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2021 Ford Thunderbird Release Date, Price and Redesign

2021 Ford Thunderbird review

Things have been stirring lately with the rise and comeback of the 2021 Ford Thunderbird. The car which saw its popularity rise in the 60s has reportedly ended its career with the 11th-gnretion models some ten years ago. But emerging concepts for this car are perhaps indicating that people are ready for the comeback of the Thunderbird. There are not exact confirmations but there are pictures, renderings and concepts being released. Sometimes a small spark is necessary to light the fuse and until we are aware what is going on we get a model released for us. All in all, Ford might still do a great job with the reintroduction of the Thunderbird to the market.

The Ford Thunderbird started off its career in 1955 and since then till now had a total of eleven generation vehicle made. When the model was created the market for it did not exist back then so consequently, the Thunderbird started off its own segment and was a sort of a pioneer. The personal luxury car segment started growing because of the Thunderbird and was initially created because of the success the vehicle as able to exemplify. The model started as a two-seat convertible at first, but later on changed into a more luxurious car. They added the second row of seats and later on also expanded the dimensions. This all brought to the creation of the Thunderbird a lot of fans remember. But in the 1990 the model was a larger two door coupe and its popularity started to plummet. People were no longer looking for such a car and the idea behind the car started losing its originality. The last model was made in 2003 and the production lasted until 2005, when it was unofficially discontinued. But ever since then, some people have been planning a comeback and it appears that the time is coming.

Now when we have a number of luxury cars to choose from perhaps adding another one will not make that much difference. But if the addition is a 2021 Ford Thunderbird, it would make all the difference. First of all, there are a lot of nostalgic people there who would like to see their favorite car come back. Much of the car enthusiasts regard this one as one of the better made prospects. And we also have the potential of the newer younger crowds which is a market that Ford will also need to tap into.

All of these elements point to a new 2021 Ford Thunderbird coming. All of the potential pictures, reviews and rumors point to a potential release date being announced. Here is our opinion and our take about how the car might look like based on the currently proposed information.


2021 Ford Thunderbird exterior

Potential Release Date of the 2021 Ford Thunderbird

The release date for the 2021 Ford Thunderbird has not been as speculated as much as you would expect it to be. There were a lot of rumors which state the return of the car but not a lot of them has much weight behind it. Ford is keeping quiet and has not cared to comment about any of them. This could also indicate that they are planning a bigger release or have something in mind which they do not want to spoil by simply blurring it out just for the sake of making an announcement. We do stipulate that the vehicle may appear for the 2021 model year or at least that we get a concept which would mark the comeback of the car. Perhaps the release of a concept would be the most natural way to go but they exact date is still not known on whether that might happen. But we are still looking for it and are in a way hoping to get it in 2021.

What Could The Price Amount To?

The speculations about the price of the 2021 Ford Thunderbird tell us that we can probably have a model which will range in its own familiar rank. The vehicle will most likely be worth as much as the rivaling cars are. It wouldn’t work playing the nostalgia card here as it may backfire on them so doubling on the price can create a bad effect for the sales. It is more than appropriate to offer the model at a standard price and see what comes of it. With that said, the figures that are expected are going to be start at around $45,000 for the car. This is of course pre-options which might pump up the price to even more, once it is determined which of them are going to be used here. All in all, we believe that this sort of price rating will be very much possible and that the fans are going to be able to afford this one with ease.

A Modernized Look for the 2021 Ford Thunderbird

When the 2021 Ford Thunderbird gets to be released, we will expect it to have a new contemporary look. All of the given renderings show that it will be updated in a way that will bring it smoother lines and a design which reminds us on some classier Ford cars. But it will also borrow heavily form some rivals. The best way to beat somebody is to join them and the Thunderbird will probably borrow the elements that most cars are doing now. We are probably going to get a sleeker design with rounded elements and pieces which we are probably going to see for the front fascia. LED lights for the front and back will be included and they are also going to be stylized appropriately.

Interior Updates and Changes

Depending on the proposed size of the 2021 Ford Thunderbird, the interior spacing might change. This is going to account for more comfort but it is still not sure if they decide to change the car too much. What we are certain will be done here is the improvements in the quality of the cabin and also the additions of new technology. Upgrading is the logical thing that needs to be done as the old style and brand was not likable the last time so it will certainly not work now. A completely redesigned interior is expected but it too will probably feature some elements from the cars that we have already seen.


