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2021 Ford King Ranch F-250

2021 Ford King Ranch F-250 review

The 2021 Ford King Ranch F-250 version is back. This year we are going to be treated to another model which is going to have more power and bring us a different kind of a setup compared to the base version. This model has been characterized by enabling higher towing capabilities, an expanded payload and more power. With vertical door handles and a rectangular grille we had a model which managed to do one over on the competition and give us an option with a different kind of bodywork and interior presentation.

But the 2021 version is going to change all of that as it brings us a brother cab section while also using different kind of sheetmetal. The shape is different and changes the style a little bit and it also uses some aluminum in order to shape up the things in a better way and cut some weight. This is something that all contemporary Ford cars have been doing in order to reshape their offer.

The all new frame is going to be constructed on a new 95 percent high-strength steel. The backbone is fully boxed and is 24 percent stiffer that the previous Ford King Ranch 250 frame. It is unusual to gloat about a truck like this and how light it is, but actually the model drops 250 pounds and manages to make the fuel efficiency ratings much better. Keep reading the review so you can find out the newest specs and release date news.


2021 Ford King Ranch F-250 exterior

2021 Ford King Ranch F-250 Exterior

The 2021 Ford King Ranch F-250 version is going to sport a new kind of an exterior design. It is going to offer us a new type of grille to the front and will distinguish it from the base version. But this is not the only thing that makes a difference here. The model is blush and also has different headlights, but is still manages to keep true to its roots as it transfers a lot of the design characteristics from the old school 1998 version. The grille has a twin-bar and adds vertical side vents which are placed inside the headlights. The front bumper is still available with the closed-loop tow hooks while the windows have the downward slope kept as well.

The cabin is different from before as they have made it to cut the costs and be more functional and production friendly this time. The side vents that have been added to the cabin actually help distinguish between the trims as well and give us the chassis rating as well. The model also gets a completely new lighting package, with Quad-beam LED headlights as class executive ones. There are the LED side spotlights also mounted in the side mirrors as well and the cargo box is also lit up by some LED additions. The rear end of the car has been changed as well and the taillights also have the accent lines seen in the tailgate.

2021 Ford King Ranch F-250 Interior Specs


2021 Ford King Ranch F-250 interior

The interior of the 2021 Ford King Ranch F-250 has a very familiar environment and still manages to keep a great surrounding and give us an entirely satisfying interior. Actually it is more or less the same as the F-150 model, which helps the manufacturers save time and money during development. But this helps the King Ranch 250 model a lot particularly as it has low-sheen and keeps the glare to a minimum. The positioning of the switches is ergonomic and it has a logical setup to it. This includes the TFT display screens, SYNC technology and all the buttons and knobs of the dash.

But there are also some difference that separate the F-150 and the King Ranch 250’s interior from each other. First of all, there is a second glove box which is finished in an aluminum trim. There are some optional auxiliary switches offered as well but have been relocated to the overhead compartment now. The trailer brake controller is moved a few inches forward as well and this completes the changes made to the interior of the car.

Engine Performance of 2021 Ford King Ranch F-250


2021 Ford King Ranch F-250 engine

The powertrain of the 2021 Ford King Ranch F-250 is a familiar choice. The truck is going to continue on using the 6.2-liter gasoline V-8 engine as its base choice and also offer the 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 one as well. There is another option of choosing the most powerful engine on display which is the 6.8-liter gasoline V-10 one. All three of the engines can be combined with an automatic transmission. Unfortunately, the horsepower specs have not been disclosed as of yet and there are perhaps going to be some changes there, particularly for the higher. So keep an eye out of some potential updates that might appear soon.

2021 Ford King Ranch F-250 Release date and price

The 2021 Ford King Ranch F-250 starts sales next year as the model is going to be offered after its release date by next year. The model is going to become available in February and the starting price is around $60,000.

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