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2021 Ford Focus RS Release Date, Price and Exterior

2021 Ford Focus RS review

Ford is going to put its 30th RS badge to the refreshed 2021 Ford Focus RS. The rich history of car models that had this insignia dates all the way to the fall of 1967 and the Taunus 15M Rally Sport (RS).

When you have ancestors with racing history, it is a logical thing to redeem your existence in some way. Escort RS1600 from 1970, the radical turbo version of Sierra RS Cosworth from 1985 and the vigilant Escort Cosworth from 1992, have shown to the world that Ford can do anything on the sport toughest test – rally races. Focus RS has been developed by a small team of engineers from Europe and the US, which was a clear sign that the concept of a car is going to be adapted to the tastes of customers from all over the world. The production itself is going to take only in one place, in Ford’s Saarlouis factory in Germany.


2021 Ford Focus RS exterior

2021 Ford Focus RS price and release date

There is not much to be told about the 2021 Ford Focus RS price and release date because it has not been unveiled yet.

When we consider the price of the current models, all we can say is that you cannot expect the price under 35000 dollars, and the release date has been set to the end of this year. All we can do is wait.

2021 Ford Focus Exterior

The base design of the 2021 Ford Focus exterior has not been influenced by the new “Need For Speed” trend. Every detail of this car has its purpose. The rear diffuser, new front bumper with the improved option of engine cooling and the bunch of tiny spoilers represent only some of the functional upgrades.

With the new, aerodynamic add-ons, Focus RS got the much wider and more muscular expression, but all that stands in a shadow of a fact, that it is going to be only in four-door versions. Customers have four colors to choose from Stealth Grey, Nitro Blue, Frozen White, and Absolute Black.

2021 Ford Focus exterior is going to come with standard equipment of 19-inch rims and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires (dimensions – 235/35 R19) and the option of Pilot Sport Cup 2.

2021 Ford Focus Interior

The simplicity and functionality were the main focuses in creating the 2021 Ford Focus interior. Audio system, navigation, climate control and cell phone control over the voice commands can all run, over the integrated SYNC system, via an 8-inch screen.

An information display can even show the rear camera with parking sensors. Leather-covered steering wheel, Recaro sport seats are the things that will make this car extremely comfortable.


2021 Ford Focus RS interior

2021 Ford Focus RS Engine Specs

A few decades ago, it was unthinkable that the same engine that drives the pride of the American auto industry, “Mustang”, could be installed in a car of C class.

The future obviously can be interesting, and in the case of 2021, Ford Focus RS engine specs can be very rational too. 2.3 liter Ecoboost four-cylinder engine that has 320 HP and 320 ft-lb of torque, and it can deliver the force to all four wheels through the 6 gear manual transmission.

Here you can clearly see the difference between this and the previous two editions of Focus RS, which had the torque vectoring only on the front axle.

The intelligent system of torque vectoring can transfer up to 70% of torque to the rear axle, from which 100% to every rear wheel independently. The cooling system has been upgraded by placing the bigger exhaust, and the engine space itself has been rearranged so that the whole package could be safely tucked in.

2021 Ford Focus RS is packed with electronic sensors whose job is to overlook the situation on the road. On the list, you can see the stability control, Active City Stop – which works to the speed of 30 MPH and adaptive xenon headlights. With standard equipment, you can even get a Start-Stop system which actually shows that Ford is actually taking the ecology in its sports models very seriously.


2021 Ford Focus RS engine



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