2021 Ford Thunderbird interior

Possible Engine Options for the 2021 Ford Thunderbird

This is something that is an important part of the 2021 Ford Thunderbird. Even in the luxury segment, the heart of every car is the engine. Choosing an appropriate version here will mostly determine how things go and whether the model makes it as the comeback car that everyone believes it would be. There are a couple of options on the table that are rumored now. One of the potential engines that might be utilized here is the Aj-35 V6 VVT unit which will reportedly enable the car to make 280 horsepower and 286 lb-ft of torque. This setup might be combined with a 6-speed manual transmission that will transfer the power to all four wheels. But being that this is a Ford model, there is always a possibility of using a 2.7 liters’ twin-turbocharged V6 Eco Boost motor. This one has not yet been rated and we are not sure how will it fit and which power output will it have for the Thunderbird. But generally speaking it has proven to be a good and reliable source of power for some previous Ford vehicles so it will be nice to have this one. Ford may also decide to make multiple options available so the second version can be a part of a different setup or a part of optional equipment that Ford might decide to make available.


2021 Ford Thunderbird engine

0-60 mph and Top Speed

Being that the engine of the 2021 Ford Thunderbird is still not established, it will take a while for the specs to be determined. But our assumption is that they need to make the car as closer as possible to the rivaling models. This means that the newly developed 2021 Thunderbird will have to acceleration to 0-60 mph in at least 6.5 seconds and that way be competitive to the vehicles in the market it faces. Also, we are probably going to see a top speed rating of about 132 mph for this model. These stats are as close as one could get to a competitive rating and is what will help the car be more appropriate for the segment.

What about the Fuel Consumption of the 2021 Ford Thunderbird?

This is yet another stat that the 2021 Ford Thunderbird will determine after choosing the engine. The model needs to develop in this way and the current market also demands some sort of fuel efficiency. This means that the potential powertrain and the build of the car needs to be adapted so the fuel usage is lowered as much as possible. It is also implied that the car will have to be as competitive as it can so the prospect of making the vehicle a fuel efficient one does look good. But do not expect to get ground breaking numbers nor a hybrid for that matter. The last version used to make a 17 mpg in the street and 23 mpg on the highway. These numbers will have to be improved in order for the new vehicle to get as close as a suitable rate as it possibly can. Slight improvements will still be enough for some.

Is the Size Going to Change?

That is actually a good question, but we do think that the 2021 Ford Thunderbird will change and will have different dimensions compared to the previous model. This vehicle has changed drastically since its inception as a two-door model and has changed its dimension numerous times already. The Thunderbird is not a stranger to change and welcomes it quite openly and gladly accepts what has been imposed on it. But we are not sure how big the changes are supposed to be here. There are certainly going to be some slight differences but whether they are going to go for a bigger expansion which will ultimately add more interior spacing or they in the end do decide to keep things simple and simply transfer the numbers. Our opinion is that the latter will not happen but the former one will is not going to be the case as well. The vehicle will most probably get some slight changes and they are not going to keep it at a length of 186.3 inches or a wheelbase of 107.2 inches that the last model had. Frankly saying, this model will change and come up with some unique details about it.

Safety and Security

When it comes to the safety of the 2021 Ford Thunderbird, we expect them to add the latest technology that you are used to seeing in any other Ford model. This is a useful thing for the designers as it makes it quite easy to simply transfer the most useful and best equipment to a new car. But we may get to see some novelties which people expect a personal luxury car to have. They may decide to update it quite a bit here.

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What About the Rivals?

The luxury segment has changed a lot and the introduction of the 2021 Ford Thunderbird might take a toll on the already established models seen here. But it all depends on how they decide to approach this idea. It will be seen whether the model will bring back its original popularity or will this be another failed attempt to revise the brand. They are taking a cautious approach and will most likely go slowly before they head-dive into one of the more expensive segments on the market. The models that have assumed the poison after the disappearance of the Thunderbird are now cars which are very much established and have their own fan bases and are producing exceptional cars. We only need to mention models like the BMW 4 Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class cars and you will know what we are talking about. All in all, when the model makes a comeback it is not going to be easy to fuse into the segment and will probably take a little bit of time to adapt. So do not be surprised if the initial sales are not as good as predicted.

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