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2021 Ford Torino

2021 Ford Torino review

The 2021 Ford Torino might finally happen. This model has bene slanted for a return for quite some time now and has been a part of many rumors related to the model. But none of them came true so far. But it is with pride that we say that the newest ones might actually come true. What makes us believe in this are some freshly revealed pictures of the car that show us how close we are to an actual release.

The original Ford Torino car was a model manufactured in the period between 1968 and 1976. It started off as a trim level car from the base Fairline brand. But as the Torino trim become more popular they started making it as a separate model while the original base Fairline was discontinued after a while. The car bears the name of an Italian city Turin, which is considered as one of the more favorable cities in Italy when it comes to cars.

The release date of the 2021 Ford Torino is probably still some time away but it is the best time for this car to come out and for us to provide a review about it. We are certain that many fans are already very excited to have this car available for them and we are ones which fully appreciate the comeback of the old Torino model.


2021 Ford Torino exterior

When can we expect the Release Date of the New 2021 Ford Torino?

The news about the 2021 Ford Torino is still pretty fresh and there are many things which might happen once the car gets to be released. It is still a year and a half away at least and it just so might happen that we get to see it by the end of 2021 available for sale.

What is the Potential Price?

Perhaps it would be too early to say anything about the price of the forthcoming 2021 Ford Torino model, but we can still make estimations based on the currently recognized facts. Currently the most speculative price starts at $40,000 for the base offer, but it may still change as the future is still far away for this model.

What are the Exterior Changes?

As far as we are able to see, the 2021 Ford Torino is going to be highly modernized. The name is what ties these cars together, but there are many elements of the exterior design which were going to be updated. The model adopts a swoopy futuristic look, which has not been the staple of the original Torino model. The brand will certainly gain a lot of new fans when it comes to the design, but some hard-core fans of the brand will not be so much appreciative of how the car might potentially look. The car is still not showcased fully, so we expect some changes to happen until the car arrives on the market and we hope that they do manage to keep some parts which are connected to the original design of the Ford Torino car.

What are the Inside Additions?


2021 Ford Torino interior

Perhaps the inside of the 2021 Ford Torino is going to be the part which will need to be updated more. Although it is possible to keep the exterior closer to the original, the same thing will probably not happen for the inside. It is impossible actually as modern audiences will not appreciate the dated look which the old version has. There are no official pictures to confirm but we are assuming that there is going to be an entirely new instrument cluster with new infotainment features available. Modernistic equipment like a touch screen is bound to be added and we only need to see which size it is going to be. Seats and comfort rates will be addressed with the expanded offer of new materials and a leather inside with some improved comfort levels. We are also hoping for the car to add some advanced offers but they will probably add them through some packages or optional equipment offers.

Powertrain Choice

There is a great possibility that the 2021 Ford Torino might borrow the powertrain of the current Ford Mustang. This is a great idea as the Mustang already possesses some great qualities in terms of its performance and we see this as a great opportunity for the car to adopt some modern qualities of a muscular car. The engine that might be used is a  5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8 engine which will be probably capable of making 435 horsepower and  400 lb-ft of torque, at least this is how much the engine makes in a Mustang and it will probably be somewhere around that figure for the Torino as well.


2021 Ford Torino engine

0-60 mph and Top Speed

With the given engine the 2021 Ford Torino can have some great acceleration ability. The Mustang-based engine is quite capable of helping it reach the 0-60 mph mark in around 4 seconds while at the same time helping it reach a top speed of 170 mph.

Fuel Economy

We are actually not so much confident in the fuel economy of the future 2021 Ford Torino model. In order for the car to be competitive in the segment, we see it as needing to make about 15 mpg city 25 highway mpg. This is entirely possible with the given powertrain but it will still depend on various variables that come with the offered engine.

The Dimensions of the Car

The dimensions of the 2021 Ford Torino are in fact one of the biggest mysteries. We do not feel that it would be possible to keep the car close to the original but we see them making something in the line of the current Ford Mustang car. The specs about the size and the dimensions are going to be attainable once more light is shed on the exterior of the car, but we do perceive it as being closer to the current Ford models than to the original version of the Torino.


Safety is one of the biggest concerns on Ford and the 2021 Ford Torino will probably not lack any safety stats when it comes to the improvements that they are about to make. The car will need to address the safety standards of the modern vehicle and besides the seatbelts and the airbags we would like to see some more advanced pieces of equipment. In order to make the car as competitive is it possibly can be this will happen. We are waiting for the newest about the safety to be confirmed and we feel extremely confident on how they might do it.


If the 2021 Ford Torino is made in the way that we see it then the larges competitor will probably be the Ford Mustang car. There are other vehicles to think of, like the Dodge Challenger for instance or even other products coming out from Dodge, but the re-establishment of the Torino model on the modern market will perhaps need a lot of work so it is made possible. Luckily the name is still a familiar one in the close car rivals so we hope that it does not get to be too hard to do it.

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