review

Big trucks and playtime sort of a go together one with each other. You may not understand it at first but just thing back to your childhood and you will see how it all makes sense. It made sense to one of the most prominent automakers Ford and its collaboration with the toy making company Tonka to produce a combined efforts heavy duty truck which will be released this year. We are calling it the 2021 Ford F-750 Tonka truck and it has been showcased for the first time at NTEA Work Truck Show of this year.

Besides the F-750 they are also releasing the F-650 version at the same time as well. The truck really embraces the Tonka heritage and will be a massive working force when it comes to hauling large amounts of materials, dirt or whatever you may get your hands to. The truck is capable of hauling no less than 17,000 pounds of materials and combined with the workable and very reliable dumping hydraulics can make this car a standard addition to any major job that needs completion.

The truck will be first released as a tour vehicle as it will go around many major truck shows, commercial showcasing or vocational trade shows as well where the truck will demonstrate its massive power and potential. It is scheduled to tour the US throughout the 2015 and you can check the listings to find out if it is close to a place near you so you can see this giant in person. If not this review is also a good way to find out much about the truck.


2021 Ford F-750 Tonka exterior

2021 Ford F-750 Tonka exterior

Well we cannot even begin to describe the look of this vehicle without using the words BIG. The design and massive and enormous and the 2021 Ford F-750 is a very imposing dump truck. The frame of the truck holds a huge front bumper and grille with eh equally enormous hood up front and has a single cab which is also used in the Ford Super Duty assembly. You can notice that this is a Ford design just by looking at the grille of the car. The signature blacked out grille with the nostrils on both sides and some lateral slots is something of a trademark features of Ford. The design is actually inspired by the Ford E-Series utility van which also had the same kind of a concept look.

The truck also has an Econoline visual influence to it, particularly based on the headlights design. The bumper is made out of three pieces which actually makes it a lot easier when repairing the damages that might occur as you do not have to substitute the whole thing but only the ones with the damaged section. There are also cut outs for the hook to be placed and some air vents as well to enable the air flow. The 2021 Ford F-750 Tonka wheels that are part of the design have the same yellow design color to match the truck and are wrapped in highway rubber. In the business end of the truck you can find the twin “Built Ford Tough” mud flaps, a swinging tailgate and trailer hitch complete with D-rings and pintle hitch.

2021 Ford F-750 Tonka Interior


2021 Ford F-750 Tonka interior

Currently there have not been any photos about the inside issued but we have some information that can be useful for you to know. First of all, the 2021 Ford F-750 Tonka truck is a working man’s truck, so you will not find any comfort enhancing additions inside. There are no wood trims nor are there any leather seats inside. Who needs them anyway! This is a manly truck, real man don’t need any of that! You will not find any entertainment features as well as the truck is bare bone and only has what it needs to get the job done and make the function of the vehicle at a required level. It is mostly based on smaller Super Duty series, and based on this you will know that the truck means business.

Engine 2021 Ford F-750 Tonka

There are actually two engine choices that come inside this massive beast. The first one and the base one inside the 2021 Ford F-750 Tonka is the 6.8-liter V-10 engine, but for those who are keep on actually hauling heavier loads a far better option is the 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbodiesel choice, yet it does not produce the same amount of power as inside the Super Duty trucks. The standard engine produces 270 horsepower and 675 pound-feet, while the mid outputs is somewhere around 300 horsepower and 700 pound-feet.


2021 Ford F-750 Tonka engine

But the maximum output is expected at 330 horsepower and 725 pound-feet of torque and it is available for both the F-650 and F-750 version. The second engine choice makes 320 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque. and both to the trims will be paired with a  six-speed TorqShift HD transmission.

2021 Ford F-750 Tonka Price

There are yet no official price ranges available for the 2021 Ford F-750 Tonka truck but based on the current findings the car is priced at $55,000 for its starting price. This of course does not include the upgraded engine options and the aftermarket dump bed. When inkling these additions the price may come up to $85,000 or eve $95,000. The truck is currently on tour so there are any talks about the release date nor if and when it will be available for sale.

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