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2021 Ford King Ranch 350

2021 Ford King Ranch 350 revi

The 2021 Ford King Ranch 350 model trim is a great addition to the lineup as it enables you to haul more and provide a better and reasonable work than before. As it is perhaps not a model that you would take for a leisurely afternoon drive, the model fits its purpose and knows it well. If you have some construction work that needs to be done or are in the midst of a hauling job, this is the truck you would need to employ.

When we consider the fact that the new model comes offered with a choice between V-8 engines offers and a power which is equally staggering to boot, we see how much the model can actually be useful. The release date was a desired information about this car as everyone is more than excited to get it and see it appear in the market again.

With a owing capacity of 26,500-pounds, this makes it one of the strongest and most capable vehicles in the market. People with utility purposes are going to appreciate the model and since Ford decided to give it a contemporary update it will also feature some new and contemporary options that the model will combine with. This model is not going to stir you clear and will give you everything that it’s got so be sure to check out this review and see what the update is all about.


2021 Ford King Ranch 350 exterior

2021 Ford King Ranch 350 Exterior

The 2021 Ford King Ranch 350 has been given an update which is going to feature and new and improved vehicle. Not only are we getting a strong purposeful car, but also we have a truck that looks good. Even with the changes that have been brought by making the materials lighter and incorporating some lightweight sheetmetl and panels to the car, we still have a model which is pretty strong and durable, and the most important thing, purposeful.

It does not actually differ much from its 150 and 250 counterparts as it only changes the badging and is able to haul more. The model is pretty strong and nice to look at and also rings some distinctive markings that help you differentiate it from the base version and other trim level. Besides this one you can also find the XL, XLT and the top of the range Platinum model that are the different trim levels that come available. But we feel that everything for a person that knows what to do with a truck is found with the 2021 Ford King Ranch 350 version.

Interior 2021 Ford King Ranch 350 Review


2021 Ford King Ranch 350 interior

There are many additions on the inside that have been done to update the 2021 Ford King Ranch 350 model. The inside of the King Ranch mode is going to feature a lot of equipment as well and the added amenities is what makes the difference between the base model and all of the other trims available. To start the package the model is going to use a remote ignition, a fixed center console and driver memory settings, heated and ventilated front bucket seats, the Sony audio system and a navigation system. The added amenities come standard and they can be used whenever you want and bring the usefulness level of the Ford King Ranch to a higher one.

The design of the inside has also taken a step forward and has been remodeled in such a fashion that it adds more class to the car. The two-tone paint job in the inside is a wonderful choice and makes the cabin look more elite. There are some chrome parts on the inside and special upholstery as well which comes as standard for this model. Compared to other trims the King Ranch 350 has a different type of material used that makes a lot of difference and enables better quality of the interior. The passengers are certainly going to feel great while the driver also has a lot that he is going to appreciate.

Engine Specs Performance of 2021 Ford King Ranch 350

There are going to be some choice for the powertrain of the 2021 Ford King Ranch 350 available for you to chose from. The standard offer is the 6.2-liter gasoline V8 engine that makes 385 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque, the maximum towing capacity of the car is 12,500 pounds (SRW) and 16,100 pounds (DRW), and with a fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailer you can get up to 15,900 (SRW) and 16,100 pounds (DRW).


2021 Ford King Ranch 350 engine

There is the secondary optional engine, the 6.7-liter diesel V8 engine, which you can also use. It offers 440 hp and 860 lb-ft of torque and has a maximum towing rate of 14,000 pounds (SRW) and 19,000 pounds (dual rear-wheel), or with a fifth-wheel setup up to 16,500 (SRW) and 26,500 (dual rear-wheel).

2021 Ford King Ranch 350 Release date and price

The newest 2021 Ford King Ranch 350 is going to appear in the market by next year and will be available for sale at around February when the release date is set. The starting price is 54,805 dollars as base MSRP.

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